Pinto Khop bagian dari taman Putroe Phang. Sebuah persembahan cinta dari Sultan Iskandar Muda kepada istrinya Putri Pahang

Pinto Khop is part of Putroe Phang park. A love offering from Sultan Iskandar Muda to his wife Putri Pahang.


“History is long, thousands of years and longer, and thousands of interpretations are written!”

Syahbudin and Syahmiun are descendants of the kings of Mante who once ruled hundreds of years ago in Seumileuk, the dynasty of the twelve houses. They don’t know the location anymore, either near Jantho or Seulimum. The change of kings, the arrival of the Campa, Arabs, Indians, and Persians until the war brought them down to become cattle herders. At first, they were herding in the Seulimum area until finally, they were leumo1) its meurot2) without permission from the local people’s plants, cow dung made the atmosphere of the Keunalo village warm, they also moved the shepherding area to the Cot Hundred mountains.

Even though they were nobles who had fallen to commoners, they were happy. Because the new Sultan who came to power in the near future had just eradicated the old nobles and replaced them with new rich people. These newly rich aristocrats were also afraid that one day the Sultan would be sacked if they didn’t please him.

“Cigarettes din!”

“Smoke un!”

In the shepherd’s hut, they laughed and ridiculed the king to their heart’s content, about the king’s farts being said to smell like khob3) due to too much “eating” of meat. No one heard them frolic in the middle of the savanna, a field without walls, so the saying that walls have ears for rulers does not apply. They were the two freest people in the entire land, even the crown prince if he knew would be envious of these two chums.

The Cot Hundred mountain area on the slopes is barren and rocky so it is not suitable for actual farming, one-day Lilawangsa son of Lamuri came from Lampanah, and he plans to open an orange grove there. Syahbudin and Syahmiun don’t understand the citrus problem, so it’s just a Hana Masalah4) Lilawangsa is farming near them.

Unlike a friend from the Mante tribe who is lazy to take a bath, carelessly and always khem dog5). Lilawangsa is serious and talkative. Often he heard the jokes of Syahbudin and Syahmiun but did not laugh.

Lilawangsa’s lack of sense of humor made Lilawangsa easily offended, such as when she brought news from Bandar that the Sultan had made a magnificent bath for the new empress of the Pahang kingdom, and even built a pinto khop6) from white concrete on the bank of the river so that not just anyone could enter. , those who enter must bow their heads because the door is designed with a size that is not high. Syahbudin and Syahmiun said that the Sultan was a pervert, so they made him happy by making a garden of passion for Princess Pahang with the aim of getting “bottom door” services from the princess.

Lilawangsa, the son of Lamuri, had a passion for serving the kingdom, so he was annoyed when Syahbudin and Syahmiun cursed the lord of the country. He did not dare with the two powerful mante children, one of their strengths was being able to talk to animals, the tigers around the Cot Hundred mountains did not dare to disturb their livestock. Oftentimes, Lilawangsa sees stray tigers in the area with “lake meuah” reverence for them.

One day Lilawangsa came home from Bandar selling citrus crops, she heard the Sultan was planning to attack Malacca to liberate the peninsula from the Portuguese, this was a golden opportunity to change fate when he invited Syahbudin and Syahmiun to register as soldiers. They refused, lazy they said, after all, we love peace, “gatai asoe” the two added.

When the royal talent scouts arrived at the Hundred Cot and invited them to join the army. Lilawangsa immediately joined and left his orange field, while Syahbudin and Syahmiun were peubangai droe7), seeing their friends joining them they said, “like gob mupakee bek gata pawang, bek gob muprang bek gata panglima!” Feeling insulted Lilawangsa intends to take revenge.

“Hana buet mita buet, cok cilet like pruet.”

Lilawangsa joined the army, his high spirits made him count. He was even appointed gunner for the royal carrier, named Cakradonya, the Portuguese named it “World Terror” because it was equipped with 200 meriam bunthok8) and had a hull of about 200 meters long.

When the Sultan made a check visit he dared to speak, “Your Majesty in the mountains of Cot Hundred there are two magic people who will make it easier for us to win the war, but they do not want to join the army.”

“Who are they?” asked the Sultan.

“Two very strong Mante people, but my advice is not to fight them because 200 soldiers will surely perish against them, by threatening to burn their village in Keunalo, if they don’t, also threaten their livestock (poh matee9).”

“Good idea, tomorrow take 10 soldiers there and invite him to join.” Order of the Sultan.

“It’s good I didn’t come because they recognized me, Your Majesty, please point to someone else I will draw a map of the location and give their characteristics.” Lilawangsa’s suggestion.

“Okay!” Sultan said.

A Frenchman who was doing good deeds in the kingdom listened to the conversation, he was silent. That night he met Lilawangsa asking why he gave it to the Sultan, wasn’t that good, and violated God’s command.

Lilawangsa replied nonchalantly, “King Near God Far!” The Frenchman, named de Beaulieu, recorded Lilawangsa’s words, later this sentence would appear in the memoirs of his trip to Aceh, rewritten by Denys Lombard in a book entitled “The Kingdom of Aceh at the Age of Sultan Iskandar Muda.”

The next day the soldiers came to Syahbudin and Syahmiun who were peutupat rung10) at the shepherd’s hut. They were immediately taken aback when the troops looked unfriendly and threatening. “You join the army or we shoot the cows!”

Syahmiun stepped up and wanted to finish off the soldiers but was restrained by a calmer Syahbudin who said, “Why are you officials like this? Isn’t this what God forbids?”

The commander answered straightforwardly, “King Near God Far!”

So the knees of the two mante children went weak, looking sadly at their jambo11) for the last time. They were forced to join forces with Aceh Darussalam soldiers to free Malacca.

Syahbudin encouraged his friend Syahmiun as well as his heart by whispering, “all our life we ​​are lazy to pray, maybe the war against infidels is God’s way of purifying our sins.”

Miun nodded slowly as she grumbled, “A king who has ambitions to make the people ache in the back!”

Syahbudin, “the country is having a hard time being patient.”

They giggled, and jokes would feel close to them, invoking feelings of emotion, pride and happiness intimately when the time was too short of cursing or crying over fate.


The attack on Malacca (Portuguese) by the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam in 1629

The Aceh fleet invaded the city of Malacca (Portuguese), and Syahbudin and Syahmiun entered the Pok Sumpon12) company under the command of Sheikh Syamsuddin As-Sumatrani at the forefront. They were the first Acehnese troops to land in Semananjung.

Syahbudin and Syahmiun were very vicious, countless Cristiano Ronaldo, Manuel Rui Costa, and the like died at the hands of our two beloved uncles even though they rarely bathed. The city of Malacca has been besieged, only half of the breath is occupied by the Formosan fortress. Malay lands in the near future will be liberated from al-kafirun.

Unfortunate can’t be denied, and profit can’t be achieved, suddenly the Portuguese aid fleet from Goa (India) appeared in the Malacca Strait, and the balance of power occurred at sea. Meanwhile, from the mainland, the Johor troops who promised to be Aceh’s allies actually helped the enemy. The Aceh ships caught fire, and the Sultan ordered the Aceh fleet to turn right to prevent more serious damage.

“Hey kapai! Pakon neutinggai kamoe?”

Meanwhile, in front of the fort of Malacca, the Aceh army company which had continued to descend ashore was left behind! One by one, Aceh’s friends died, until finally three people remained; Sheikh Syamsuddin As-Sumatrani, Syahbudin and Syahmiun. They were completely surrounded. Syahbudin and Syahmiun’s supernatural powers made them ineffective with swords and bullets, and the knowledge of iron magic, but this immunity did not reduce the pain of being hit by bullets.

“Wow! Wadidaw! Wowwww!” They hugged Sheikh Syamsuddin who was not immune while screaming in pain loudly and clearly, without a buzzing sound. According to makhraj experts, their pronunciation at that time was Izhar Halqi.

The three of them were cornered in Ketek Village, Malacca City. While crying, Syahmiun said to the Sheikh, “we can’t take it anymore, this pain is unbearable. Let us take away our amulets syech!” While Syahbudin grimaced in pain looking at Sheikh Syamsuddin asking for approval. He nodded.

“Bismillahirahmanirrahim.”After saying the words of monotheism that magnify the name of Allah, the two of them simultaneously pulled out their talisman bracelets. So the two sons of the cowherd mante who were full of heresy and khufarat returned to the great ruler of the universe, together with Sheikh Syamsuddin bin Abdullah As-Sumatrani, a great Acehnese cleric before death picked them up and recited solemnly. “Ashhadu an-laa ilaaha illallaah Wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasuulullaah.” I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger (messenger).


The attack on the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam to Malacca (Portuguese) in 1629 failed miserably. According to Portuguese sources, the entire Acehnese fleet was destroyed with the loss of 19,000 soldiers. After the defeat, Sultan Iskandar Muda sent two other major sea expeditions. In the years 1630-1631 and 1634, to crush the rebellion in Pahang. At the time of Sultan Iskandar Muda, the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam controlled the entire northern region of the island of Sumatra and the northern region of the Malay Peninsula. On the expedition, Lilawangsa became the warlord who was most feared by his ferocity, nicknamed Maharaja Lilawangsa. His name would later be known in Malay as Rampling.


Translation index:

  1. leumo1)= ox (Acehnese);
  2. meurot2)= livestock eat other people’s plants without permission (Acehnese);
  3. khob3) =wet dung (Acehnese);
  4. hana masalah4) =No Problem (Acehnese);
  5. khem dok5) = Laugh out loud (Acehnese);
  6. pinto khob6) =Lower door (Acehnese);
  7. peubagai droe7) =Pretending to be a stupid human (Acehnese);
  8. meriam bunthok8) = big cannon (Acehnese);
  9. poh matee9) =Kill (Acehnese);
  10. peutupat rung10) =Relax and sleep (Acehnese);
  11. jambo11) = Small cottage (Acehnese);
  12. Pok Sumpon12)  =Keep moving forward and never give up (Acehnese);



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Organizations can be dissolved, and people can be killed but the ideology remains in the human brain.


Your eyes are sharp, piercing the sky. Your wings are swaying the eagle, where are the feathers? Your claws are dull, aren’t they? O eagle, try to look at the mega-mega twilight there. Its mauve color is slicing for your unflipped wings.

Eagle how do you feel about your chained feet? You are mute. There is no bulging chest. Now you are just a pawn of the kings. You have forgotten the joy of flying. Eagle do you know? Out there your nation is threatened with extinction.

Eagle, king of birds. Your legend is vague now. Your self-worth has been torn apart by time. Take you to this cage. Your beak forgets the fresh blood of your prey alive. Now, only human compassion is the source of your livelihood.

Oh, eagle. How long have you been here? Keep away from your natural habitat. Enjoy the top of the food chain in a green mountain ecosystem. Eagle, life is a story about prey, right?

Your eyes don’t know tears, right? But why does it look so sad to me? Every day only able to look up without being able to fly. Very annoying. It sure is sad to spend time expecting that day to come back.

Your longing floats freely under the inexpressible sunlight. Your expectations are no longer understood by most of us. The sad feeling you have is waiting to die in a cage. Let me tell them all. In the ode of an eagle.

Translate from: Ode Seekor Elang

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A Cup of Coffee at the top of Mount Geuruete (West Coast of Aceh)


That night, February 11, 1899, on the outskirts of Meulaboh City, before attacking the Dutch camp, he said to his loyal followers. “Tomorrow morning we will drink coffee in Meulaboh city or I will be martyred!” The person’s tongue turned out to be bitter, like coffee without sugar. From the thicket, his movement was awaited by the marsose troops. He was hit by a bullet at Ujong Kalak beach.

“Tomorrow morning we will drink coffee in Meulaboh city or I will be martyred!”

Teuku Umar and the story of the struggle did not become a story that reaches everywhere. As the wind blows we don’t have to question why stories are stolen from history, some add up. Praise be to him who was born in the West, who has a sweet mouth, who is treacherous but can’t resist the bubbling call of his heart. Teuku Umar is history that does not repeat itself, he is considered a traitor as well as a hero, reviled and reviled. His life story is a legend filled with tension, between anger and ideals, possibility as well as deception, displacement, nostalgia, and finally death.

A cup of coffee from Aceh reminds us of him, as the last will he said. Coffee is mysterious as well as captivating, it is slowly becoming something that reaches the masses. In cities that are growing, trade is booming, and people’s lives are becoming more open. Coffee made relationships more egalitarian, and spending free time together grew to be popular.

Today the world is very fond of coffee. The rhythm of coffee proves its power in a fun atmosphere, free, without having to aim, and with coffee without having to get drunk, it makes the soul free from worrying things, economics, or politics that are messy. Coffee is a symphony of freedom, with coffee, something happens.

A cup of Acehnese coffee is worth enjoying, with time passing by, a coffee shop is not just a place where people can be engrossed in debating, discussing, drinking, playing chess, losing with resentment, or winning cheerfully, as long as they pay.

Illustrasi Foto Teuku Umar tahun 1896

Illustration of Teuku Uma in 1896.

A cup of Aceh coffee should remind us of the story of someone who never gets tired of getting back up, until the end. Yes, life is never easy, with too many conditions, and too many interests.

The strong taste and aroma of Aceh coffee awaken our consciousness that history does not tell much about victories, there have been many departures and losses, and the most important thing is not victory or defeat, but struggle.

In contemplating a cup of coffee from Aceh, that’s how forgetting and memory can be dismantled to be shouted back, by the shy, low-pitched voice. Truly in our imagination, we have the power of time.


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Amerika Serikat sebagai sebuah Negara tetap saja adalah pedagang yang menjual produk-produk korperasi mereka sendiri. Tidak meskipun kami adalah Negara kecil yang entah berantah tapi kami harus melawan kapitalisme mereka, dengan lembut tentunya.

The United States as a country is still a merchant selling its own corporate products. No, even though we are a small country that doesn’t know where but we have to fight their capitalism, gently of course.


When money (in the form of gold metal) was first created, Satan came and approached. He kissed the money and swore: “Indeed I am pleased if you are worshiped by humans more than me, from today on we are allies together to fight against the real God.”


Ambassador of the United States of America in a small country

Nice morning, birds singing, cool weather, maybe 27 degrees celsius. I whistled a little welcoming the day I entered the office where I have worked for 35 years. Entering the room my mood was still cheerful until I found someone sitting in my chair. Marshall Green, the United States ambassador to the lands of the Patchouli Islands was sitting there groaning at the clock.

“Dear Minister, it is already nine o’clock! No wonder your country is like this, backward! Let alone the people, the minister is just not on time!” Ambassador’s critique.

I smiled, sitting in the guest chair in front of my own table. Dealing with the United States Ambassador is indeed heartbreaking, the scratches will add to the wound, always eating the hearts of officials of small countries, but certainly not for senior ministers who have served for 35 years. Oh no, maybe I’m the only one who has this specialty. Smiling mischievously, I took a notepad out of my pocket, put on glasses, and pretended to read the scribbles I wrote yesterday. It’s like a work schedule.

“Your Majesty, I saw today’s schedule, it’s not written here that we have an appointment.” My facial expression is naughty.

There is no breeze, like two samurai who are about to compete. The two of us seemed to be setting up fighting horses. The ambassador opened his smartphone, a feeling stabbed me, he was furious. Although my views are not always correct, the fact is that during my 35 years as a minister I have faced dozens of US ambassadors, and they have always felt they have the power to slap anyone in small countries. Whether officials, ministers to the Sultan. Try it with Russian comrades if you really dare.

“What is making His Majesty angry on this beautiful morning?” However, in the association of fellow people and the State, the weak must still succumb.

He rose from his seat moving to my side, his fury on an apocalyptic level. “Who has the right to be scolded?” he whispered softly, pressing.

I pointed to myself, smiling the sweetest fake smile I could create.

“Who has the right to scold?” he asked again.

With a thumbs-up, very polite like a servant from Majapahit, I pointed at him.

“But I don’t understand the cause of Your Majesty’s anger, the Justice River Kingdom has always complied with international law (which is to America’s taste of course), we pay export taxes as appropriate, and most importantly no United States citizen has ever been harmed while traveling. in our country. On behalf of our people, I beg to be told what is our temperament that offends Your Majesty’s heart?” I asked slowly.

“Motherfuckers!!! Politicians, members of Parliament, and ministers to your Sultan always speak on behalf of the people. Did you know? If you speak on behalf of your people, then I speak on behalf of the people of the United States who are being harassed by you!” He gritted his teeth, angry again.

It’s time for tug of war, diplomacy is tiring, and we have to talk in circles before we reach our destination. But diplomacy is also fun, when a representative of a large allied country, enormous in fact, only with a strength of 500 marines is able to easily invade our country which only has 40,000 inhabitants, having to talk to a country that doesn’t know where.

“Certainly no one in this country is insane enough to dare disturb the American people let alone their government, our greatest ally, and trading partner.” A compliment, but I consider it a disguised insult. After all, we are the only country in the world that has had a trade balance surplus with the United States, for 50 years in a row. This country has succeeded in sending pepper, coconut, and coffee to America peacefully, while American products that come here are not in demand. Who wants to buy Starbucks coffee for 50 thousand a cup, if our bean cut coffee is better, and only costs 3 thousand a cup?

Being praised like that, even a small child blushed. The Ambassador’s face softened, from evil to half evil, I was still wary. American capitalism has one weakness, namely, when your nation is unique, non-resisting, and has no minerals, you are almost impossible to colonize.

Look at the Papuans, they are unique, do not fight but have a gold mine. So the Americans colonized them to take the gold. If there is a Sultan who is the richest, of course, it is the Sultan of Papua. In every prayer I pray that God does not give gold in our land, it is enough for the Papuan people to endure this miserable punishment, we are clearly unable.

“As the Minister of Information and Communication don’t you know?” His gaze is probing.

I shrugged, “Sorry sir, uh I mean Your Highness. I am not the Minister of Information and Communications.”

This is starting to horrify, is America already similar to the People’s Republic of China? A little bit of censorship of information, and if you are different (religious) go straight to the camp like the Uighurs. Of course, America is not like that, they are calmer than communist China, I suspect.

“Fuck Man!!! Sultan says you are Minister of Information and Telecommunications, everything about the internet matters as your business says! Don’t you know circumcision?”

Being a minister in The Justice River country, the salary is two sacks of rice a month, of course, it’s not a lot. Luckily I have a side job, my side job is a circumcision Mantri aka a circumcisionist. Throughout my career as a Mantri, I have trimmed and repaired thousands of foreskins, one of which belongs to our current Sultan, Sultan Malik Saleh Perkasa Alam.

In Malay countries, you are very respectful to three kinds of people: First, your parents; Second, the teacher of the Koran; and Third; What’s mine is that people service your “tools” into Patriot missiles. Si Saleh (Your Majesty Sultan Malik Saleh Perkasa Alam) must have been in a hurry to deal with the Ambassador and sent him to be handled by an expert who is considered wiser (better in tongue silat), namely me.

“I am the Minister of His Majesty’s River Justice Sultanate Network. But yeah, that network includes electricity, water, and maybe the internet too?” I held my beard, rolling my eyes pretending to be stupid, hopefully, the anger subsides.

His Excellency the United States Ambassador, Marshall Green slapped his forehead. “We live in the 21st century, the internet is important! How can you people who claim to be civilized deny that and behave like the stone age by combining it with electricity and water?

“Sorry Your Majesty’s error, wasn’t it in the stone age. We don’t all know electricity yet.” My eyes went up in a funny way.

“I know that. How you people of this country are good at speaking, it is appropriate that no white nation has succeeded in colonizing you!” The insult is a sore boy.

“Sorry Your Majesty’s error, it’s not that nothing works, but nobody wants to. If the United States sent troops to colonize us, of course, we would not fight back. In fact, I thought we could send our goods there without export tax. Or it will drain America’s foreign exchange by opening a coffee shop in front of an American military base.” A diplomat must be able to humble himself so that his country is not invaded by a big country, but unfortunately I am a minister and sometimes I have to be a diplomat. I was so angry that if today I was given the power to go back to the past, I would cut off the Sultan’s missiles.

“Okay, I’m tired of talking to you!” He unbuttoned the top and loosened his tie, slouching in the chair like a vitamin D deficient, brittle bone.

Thank you praise in my heart. I quietly waited for him to leave, maybe I should eat boiled noodles to get rid of the ambassador’s bad aura. But he was still silent, had not left.

“You still remember 6 months ago when I visited this country and said the key to progress is openness.”

The United States Ambassador to the Island of Patchouli does not only deal with our country, there are more or fewer dozens of countries. He was the Mobile Ambassador, the traveling pharmacist I made fun of him, Sultan Malik Saleh Perkasa Alam when I said he was laughing so happily he rolled on the floor so happy, I almost kicked the Sultan because he looked so childish at that time. What if someone else saw it?

“Six months is a long time, I’m old and forgetting trivial things. Not to mention that I have quite a lot of assignments.”

The Ambassador of the United States knows that besides the Minister I am an orderly circumciser, the only person in the world who holds the position of Minister as well as an internist, his gaze is often disdainful and underestimates me. If you were the Minister of Home Affairs of North Korea, you would be furious while showing off the nuclear remote. But for the ministers of the Sultanate of Rivers, justice is considered trivial by the American Ambassador is a great achievement, stay down and don’t let it become a threat to them.

“To know civilization, you have to watch films, especially Hollywood productions, do you remember when I spoke at the meeting at the Hall of Fame?”

The Hall of Facing is the place where the Sultan receives foreign guests, usually Saleh when dealing with great powers always invites me. That time was the introduction of Marshall Green as the new ambassador to replace Herbert Faith who was promoted to Ambassador and Plenipotentiary to the Russian Federation. Promotion? Yes, yes, from ambassadors to countries out of nowhere, they immediately became ambassadors for one of the rivals of the United States.

“Cinema? That’s impossible, Your Majesty. The Ulama in the land of the River of Justice will not allow that. The youth of this country have excessive lust in their opinion, so they cannot be allowed to linger with the opposite sex in the dark.”

“Is that true?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Not necessarily, Your Honor, but if the government doesn’t listen to the words of the ulama, the communists will coup. Would Your Majesty be happy if we became a communist country? Imagine a trusted ally of the United States of America becoming a new Cuba just because of the cinema?” I asked pitifully.

“Historical insight, the ideology of this country is a bit stupid. The cleric is right, conservative! The communist new left. Where can I meet? Study minister, don’t just read 1920s books! This is the era of 2020, HOS Cokroaminoto and Tan Malaka are long dead, their ideology and people.”

“That’s not it Your Majesty, it’s not that if there’s no way to the right then you have to turn left, right?” I asked.

“Sometimes I wonder how Sultan Saleh Perkasa Alam can trust someone as stupid as you to continue to be a minister.” He mocked me.

You savage capitalist! Of course, we don’t allow cinemas in our country not because it’s obscene. I proposed it, giving Saleh an understanding that there are two American products that we must avoid so that we do not have a trade balance deficit with America: First, weapons, and second, Hollywood film royalties.

“I got reports that in this country there is a site that maliciously copies Hollywood movies and shares them for free via streaming. This act is politically and economically detrimental to the interests of the United States.” He said furiously.

Disrupt the American economy? This ambassador is very stupid, it only reduces the income of Warner Bros., Paramount, and Marvel too. But I still have to act.

“Oh, how bad. If our scholars knew of course they would criticize it. I will suppress the site, not only for the benefit of the United States but more for the morale of our nation.” I hit the table in annoyance.

“You mean American movies have a bad moral impact?”

“Oh no, that’s not what I meant Your Majesty. That’s not my opinion, but our well-known conservative clerics.”

“This country should not submit to those idiots who lived in the 15th century, for the progress of the country of the Ulamas it should be tightened up a bit. It is time for your Sultanate to be progressive.” His face was serious but relaxed.

I smiled understandingly, “That can’t be Your Majesty, our leader can’t be harsh on the clergy, not out of fear huh. We cannot oppress those who in every prayer and sermon pray for good for the leader and this country.”

“Your logic is twisted! Stupid!” He pointed at me furiously.

“At least bent is better than broken Your Majesty.” I smiled sweetly, and verbally abused myself in English, I really understood it, but it wasn’t as painful as being scolded in the local language.

Inside I laughed. Because of us, the country of the River of Justice will never follow Western culture immediately, it is better for this infidel to call it stupid than later in the hereafter not be part of the Prophet Muhammad. I insulted back, only in my heart.

“You lack technology, we can help track the site with expert tools and consultants.”

I’m silent, apart from guns and Hollywood movie royalties as United States income. There is one more dangerous, consulting service. Small countries will be forced to borrow funds, to then buy their equipment and highly pay their consultants. But don’t worry, they say the fee can be paid in installments, it will be light even if the interest is stifling. Only stupid officials are available, plus officials bribed by America. That’s why I hate capitalism, that’s why I fight capitalism.

“At an affordable cost of course.” He smiled, however great the United States was as a superpower, they were still merchants selling their own corporate products. Even though we are a small country that is out of nowhere but we have to fight their capitalism, gently of course.

“I think we can handle this matter ourselves Your Majesty, God willing, we can!” This time I was firm.

He nodded, annoyed and angry. “I’ll give you three months! You certainly know what the consequences will be if America is angry, of course. If you forget, remember Iraq, remember Afghanistan, and remember Libya.” His eyes flashed menacingly.

I bowed to this mangy bunny and ushered him in front of the office with small pleasantries. After the US Ambassador’s car left, I called Syamaun and ordered him to prepare a car to report this to the Sultan.


“So he said that?” The Sultan lay down on the chair, as soon as I finished reporting personally in a closed room, apparently, he had been worried all this time and expected me to come and tell him the situation.

“Uncle, our people need entertainment, while the threat from the United States is very real. What should we do?” He is worried because of his love for the people who need free entertainment, and I also know that he is also one of the connoisseurs of the illegal domain. But on the other hand, the United States is the strongest country in the world as well as the most profitable trading partner for us. The flick of an embargo, or even an invasion could occur.

“Is there a solution uncle?” In a closed room, the Sultan prefers to be called son by me, perhaps because I am his father’s only living friend.

“There is always a solution son, I have a way out.” I smiled mischievously, very mischievous for a person in his sixties.

He smiled, “why didn’t you tell me earlier? What is the solution?”

I whispered closer, he laughed so hard he went limp. After laughing, he asked, “Uncle, why do you have to whisper in a closed room?”

“There is an old saying that even walls have ears in palaces.”

Sultan Malik Saleh Perkasa Alam’s expression was surprised, he looked at me with admiration. Just like when he was a child, the time after his circumcision was done with minimal pain.


On the way back from the palace, Syamaun drove calmly. I looked at this land I love, its streets, its murky rivers, its harsh but sincere people. I love this country, everything and I am grateful to be born in this country.

“Syamaun in three months can you build a new domain and have the data moved?” I asked.

“Let alone three months, even a week can.” He smiled.

“Well please prepare immediately, in two months turn off the old domain, wait two days and turn on the new one.”

“Okay, and thank you, minister.”

“It was I who thanked you for working on the domain for me.” I laughed feeling offended.

“Thank you for providing entertainment to the people I mean,” he said.

“You see leaders should be like other humans, they want to be happy, want their people to be happy too of course, but we can’t just flow money easily to foreign countries.”

Syamaun was silent, he looked back through the glass respectfully, immediately at that moment I took a moral lesson that sometimes the Minister of Networks can be higher than the Sultan himself. To understand your opponent, you have to live and think their way. One way to understand their great culture is to watch their films, such as Starwars, Avengers, and so on. But we do that without paying. That’s where I smiled contentedly and what a beautiful day today.


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The sea is getting redder and the colors are sinking – Bunta Island

Sea ​​and twilight

The sun will sink into the wide Indian Ocean, a dazzling light, dazzling to the eyes, glows on the face of the vast blue water. The surface of the sea in the sun I thought, how beautiful is it? But the body can vibrate and tremble like the ocean, when the sun is about to enter its bed, very slowly, it gradually descends, descending to the bottom of the ocean that is not visible in the outer realm when a red light has begun to spread on the western horizon, and its shadow seems to care for the sea. calm and not choppy.

Looking at the sea up close, millions of tiny water bubbles glistening white, which appear and disappear with the waves. There are always new bubbles appearing and disappearing in a regular rhythm after being carried away by the water flow for an instant.

Maybe each of us is nothing more than a froth, a tiny drop in the waves of time moving towards an unclear, misty future. We appear in the world only briefly and then disappear. Maybe history does not record each of our names, not seen by the great current. There are always new people and newer ones.

Maybe what is called fate, is nothing more than our struggle in a crowd of drops up and down with the waves. We should take advantage of this momentary appearance, so that our presence is not in vain, never.

The sea and the twilight, the emptiness invite the mystery in a perfect white that is really wide, making us ponder, what life in the empty ocean is like in the time that continues to roll. How time is unlimited, but indeed our time is limited.

Banda Aceh, January 10, 2019

Translate from: Laut dan senja

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Ingatan seperti sebuah samudera, di balik badai dan gelombang, ada kenangan yang memilih berdamai

Memories are like an ocean, behind the storms and waves, there are memories that choose to make peace.


“What do we mean by this?” I said in the evening sitting under a shady pine tree on the sand, looking at the beach sand and the blue sea where the small waves were struggling with the sun that was about to go down to bathe.

“What does that mean?” I asked, pointing to a fisherman’s dipper entering the bay, a beautiful sight enjoying the enchanting beauty of the beach.

“We don’t exist.” I philosophize, “There is only The Most Holy, The Almighty. We are just a reflection of his power, which at any time can be mortal back to its origin.

I paused for a moment to look at the fisherman’s dipper that was getting closer to the shore, where in that moment of silence, I understood that humans have come and changed over thousands of years, and this beach remains the same. The white sand has been there for a long time, the ocean has been here before. Changing borders, power has changed many times.

The less we feel our absence. What is the meaning of our small selves compared to the heroes who have lived, or even in the years and centuries to come, the new humans who will later sail the vast ocean to all the islands in the overseas region?

“We are the spokes of that great spinning wheel.” I stood staring, contemplating the small waves breaking on the beach, gloomy in the rays of the sun that would be embraced by dusk.

“Will God give me the opportunity to witness a scene like this again in the years to come?” I asked, with the question of an endless conversation growing, the interpretation would not end.

“God willing.” I discontinued, wish I could know the future, but sadly I never know. There will come a time when I stop, and all that exists will be lost.

Memories are like an ocean, behind the storms and waves, there are memories that choose to make peace. I welcome my solitude, the absence of voices, including my own. The sound of the water swishing on the beach can temporarily erase my fear of facing the future.

Banda Aceh, 10 July 2020

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The French Revolution was marked by the beheading of the King, nobles and priests by the Guillotine.


The reason we don’t like history lessons

History lessons do not have a direct impact on life as language, mathematics, social sciences, and natural sciences do. How can learning about past sequences such as war, and the collapse of an empire help our lives?

Faced with the reality of memorizing dates, and months of the year, the perpetrators of even a series of events are really dizzying. Especially when the teacher or the book explaining history is boring. The characters are depicted perfectly or completely and without the slightest mistake. When the characters are seen as no longer human, a distance will be created from those who study them. So naturally many young people think history is nonsense and unimportant.

Sanctification of History is the Method of Indoctrination.

History is never a sacred thing, a book that is considered dead and static, stops. It is wrong if history is studied just to memorize dates, that’s not the way. That is tantamount to defining history as an event that (has) happened as a single knowledge. If that is the method used then history will only be a method of indoctrination.

History is Information to be analyzed.

History is (supposedly) a collection of data or even information that is open to analysis. Various possibilities and origins, with cause and effect. Should be developed, therefore history is practical as well as imaginative. We were never fully present in the past, therefore we must feel be present, their history gives us a role as interpreters of past conditions. Here (we) are taught freedom as well as responsibility in thinking.

Understanding History as a science.

The big question is does studying history make us smart? The ambition to be smart only will trap you with rote memorization which (in fact) makes your head dizzy. So we should understand history as a science not with the sole purpose of being smart.

History as a philosophical science.

History is a philosophical science that is important for our reasoning to build other sciences. By studying history, we can see comparisons and opinions from past events in the face of present-day reality with scientific evidence. Various events and events that previously occurred can be used as a guide on what will happen in the future.

Why is history important?

Every human being is a newborn in this world. Not knowing what happens before we are born means (we) are always children. How many years can humans live? And what is the meaning of life? Unless (our) life is intertwined with the lives of the ancestors. It’s all through historical records.

“The morning sun caresses the face, the cool air indulges the mind and permeates the body. I looked at the same mountains, the same rivers, the same valleys, even the same sky. How many ages have passed? How was human life at that time? History books make me fantasize.”


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Lukisan Istanbul, ibu kota Turki Ustmani pada tahun 1860.

Painting of Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire in 1860.

The Opening of the Suez Canal and its Relationship to the Aceh War.

The Suez Canal was completed in 1869, with the opening of the Suez Canal, the island of Sumatra became more important because shipping traffic from Europe to East Asia no longer passed through the south, namely the Sunda Strait, but through the Aden (Yemen) – Colombo (Ceylon) route through the Malacca Strait. The east of the island of Sumatra had fallen under Dutch influence, but in the north of Sumatra, Aceh was still sovereign. The Dutch felt that the sovereignty of the Aceh Sultanate would cause difficulties in the future which weakened the colonial power in the Dutch East Indies diplomatically and politically.

Peta Aceh Sumatera dan Semenajung Melayu Arsip Kekhalifahan Turki Usmani

Map of Aceh, Sumatra, and the Malay Peninsula Archives of the Ottoman Empire.

The strategic position of the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam made the Dutch feel the need to immediately establish power in North Sumatra before other powers intervened. When Sultan Mansyur Syah (Alaudddin Ibrahim Mansyur Syah) as the strongest Sultan of Aceh in the 19th century died in 1870. The Dutch thought it was time for Aceh to be conquered.

Aceh Diplomatic Mission to Ottoman Turkey in 1868 AD.

The Sultanate of Aceh, which was aware of the plan to open the Suez Canal, sent a delegation to Istanbul asking the Caliph, the Sultan of Turkey, to become the protector of the Islamic State of Aceh as the highest power in the Islamic world.

Bendera Aceh koleksi Rijksmuseum

Aceh flag collection Rijksmuseum.

The Ottoman Empire at that time was in a state of helplessness, let alone add new problems in relation to the opening of the Suez Canal. Turkey’s power in Egypt had weakened due to conflicts with Britain and France. In the end, the construction of the Suez Canal was sabotaged by the British at the last second.

In 1867 AD Sultan Abdul Hamid ascended the throne. Later he tried to strengthen the sultan’s power by paying great attention to the Ottoman Caliphate as the center of the Islamic world so that later the Pan-Islamic movement gained progress in all Muslim countries as an early form of nationalism.

Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir initiated, initiated, and simultaneously represented 60 Acehnese nobles to ask Turkey for help against the threat of Dutch aggression. But in 1868, the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam was still far away. Aceh’s mission was rejected, but Aceh will return. Habib returned with unsatisfactory results, only getting letters of support from the Sharif of Mecca and Pasha of Medina.

Treaty of Sumatra in 1871 AD.

To expedite the Dutch plan to expand the territory on the island of Sumatra, in 1871 AD the Dutch succeeded in persuading the British to sign the Sumatra Treaty. The treaty ended British claims to the island of Sumatra. Canceled the London Treaty of 1824 AD in which the independence of the Sultanate of Aceh was guaranteed. The Sumatra Treaty gave freedom to the Dutch in the waters of the Malacca Strait as well as gave the obligation to crush all rebellions to European powers. In return, the Dutch gave Britain a colony in West Africa called the Gold Coast (now Ghana) and equal trading rights in the territory of the Siak Sultanate.

Perundingan Traktat Sumatera antara Inggris dan Belanda pada tahun 1871 Mesehi.

Negotiations of the Treaty of Sumatra between England and the Netherlands in 1871 AD.

The Treaty of Sumatra was signed on November 2, 1871 AD between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the following details:

Article I: The Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) did not object to the expansion of Dutch dominance over the island of Sumatra and also annulled the agreement in the Treaty of London of 1824;

Article II: The Kingdom of the Netherlands states that trade and shipping of the Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) may be carried out, as well as for all sultanates in Sumatra which can be responsible to the Netherlands.

As a response to the Sumatran Treaty, the Netherlands sent a warship to Aceh under the control of the Internal Government controller ER Krayenhoff to negotiate with the Aceh sultan with an offer of pressure. Aceh was offered to recognize Dutch rule and be included in the customs territory of the Dutch East Indies in return for the Aceh sultanate to remain independent and have its own government.

Krayenhoff held a meeting with Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir, an Arab, who at that time held the position of Wazir (Prime Minister). According to Krayenhoff’s report to Batavia. Abdurrahman arrogantly put forward relations with Turkey, Britain, France, and many other countries. According to the Dutch, this was an inappropriate action, if an indigenous sultanate was arrogant towards the deputy governor-general. This also does not match the reality because Britain has renewed the agreement with the Netherlands, namely the Sumatran Treaty and Turkey itself is no longer a strong country, the Netherlands is optimistic that even though Aceh asks for Turkish assistance, the result is still the same attitude as in 1868 AD.

Aceh Diplomatic Mission to Ottoman in 1873 AD.

Realizing the threat of invasion by the Dutch, and it was clear that the Sultanate of Aceh would be attacked. The Sultan of Aceh again sent Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir to ask Turkey for help again.

Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir has a high intellect, understands the situation, has the ability to argue and convince people, is fluent in various languages ​​and has blood relations with Syarif Mecca, is supported by traders, and has wide relationships, especially among the political elite, and most importantly is widely known. in Turkey.

Habib (Sayid) Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad al-Zahir (1832-1986 Masehi); lahir di Hadhramaut, menuntut ilmu di Mesir dan Kalkuta, berkelana ke Asia Tenggara. Tiba di Singgapura pada tahun 1862 Masehi, untuk bekerja pada Sultan Johor. Tiba di Aceh pada 1864 Masehi dan mencapai puncak karir. Menjadi perdana menteri (mangkubumi) dan menjadi kepala perutusan sultan Aceh untuk melakukan misi diplomatik ke Turki Ustmani. Ketika Perang Aceh terjadi menyerah dan dikirim ke Jeddah pada tahun 1878 Masehi. Menghabiskan sisa umur di Arabia sampai kematiannya pada 1896 Masehi.

Habib (Sayid) Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad al-Zahir (1832-1986 AD); was born in Hadhramaut, studied in Egypt and Calcutta, and traveled to Southeast Asia. Arrived in Singapore in 1862 AD, to work for the Sultan of Johor. Arrived in Aceh in 1864 AD and reached the peak of his career. Became prime minister (mangkubumi) and became the head of the delegation of the sultan of Aceh to carry out diplomatic missions to Ottoman Turkey. When the Aceh War occurred, he surrendered and was sent to Jeddah in 1878 AD. Spent the rest of his life in Arabia until his death in 1896 AD.

When the first Dutch aggression in Aceh was in March 1873, the journey of Aceh’s envoys, namely Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir and Nyak Abbas, had just arrived in Mecca. At the end of April 1874, they rushed to Istanbul, when they arrived in Turkey they received information that the Dutch had failed to conquer Aceh in the first war.

When Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir managed to reach Turkey, he kept knocking on the doors of the Ottoman Turks. He did not manage to confront the Turkish sultan, his actions impressing the Dutch who were monitoring him through a network of spies.

Habib Abdurrahman brought three documents which it stated that:

  1. The Sultan of Aceh surrendered his kingdom, subjects, and himself to the caliph;
  2. Requested him to control his property and appoint (only) a Commissioner of the Turkish Government in Aceh.
  3. The royal income from pepper excise owned by the Sultan of Aceh is detailed in detail. Everything is properly equipped with the stamp of the Sultan in seven copies and there is no doubt about its authenticity.

The Kingdom of Aceh begged to become Vasal of the Ottoman Empire.

The Kingdom of Aceh is trying to get Turkey to help as the caliph of the Islamic world. The Aceh delegation offered Aceh’s position as part of the Commonwealth (Vassal State) part of the Ottoman Empire.

Aceh’s request to become a vassal of the Ottoman Turks received a positive response from the Turkish community. Mass media, ulama, and nationalists. The Turkish press, which has media networks in Europe, paid considerable attention and supported the need for Turkey to send aid to Aceh. Relations between Aceh and Turkey have been going on for a long time. There was even an issue that Turkey would send 8 warships to Aceh.

Peta Kerajaan Aceh tahun 1665 Mesehi, koleksi Nationaal Archief, Pelukis Johannes Vingboons.

Map of the Kingdom of Aceh in 1665 AD, collection of the National Archief, Painter Johannes Vingboons.

The Turkish cabinet tended to avoid discussing the issue of Aceh when the nationalist camp reminded Turkey that it needed to protect Aceh related to the old document that Aceh had been a Turkish protectorate since the 1500s and had renewed the agreement in 1850. The Turkish cabinet stated that it was only a religious document without political meaning. The UK and other European countries said the document was invalid because Turkey had never announced the deal before. Aceh’s request at that time was supported by Midhat Pasha who was the Minister of Justice.

Turkey’s position in the world at that time was declining sharply. On this basis, Turkey asked for British consideration. The UK said that it was better for Turkey to remain neutral for the following reasons:

  1. Turkey has no interest in Aceh, if it helps Aceh, Turkey will suffer political losses in Europe and Asia Minor;
  2. The Aceh-Dutch war was not a religious war;
  3. The Aceh war had already broken out so Turkey’s role was ineffective and ethical. The Netherlands will definitely carry out a second attack in return for defeat in the first attack.

France, Russia, and Germany give the same consideration as the UK. When Germany threatened not to sell warships to Turkey, the Turkish cabinet became weak and submissive. At that time Turkey was experiencing upheaval, especially in the Balkans and Greece.

The Ottoman Turks rejected Aceh’s request to become a vassal.

Aceh’s request was rejected after going through a council of ministers meeting (Majlis-i-Vukela) with a note that although there had been good relations between the two countries, it was not convincing enough to grant Aceh’s request. When Turkey had made a decision at Aceh’s request, the presence of Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir created an uncomfortable political atmosphere in Turkey. The Turkish government asked Habib to leave Turkey immediately and simply gave him a second-class award “Osmanie” and entrusted a letter from Vazir (Prime Minister) Turkey containing summaries of Turkey’s efforts to help Aceh.

Turkey’s answer is pretty self-explanatory. According to a report to the Dutch Government, when the Dutch ambassador to Turkey Heldewier visited the Turkish Minister Khalil Pasha. This high-ranking official of the caliphate spoke calmly to the Dutch: “We absolutely do not care about all the complaints of these barbaric kings!” (‘Ces princess sauvages’)

The Netherlands, assisted by Russia, France, Germany, and England succeeded in suppressing Turkey. And finally, Istanbul gave up on the fate of Aceh, they said, “We have nothing to do with barbarians like that.” Keeping their good name issued a diplomatic note in August 1873. “That the Dutch are allowed to intervene who wants peace and is humanitarian in the benefit of Aceh.” The Netherlands obtained an important diplomatic victory and immediately set aside the note.

On December 18, 1873 AD, Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir left Turkey. Not all dreams of pan-Islamism have a happy ending. When the Turkish Caliphate chose not to help Aceh, it was the Aceh Sultanate that could help itself.

Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir menyerah kepada Belanda pada tahun 1878 Masehi bersama dengan 20 orang pengikut. Ia memperoleh uang tahunan sebesar sepuluh ribu ringgit Spanyol seumur hidup.

Habib Abdurrahman Az-Zahir surrendered to the Dutch in 1878 AD along with 20 followers. He earned an annual ten thousand Spanish ringgit for life.


  1. Erven Paul Van ‘T Veer; De Atjeh-Oorlog; Uitgeverij De Arbeiderspers / Wetenschappelijke Uitgeverij; 1979;
  2. Woltring; Dutch Ambassador in Istanbul about Khalif;

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upus Tragedi Sinemata terbitan pertama tahun 1987 penerbit gramedia

Lupus Tragedi Sinemata terbitan pertama tahun 1987 penerbit gramedia


“Kau (manusia) bukanlah setetes air dalam samudera, (tapi) kau adalah samudera dalam (bentuk) sebuah tetesan.” –Jalaluddin Rumi-

Antara tahun 1988-1989 di kota Meulaboh, waktu itu Abu berumur 4-5 tahun kira-kira. Sepanjang tembok-tembok kota dihiasi oleh banyak coretan seorang berjambul yang mengeluarkan gelembung permen karet dari mulutnya. Zaman itu, kata mendominasi, sebuah tulisan fiksi ternyata bisa merasuk sukma kita secara bersamaan. Waktu itu TVRI masih memonopoli segala jenis informasi, belum ada televisi swasta berdiri, sumber informasi lain ketika itu adalah radio, terutama waktu itu Abu belum bisa membaca tapi (sudah) tahu bahwa serial Lupus sedang hits. Mendengar abang-abang kelas 3 SD sudah berbicara tentang tebak-tebakan Lupus, dalam hati Abu berkata, amboy hebatnya juga jika suatu hari nanti sudah bisa membaca. Pada 9 Maret 2022 Hilman Hariwijaya meninggal dunia, Abu baru tersadar betapa sudah lama juga Abu melupakannya.

Beberapa tahun kemudian Abu bisa membaca, mulai membaca kisah-kisah fiksi yang menceritakan tentang berbagai tokoh di dalam buku, lebih menyenangkan untuk menyelami fiksi ketimbang kenyataan. Mungkin karena manusia (sebenarnya) terlalu kompleks untuk digambarkan secara keseluruhan di atas kertas, dan juga (mungkin) sebagian kisahnya terlalu membosankan. (Oleh karena itu penulis bisa mengatakan tokoh Abu dalam serial ini juga adalah fiksi adanya). Cerita adalah kumpulan kalimat, kalimat adalah kumpulan kata. Kata adalah kata, kita cinta karena kata-kata, kita percaya karena kata-kata, nasib (kita) terperangkap dalam kata.

Iklan perumahan di Jakarta Barat tahun 1990

Iklan perumahan di Jakarta Barat tahun 1990 dengan semboyan “Bebas polusi, segar dan diciptakan khusus bagi keluarga bahagia untuk menyongsong tahun 2000” dengan varian : Type 36 (luas tanah 100m2 Rp. 12.500.000); Type 45 (luas tanah 120m2 Rp. 14.000.000); Type 58 (luas tanah 135m2 Rp. 21.000.000). Sumber Majalah ASRI.

Waktu Abu masih remaja, kisaran tahun pertengahan tahun 90-an, di kampung kami ada anak orang kaya, sebutlah namanya Nakata. Dia ketika kami mengatakan sebagai anak orang kaya secara mentah-mentah menolak dan menyatakan bahwa dia orang biasa. Sepulang bermain bola sore hari di kampung bersama-sama kami semua membaca tabloid (almarhum) BOLA, dahulu sepakbola luar negeri terasa sangat jauh, dan cara menjangkaunya adalah melalui surat kabar. Hampir semuanya sudah punah, kalau pun masih ada yang hidup rasanya hari ini seperti dinosaurus. Kemudian perputaran waktu berjalan sebegitu cepat, permainan mesti harus berakhir, beranjak dewasa untuk kemudian menghadapi problematika masing-masing. Sebuah generasi akan menemui senjanya sendiri. Hari yang baru telah disiapkan untuk generasi yang baharu pula. Bukankah itu sudah terjadi sepanjang zaman?

Tahun 2022, manusia dijejali informasi yang berlimpah. Fenomena paling gress adalah “Grazy Rich” yang kemudian melakukan flexing dan menghebohkan jagad nitizen tahun ini. Inilah zaman ketika youtube bercerita tentang gaya hidup orang kaya dan termasyur, menampilkan mobil-mobil mewah, cincin berlian mahal, serta pakaian-pakaian mahal. Dengan barang-barang mahal melekat di badan, terlihat bahwa “tamak itu tampan” sebagaimana sebuah kisah fiksi mereka tak malu-malu memamerkan kekayaan, tak lama kemudian kita lagi-lagi dikejutkan sebagaimana dalam kisah Qarun, mereka bersama hartanya tenggelam.

Sempat Abu merasa salah, kenapa bisa anak-anak muda sekarang begitu hebat dalam mengumpulkan harta, jauh mengalahkan orang-orang tua yang telah bekerja keras bertahun-tahun. Sampai akhirnya tersadarkan kembali, seperti siuman dan baru terjaga bahwa dalam setiap kisah, mereka yang tamak tidak akan pernah menang, pada akhirnya.

Seumur hidup Abu adalah orang yang banyak membaca buku, tapi kehidupan (memang) tak persis buku. Bukan bacaan yang persis sama untuk tiap-tiap keadaan, semua tergantung kepada siapa yang membaca dan cara membacanya, sangat subjektif. Mungkin di sela-sela kekurangan Abu ini, (bisa) belajar ada banyak hal yang bisa diterapkan dalam keadaan yang nyaris serupa. Karena (sering) salah, makanya Abu ketika ditanya membiasakan diri untuk mengawali setiap jawaban, “bahwa saya sesungguhnya masih baru belajar.”

Kalah atau salah harus diakui sering terjadi, (memang) belajar itu tidak mudah. Manusia harus diakui sering mandeg, atau dipaksa oleh keadaan untuk berjalan. Mungkin yang harus dicari awalnya bukan menang atau berhasil. Menjadi seseorang yang senantiasa dapat diperbaiki kekurangannya, secara segera, dan secara damai menjadi samudera yang senantiasa terbuka untuk apa saja, suatu pencarian tanpa kegamangan. Mustahil kita menjalani hidup tanpa kesalahan, atau menolak untuk salah. Kesalahan demi kesalahan yang kita kumpulkan sepanjang hidup, justru menandai kegagalan sekaligus keberhasilan kita sebagai manusia.

“Manusia dengan segala keanehannya, mungkin ia pernah selamat melewati hujan badai, tapi juga kemudian (bisa) menggigil ketika melewati gerimis, tak perlu malu.”


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Tentara Belanda pada ekspedisi II di Dalam “Kraton” Sultan Aceh. Jenderal Van Swieten (kiri di atas meriam) dan Jenderal G.M. Verspijck (Kanan di atas meriam); arsip KITLV;


“Adalah duka sebuah kebudayaan ketika kegeniusan (telah) berhenti muncul, ambisi tiada, keingintahuan manusianya berkurang, maka cahaya sebuah negeri pudar, harapan-harapan sirna, dan mereka yang telah mati menangisi mereka yang hidup.”

Setiap akhir Maret orang-orang Aceh akan mengenang bahwa pada hari Rabu, 26 Maret 1873, dari geladak kapal Citadel Van Antwepen yang sedang mengintai perairan Aceh, Pemerintah Kerajaan Belanda secara resmi menyatakan perang dengan Kesultanan Aceh Darussalam, selang beberapa saat Pasukan Belanda dipimpin Mayor Jenderal Kohler mendarat di Pantai Ceureumen, Ulee Lheu (Banda Aceh sekarang). Maka terjadilah perang dahsyat yang pernah dialami Belanda di Nusantara, dan menjadi objek kajian sejarah, sosial dan bahkan budaya bagi Belanda.

Kemudian Perang Dunia kedua terjadi, negeri Belanda diduduki oleh Jerman. Bangsa Belanda yang terbiasa menjajah merasakan juga dijajah. Maklumat perang Aceh sendiri tidak pernah dicabut oleh pemerintah Belanda, suatu fakta yang dianggap penting oleh sebagian orang-orang di Aceh. Tapi sebenarnya (mungkin) Belanda sudah lupa, bahwa mereka pernah berperang di Aceh dengan sangat susah payah, dan berdarah-darah. Aceh sendiri setelah dikalahkan oleh Belanda mengalami kehancuran struktur sosial, budaya serta kekayaan berabad-abad telah dijarah oleh penjajah.

Salahkan marah kepada Belanda? Aceh yang diserang oleh mereka dulu tidak sama dengan yang ada sekarang. Sebuah arogansi kolonialisme imperialisme, atas dasar nafsu menyerang sebuah negeri, selanjutnya mereka lupa terhadap perbuatannya. Sebuah Kesultanan berdaulat yang diakui dunia dahulu menjadi provinsi (yang katanya) termiskin di pulau Sumatera. Bahwa ada banyak kerajaan yang menjadi bagian Kesultanan Aceh Darussalam ada yang menjadi kabupaten, kecamatan bahkan kampung. Atau mungkin kita juga yang salah, ketika tidak mampu beranjak dari masa lampau?

Masa lampau memang sering menakutkan, khususnya ketika dilihat dengan kacamata masa kini. Bahwa masa lampau itu tak mudah punah dari alam bawah sadar kita, meskipun semua kemegahan masa lampau itu kini (sebenarnya) sudah tidak ada lagi. Mereka-mereka yang memuji kita (sekarang) dapatlah dimaafkan selama mereka tidak tahu apa yang mereka omongkan. Orang-orang Aceh telah kehilangan keperkasaan, kecerdasan, (bahkan) kehormatan. Bendera, adat, bahkan sejarah! Semuanya (sudah) tidak ada.

Hari ini, Aceh menyiratkan kepedihan, menghadapi kekuasaan yang bertaut dengan pengetahuan, menghadapi senjata, harta dan kata-kata yang begitu kuat dan menaklukkan, ia berangkat untuk membebaskan, (pada) akhirnya ia (sekarang) terlupakan.

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