Once a Persian Kisra commands a collection of historians to write down the history of mankind from the earliest known history to that day.


Once a Persian Kisra commands a collection of historians to write down the history of mankind from the earliest known history to that day. Year after year, historians complete their writing. The number of writings carried by 10 donkeys. So the Kisra commanded the historians to recapitulate the text.

Year after year passed again, and once again the historians completed their writing, this time shorter, 100 bundles. But with the consideration that Kisra had aged so incapable of reading the entire writing, he instructed the experts to summarize the writing to be shorter.

So once again, the historians summed up the text. Year after year goes by, the historians have not finished the writing. Until finally Kisra was about to die, so he summoned one of the leaders of the historians to tell the history of mankind in a concise form before his death.

After thinking, the chief of these scholars summarizes to Kisra that the history of mankind, in general, is the same; Born, Tired and then Died. After hearing the words of the historian then Kisra breathed his last breath.

Human life may be written in a different way but the cycle is always the same, so the conclusions are taken by the historians of ancient Persia. But are the conclusions taken by them true? Sometimes we feel had learned from the experiences of people in the past, learn from the mistakes made by people in the past but we subconsciously repeat the behavior of the people before us.

The most basic mistake of human attitude. Feeling perfect, so no longer want to learn and accept criticism for the development of knowledge and soul to be stagnant. His form can change a man in a matter of time, Sukarno who in his youth straight struggle for Indonesian independence and must be willing to become a political prisoner of the Colonial government. When Sukarno became president precisely “imprisoned” his comrades own arms.

The relationship between Sutan Syahrir and President Soekarno deteriorated until finally the PSI was dissolved in 1960. In 1962 to 1965, Syahrir was arrested and imprisoned without trial until suffering a stroke. And Finally, Syahrir died in Switzerland on 9 April 1966.

Germany as a country totally destroyed which devastated all its systems after World War II the country was able to rise up, rearrange and rebuild the potential and progress of the country. At the end of World War II Germany was divided into two, West Germany and East Germany. In 1990 Germany reunited and formally formed the Federal Republic of Germany, the German state that we now know.

South Korea is now known as the Asian Tiger, with its well-established economy and respected corporate company in the world. Whereas in the past, Ginseng State is really a poor country.
Time magazine stated in 1960 that South Korea was poorer than Iraq, Liberia, and Zimbabwe. They just finished the war with their neighbor – North Korea – and have no natural resources.

Humans basically often do wrong, but the best people are those who want to learn from mistakes to be better, the various calamities that hit this nation is a test to become a better nation. The Japanese would not advance if they were not “atomic bombed” by allies, Germany became Europe’s strongest industrial nation after being torn apart by two world wars.

South Korea became the power of Asian Economy after the Korean War left trauma. And many other examples. Various calamities are also a sign, something is wrong our self. And maybe we should change it immediately. The choice is, learn from history or repeat history.



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