Want heaven, which is narrated by huge gardens.


Actually I, like my ancestors.

Just like everyone too.

Want heaven, which is narrated by huge gardens.

Passed by dairy rivers, filled with angels.


But my inner voice screamed.

Insulting and ranting, can you?

I am a bad devil, self-conscious, thirsty for worldly desires.

Enjoyed every snooty drenched in the blue port.


Actually, I am not, as it sounds.

Just like everyone too.

Having a lust, but I can not hold it.

The plunge in unlimited temptations.


Nothing more than this cramped crotch.

Ever firmly reject it, insulting his admirers.

Today, however, feels angry, anxious and scared.

Shyly missed it, heaven.


Bait Al Hikmah, 8 Sha’ban 1434 H (simultaneously 17 June 2013)


So it is not good to contemplate too past mistakes. If we can not forgive each other what each of us has done, there will be no peace between us.

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