Teachers and students “beg” peaceful settlement of the Aceh conflict to President Megawati as the Republic of Indonesia (2001)



This loneliness has no meaning

Enter into soul and languish


I do not know what will happen

Today, tomorrow and so on

I fell in loneliness and fear


Gunshots repeatedly occurred

Cries of children who lost their parents

All froze at heart

Has brought destruction


O God, in Your name

In this silence I prostrate

Expect Your hand stretched out

Touching all of us


Banda Aceh, Tuesday, June 15, 1999

A Poem was written when the Aceh conflict is at its peak. In every war that suffers most, the most miserable are weak and helpless.

Translate From: Harap Damai

    Tentang tengkuputeh

    Cepat seperti angin // Tekun seperti hujan // Bergairah seperti api // Diam seperti gunung // Misterius seperti laut // Kejam seperti badai // Anggun seperti ngarai // Hening seperti hutan // Dalam seperti lembah // Lembut seperti awan // Tangguh seperti karang // Sederhana seperti debu // Menyelimuti seperti udara // Hangat seperti matahari // Luas seperti angkasa // Berserakan seperti debu //
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