The sea is getting redder and the colors are sinking – Bunta Island

Sea ​​and twilight

The sun will sink into the wide Indian Ocean, a dazzling light, dazzling to the eyes, glows on the face of the vast blue water. The surface of the sea in the sun I thought, how beautiful is it? But the body can vibrate and tremble like the ocean, when the sun is about to enter its bed, very slowly, it gradually descends, descending to the bottom of the ocean that is not visible in the outer realm when a red light has begun to spread on the western horizon, and its shadow seems to care for the sea. calm and not choppy.

Looking at the sea up close, millions of tiny water bubbles glistening white, which appear and disappear with the waves. There are always new bubbles appearing and disappearing in a regular rhythm after being carried away by the water flow for an instant.

Maybe each of us is nothing more than a froth, a tiny drop in the waves of time moving towards an unclear, misty future. We appear in the world only briefly and then disappear. Maybe history does not record each of our names, not seen by the great current. There are always new people and newer ones.

Maybe what is called fate, is nothing more than our struggle in a crowd of drops up and down with the waves. We should take advantage of this momentary appearance, so that our presence is not in vain, never.

The sea and the twilight, the emptiness invite the mystery in a perfect white that is really wide, making us ponder, what life in the empty ocean is like in the time that continues to roll. How time is unlimited, but indeed our time is limited.

Banda Aceh, January 10, 2019

Translate from: Laut dan senja

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