Ingatan seperti sebuah samudera, di balik badai dan gelombang, ada kenangan yang memilih berdamai

Memories are like an ocean, behind the storms and waves, there are memories that choose to make peace.


“What do we mean by this?” I said in the evening sitting under a shady pine tree on the sand, looking at the beach sand and the blue sea where the small waves were struggling with the sun that was about to go down to bathe.

“What does that mean?” I asked, pointing to a fisherman’s dipper entering the bay, a beautiful sight enjoying the enchanting beauty of the beach.

“We don’t exist.” I philosophize, “There is only The Most Holy, The Almighty. We are just a reflection of his power, which at any time can be mortal back to its origin.

I paused for a moment to look at the fisherman’s dipper that was getting closer to the shore, where in that moment of silence, I understood that humans have come and changed over thousands of years, and this beach remains the same. The white sand has been there for a long time, the ocean has been here before. Changing borders, power has changed many times.

The less we feel our absence. What is the meaning of our small selves compared to the heroes who have lived, or even in the years and centuries to come, the new humans who will later sail the vast ocean to all the islands in the overseas region?

“We are the spokes of that great spinning wheel.” I stood staring, contemplating the small waves breaking on the beach, gloomy in the rays of the sun that would be embraced by dusk.

“Will God give me the opportunity to witness a scene like this again in the years to come?” I asked, with the question of an endless conversation growing, the interpretation would not end.

“God willing.” I discontinued, wish I could know the future, but sadly I never know. There will come a time when I stop, and all that exists will be lost.

Memories are like an ocean, behind the storms and waves, there are memories that choose to make peace. I welcome my solitude, the absence of voices, including my own. The sound of the water swishing on the beach can temporarily erase my fear of facing the future.

Banda Aceh, 10 July 2020

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