The Life is a journey of self-control.


Is life a journey?

Every birth if thought carefully is just a coincidence. With hundreds of millions of sperm swimming blindly in the dark, it is very unlikely that a person can become what they are. Of all the crowded in the universe, how much is planned? He wonders, feeling floundering because he is exhausted to find himself pondering the coincidences that have made them exist.

Likewise life, perhaps life is a tiring journey, a vast desert, worrying, as the storm came, the sand dunes moved, and wide open in front. In a vast journey, often attacked by thirst and imagine mirage, this could be all fantasy is thirst empty and gone.

And when it comes to the oasis, it is thought that heaven. To enjoy and satisfy in heaven. But it turns out that it is too mortal, and is just a place to stop alone while humans are just a drain, then set off again through the desert, looking for another. No purpose and direction.

Always bedouin or nomadic. It is played by the natural surroundings, by the never-ending fancies in unattainable colors. Sluggish and weary, according to the wings of wishful thinking. Among the world’s seduction, he had to keep his honor. Not just slaves, slaves of all flowers withered quickly. Blessed are those who are not fascinated with the colors of the clouds of clouds, which the wind wanders over the vast sky.

Life is self-control. Those who are erect with two legs, those who see all that surrounds it with The Divine and creates as His vicegerent on earth. Those who built the flower gardens, in the service of The God. Wandering, soul rays with The Divine, obedient, heart-warming, fostering devotion and soul-tranquilizing.

Bait Al-Hikmah, 20 Rabbiul Awwal 1436 H (January 11, 2015)

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