Sometimes a poet raises his mind too much, just like a starling’s anxiety is like a king’s dream. But it is necessary, whatever consolation for the holder of power for words other than poetry, simple for the layman but extraordinary for the understood. When he’s involved in what’s happening in the world but does not want to get involved in the cunning around him. It is not the mind of a proud, but no man, who is not disgusted with false humbleness, forced to exalt himself, disgusting.

This year is not a year of fun, in a moment’s existence. When all that is in the mind is destroyed everything, when everything becomes so difficult, he has no more reason to be arrogant, has no reason to hate his fall. Then, memory and time leave it. Is this a coincidence? The random and cruel, or there is a goal of the pattern of all events, is beyond comprehension. A wave of anger (maybe) has its place, but it does not help here. Absolutely not.

His mind

A calm, betrayed anger, defeating other emotions. How can, someone who has sadness wringing chest. Asked, counseled to persuade to keep fighting, even when he no longer saw the light. Indeed, fate has a cold humor. Perhaps he has a flat face, but there are wiser, more experienced people, more entitled to the call, a call he never wanted, never searching for it, but fate thrusts all this to him.

He who asks for nothing, nor does he give anything. Must say, do not lose your guts now, we’ve walked this far. What does it feel to him? Must encourage the goal, but swear, cruelly, to himself, in the heart. He who believes what he says, but realizes that his words (probably) are not an absolute truth.

It is impossible to live unharmed life, or refuse to be hurt. Collected wounds mark both error and success. He (may) realize, that in a different name for the same thing, (probably) because of it, he endures. The question is how to stop a person who intends to survive no matter what obstacles in front of him, a determination always beats fear, determination best begins with resignation. Because the best of a decision, starting from the mind, the loving mind.

Sometimes a poet raises his mind too much, just like a starling’s anxiety is like a king’s dream.

Though nature is full of small details, and the mind of a human being can’t accommodate everything, although the mind is stronger than the weak body. Indeed, if examined in fact, the true test of self is whether to remain calm in a situation full of trials. Not everyone is given the opportunity to taste it, then enjoy it. And when he speaks, I’ll face him, even if I have to do it myself. Remind him that someone in the past, whom he knows may never meet again, once said, be careful of lying whispers, so that your minds do not press them. Do not listen to the dark shadows, so you will not be hunted during sleep.

Since the past, though everything can’t be as it used to be. It is a person with a conscience who is tired and wants to be alone, is the most dangerous man in the world.

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