All human beings are mortal.

Words are just words, we fall in love because of words, we believe because of words, fate is trapped in the word. Maybe the world we see is not the real world, actually, the different color gradient in the eyes of others is different. The only perception that wraps it up, presents differently. (Maybe) every day we see the same thing, but time makes it different. All life will end (mortal), all hearts will break. So let us use the best time possible.

Truly the past, present and future do not exist. All is just motion.

All mortals because he changes, he moves. A 29-year-old man, when he noticed his portrait when he was 12 years old, as a child. Different at all apparently, to say in every facet. Similarly, behavior, words, and deeds. And we can estimate if he reaches the age of 80 years, then the different likes and temperaments. Then the question arises, whether he is a different person? So the dialectic replied, the third is the same person. Different appearance and nature due to the role of time.

This nature is always in charge, nothing is fixed, God alone is fixed-all. In addition, each of them always changes. Thus man changes, mind changes, appreciation changes, culture changes, views change, mentality changes. Truly the past, present and future do not exist. All is just motion.

Changes are marked events, in the event, there are some circumstances that come in a row in time. And time is a condition for events. Without time there is no event. Time travel allows for the first state, followed by a second event. Without travel time the first state remains, the motion becomes there, because there is time. Heaven is described as a place without change because their time stops.

But that’s not enough! To make something happen there must be a connection between the two states, the so-called causal relationship – The Law of Causality. The event consists of two consecutive states in time and one that corresponds to the other. In heaven, where there is the only eternity, time does not present also deeds.

Chaos accompanies every major change. Change is not absolutely good or bad, but knowledge is always useful. Because of remorse, belongs only to someone who is capable of doing something, but does not do anything.

In this world, human beings are human, though this world is nothing but beautiful. This mortal world, something touching, surprising, and fascinating there. And in history, outside of heaven, human beings must be prepared to be disappointed, but (also) to be grateful for what is mortal.

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