This world, time, like a stream of water, is sometimes deflected by a piece of rubble, by a gentle breeze.


Let time be a circle, which surrounds itself. Thus, the world repeats itself, precisely, forever.

Usually, people do not know that they will live their lives again. Merchants do not know that they will bid and bid again. Politicians will not know that they will shout from the pulpit to the pulpit over and over in the course of time. Parents enjoy their children’s first laugh as if they will not hear back. A newlywed couple who first made love shyly dressed, gawked by the smooth thighs, the soft nipples.

How do they know that every secret leap, every touch will be repeated endlessly, just like before?

A city, a universe, so it happens. How do workers know that each sheet of money, each bundle of money, each stamp, every damage occurring on the way back to their pockets?

At night, the workers went home or stopped at the coffee shop, shouting joyfully with friends, caressing each of those precious moments as caressing the temporary emeralds.

How did they know that nothing was temporary, that everything could come back? Exactly an ant that circles the thread of a Crystal lamp, knowing that it will return to its starting point.

In a world where time is a circle, every handshake, every kiss, every birth, every word will repeat exactly. So is the case when two friends stop being friends. When the family breaks down. When the rotten words come out of the mouth of the arguing husband and wife. When the chance of reconciliation becomes vanishing with jealous fire, or the revealed sin when the promise is not fulfilled.

And because things will repeat themselves in the future, then what happens today has also happened millions of times before. Some people in every city, in their dreams, vaguely realize that everything they dream has happened in the past. They are people whose lives are unhappy. They feel that their wrong judgments, wrong actions, and misfortune have taken place in the previous rounds of time.

In a quiet night, he wrestled with a blanket, unable to sleep, banged on the knowledge that they could not change a single action, not even one gesture. The mistakes they have made will be repeated exactly in this life, as in previous lives.

In fact, if he thinks. Human is God’s creation, part of the universe. The universe created with the same energy when it is destroyed, then blessed are solemn. “And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah ]. Who are certain that they will meet their Lord and that they will return to Him.” Surah Al-Baqarah [2:45-46] – Al-Qur’an al-Kareem

This world, time, like a stream of water, is sometimes deflected by a piece of rubble, by a gentle breeze. Either now or later, the cosmic movement will cause the creek to turn from the mainstream to the previous stream, but eventually, to the upper reaches, it will lead to.

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