I love words, I have fallen into the joy of writing them
Enjoy the days of becoming a cocoon before becoming a butterfly. And that’s the best for you. The Butterfly Effect.


Oh, my beloved, you will become an adult by realizing many things. Before it made you. I will give you ethics. Ethics that are named Butterfly effect. Because you are so dear to us, and it has become commonplace in this world that they are also loved with too much, often missteps. Because he is beloved with too much, often not immediately understand the goodness and decay of the world.

This ethic is told to you, not to say it is sacred. It is also not something free of envy or resentment. Just, want to say. We will never (ever) understand heaven before knowing what is called hell. And in this mortal world (outside heaven) man must be ready to be disappointed. But in this mortal world, humans have both heaven and hell. And the human paradise has a different form, where one’s heaven is capable of being hell for the other. Thus, blessed are those who are happy with another human heaven, because indirectly he has found a fragment of heaven. Flakes from the real paradise.

The butterfly effect is a sensitive dependence on the initial conditions in which small changes in one creature from a deterministic nonlinear system can lead to substantial differences in later states.

Know that we live not alone despite being alone, there are angels on the side as well as devils on the other side. You are a careful red stone but also do not be too careful. If possible, challenge the sun. Have burning anger. Failed over and over again, falling down. It is okay. Because by falling, you learn to rise. There is learning, a mental attitude that is formed from a variety of failures. Have an unyielding mental attitude and always want to take learning. If you have then be assured, you have the best human qualities.

As you make your best efforts, your life will calm down. Your mind will be happy because the quietest life is a life without regret. My dear, there are many stories. There are many things my dear. But before that become adults with slowly. Enjoy the days of becoming a cocoon before becoming a butterfly. And that’s the best for you.

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