Humans may try and may fail. But there is a blessing behind that failure. I guess I just do not understand that yet.


Inside we have a labyrinth. There we crash and keep going through it. Strangled, and uncertain. But, if we get through it, we will feel happier.

The butterfly effect is a sensitive dependence on the initial conditions in which small changes in one creature from the deterministic nonlinear system can lead to substantial differences in later states.

The whole incident in the universe is a series of random events, according to research by Edward Norton Lorenz in 1961. Using the help of computer simulations. Lorenz predicted the weather, initially, he rounded the number obtained into the number 0.506. But when he entered the more complete decimal number is 0.506127. Lorenz got a completely different result, which then surprised Lorenz, in fact, the figure is in practice equivalent to a flutter of butterfly wings.

The simulation shows that the flutter of butterfly wings can cause or prevent a tornado storm, it is amazing. Lorentz’s findings are further named the butterfly effect. Since the calculations used by Lorentz are based on random events, many experts try to interpret the phenomenon of the butterfly effect in human life.

So many events can happen to someone from other possibilities. All possible combinations of events that a person may experience are random but interconnected phenomena.

Any events that occur can open or close opportunities for the occurrence of other larger events. Because the possibilities experienced by a person also affect and be influenced by the possibilities experienced by others.

Life must be lived as play (Plato)

So all the people in this world seem to be in an infinite space with a combination of limited possibilities. The funny thing is that we, as human beings, can only mobilize themselves, perhaps what humans can do is a butterfly’s flutter. However, a simple movement, a momentum still provides an opportunity for the creation of important events in our lives.

Perhaps because of that also, in religion, the intention is very important. If thought carefully it may also be the cause that God’s good intentions have been counted rewarded. The Almighty God who is able to read the movements in the deepest hearts of His creatures.

The Most Gracious and Most Merciful has promised. For the sake of time. Surely we humans are in a loss. Except those who are advised in kindness and patience. So all my friends, we move in motion, the universe will tremble because of our movement.

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