Because in the mirror, humans like to see another figure who has the opposite position


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How could he be considered ordinary? Though he is a miracle. Maybe because he was too much, not too rare, found anywhere. He is invincible by the law of scarcity.

Every time the sun went down from the horizon to the horizon, and every time the moon followed it, and of course, the day rolled without caring about the life they carved behind, one after the other.

When standing in front of a mirror, why are the right and left reflections changing the opposite? Why not face up and down?

The world we live in has the power of gravity that makes us accustomed to seeing the form of “up and down”. So, we fully believe that this world can not possibly consist of the top of the bottom. Because it is very easy to ensure the top and bottom of an object.

That’s one of the illusionary sources of misunderstandings about why the right and left are visible opposite in front of the mirror. Illusion? Means the opposite of the right-left is equal to the top down?

Not. Actually, the reflecting mirror is also the opposite from top to bottom. When we are convinced of the shadows right-left. Actually what happens is that the image in the mirror is the opposite of the top-down.

Because people always decide the top and bottom, easily the left-right reflection in the mirror becomes reversed. However, in fact, both the right-left and top-down images on the mirror are not reversed.

Because the reflected on the mirror is the front and rear. Humans more regard the front-back and top-down as right-left. That is why there is a suspicion that the reflection of the mirror is the opposite of right and left

Despite trying hard, no creature can escape death forever. There is an end to all. A message in the mirror.

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