Pinto Khop bagian dari taman Putroe Phang. Sebuah persembahan cinta dari Sultan Iskandar Muda kepada istrinya Putri Pahang

Pinto Khop is part of Putroe Phang park. A love offering from Sultan Iskandar Muda to his wife Putri Pahang.


“History is long, thousands of years and longer, and thousands of interpretations are written!”

Syahbudin and Syahmiun are descendants of the kings of Mante who once ruled hundreds of years ago in Seumileuk, the dynasty of the twelve houses. They don’t know the location anymore, either near Jantho or Seulimum. The change of kings, the arrival of the Campa, Arabs, Indians, and Persians until the war brought them down to become cattle herders. At first, they were herding in the Seulimum area until finally, they were leumo1) its meurot2) without permission from the local people’s plants, cow dung made the atmosphere of the Keunalo village warm, they also moved the shepherding area to the Cot Hundred mountains.

Even though they were nobles who had fallen to commoners, they were happy. Because the new Sultan who came to power in the near future had just eradicated the old nobles and replaced them with new rich people. These newly rich aristocrats were also afraid that one day the Sultan would be sacked if they didn’t please him.

“Cigarettes din!”

“Smoke un!”

In the shepherd’s hut, they laughed and ridiculed the king to their heart’s content, about the king’s farts being said to smell like khob3) due to too much “eating” of meat. No one heard them frolic in the middle of the savanna, a field without walls, so the saying that walls have ears for rulers does not apply. They were the two freest people in the entire land, even the crown prince if he knew would be envious of these two chums.

The Cot Hundred mountain area on the slopes is barren and rocky so it is not suitable for actual farming, one-day Lilawangsa son of Lamuri came from Lampanah, and he plans to open an orange grove there. Syahbudin and Syahmiun don’t understand the citrus problem, so it’s just a Hana Masalah4) Lilawangsa is farming near them.

Unlike a friend from the Mante tribe who is lazy to take a bath, carelessly and always khem dog5). Lilawangsa is serious and talkative. Often he heard the jokes of Syahbudin and Syahmiun but did not laugh.

Lilawangsa’s lack of sense of humor made Lilawangsa easily offended, such as when she brought news from Bandar that the Sultan had made a magnificent bath for the new empress of the Pahang kingdom, and even built a pinto khop6) from white concrete on the bank of the river so that not just anyone could enter. , those who enter must bow their heads because the door is designed with a size that is not high. Syahbudin and Syahmiun said that the Sultan was a pervert, so they made him happy by making a garden of passion for Princess Pahang with the aim of getting “bottom door” services from the princess.

Lilawangsa, the son of Lamuri, had a passion for serving the kingdom, so he was annoyed when Syahbudin and Syahmiun cursed the lord of the country. He did not dare with the two powerful mante children, one of their strengths was being able to talk to animals, the tigers around the Cot Hundred mountains did not dare to disturb their livestock. Oftentimes, Lilawangsa sees stray tigers in the area with “lake meuah” reverence for them.

One day Lilawangsa came home from Bandar selling citrus crops, she heard the Sultan was planning to attack Malacca to liberate the peninsula from the Portuguese, this was a golden opportunity to change fate when he invited Syahbudin and Syahmiun to register as soldiers. They refused, lazy they said, after all, we love peace, “gatai asoe” the two added.

When the royal talent scouts arrived at the Hundred Cot and invited them to join the army. Lilawangsa immediately joined and left his orange field, while Syahbudin and Syahmiun were peubangai droe7), seeing their friends joining them they said, “like gob mupakee bek gata pawang, bek gob muprang bek gata panglima!” Feeling insulted Lilawangsa intends to take revenge.

“Hana buet mita buet, cok cilet like pruet.”

Lilawangsa joined the army, his high spirits made him count. He was even appointed gunner for the royal carrier, named Cakradonya, the Portuguese named it “World Terror” because it was equipped with 200 meriam bunthok8) and had a hull of about 200 meters long.

When the Sultan made a check visit he dared to speak, “Your Majesty in the mountains of Cot Hundred there are two magic people who will make it easier for us to win the war, but they do not want to join the army.”

“Who are they?” asked the Sultan.

“Two very strong Mante people, but my advice is not to fight them because 200 soldiers will surely perish against them, by threatening to burn their village in Keunalo, if they don’t, also threaten their livestock (poh matee9).”

“Good idea, tomorrow take 10 soldiers there and invite him to join.” Order of the Sultan.

“It’s good I didn’t come because they recognized me, Your Majesty, please point to someone else I will draw a map of the location and give their characteristics.” Lilawangsa’s suggestion.

“Okay!” Sultan said.

A Frenchman who was doing good deeds in the kingdom listened to the conversation, he was silent. That night he met Lilawangsa asking why he gave it to the Sultan, wasn’t that good, and violated God’s command.

Lilawangsa replied nonchalantly, “King Near God Far!” The Frenchman, named de Beaulieu, recorded Lilawangsa’s words, later this sentence would appear in the memoirs of his trip to Aceh, rewritten by Denys Lombard in a book entitled “The Kingdom of Aceh at the Age of Sultan Iskandar Muda.”

The next day the soldiers came to Syahbudin and Syahmiun who were peutupat rung10) at the shepherd’s hut. They were immediately taken aback when the troops looked unfriendly and threatening. “You join the army or we shoot the cows!”

Syahmiun stepped up and wanted to finish off the soldiers but was restrained by a calmer Syahbudin who said, “Why are you officials like this? Isn’t this what God forbids?”

The commander answered straightforwardly, “King Near God Far!”

So the knees of the two mante children went weak, looking sadly at their jambo11) for the last time. They were forced to join forces with Aceh Darussalam soldiers to free Malacca.

Syahbudin encouraged his friend Syahmiun as well as his heart by whispering, “all our life we ​​are lazy to pray, maybe the war against infidels is God’s way of purifying our sins.”

Miun nodded slowly as she grumbled, “A king who has ambitions to make the people ache in the back!”

Syahbudin, “the country is having a hard time being patient.”

They giggled, and jokes would feel close to them, invoking feelings of emotion, pride and happiness intimately when the time was too short of cursing or crying over fate.


The attack on Malacca (Portuguese) by the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam in 1629

The Aceh fleet invaded the city of Malacca (Portuguese), and Syahbudin and Syahmiun entered the Pok Sumpon12) company under the command of Sheikh Syamsuddin As-Sumatrani at the forefront. They were the first Acehnese troops to land in Semananjung.

Syahbudin and Syahmiun were very vicious, countless Cristiano Ronaldo, Manuel Rui Costa, and the like died at the hands of our two beloved uncles even though they rarely bathed. The city of Malacca has been besieged, only half of the breath is occupied by the Formosan fortress. Malay lands in the near future will be liberated from al-kafirun.

Unfortunate can’t be denied, and profit can’t be achieved, suddenly the Portuguese aid fleet from Goa (India) appeared in the Malacca Strait, and the balance of power occurred at sea. Meanwhile, from the mainland, the Johor troops who promised to be Aceh’s allies actually helped the enemy. The Aceh ships caught fire, and the Sultan ordered the Aceh fleet to turn right to prevent more serious damage.

“Hey kapai! Pakon neutinggai kamoe?”

Meanwhile, in front of the fort of Malacca, the Aceh army company which had continued to descend ashore was left behind! One by one, Aceh’s friends died, until finally three people remained; Sheikh Syamsuddin As-Sumatrani, Syahbudin and Syahmiun. They were completely surrounded. Syahbudin and Syahmiun’s supernatural powers made them ineffective with swords and bullets, and the knowledge of iron magic, but this immunity did not reduce the pain of being hit by bullets.

“Wow! Wadidaw! Wowwww!” They hugged Sheikh Syamsuddin who was not immune while screaming in pain loudly and clearly, without a buzzing sound. According to makhraj experts, their pronunciation at that time was Izhar Halqi.

The three of them were cornered in Ketek Village, Malacca City. While crying, Syahmiun said to the Sheikh, “we can’t take it anymore, this pain is unbearable. Let us take away our amulets syech!” While Syahbudin grimaced in pain looking at Sheikh Syamsuddin asking for approval. He nodded.

“Bismillahirahmanirrahim.”After saying the words of monotheism that magnify the name of Allah, the two of them simultaneously pulled out their talisman bracelets. So the two sons of the cowherd mante who were full of heresy and khufarat returned to the great ruler of the universe, together with Sheikh Syamsuddin bin Abdullah As-Sumatrani, a great Acehnese cleric before death picked them up and recited solemnly. “Ashhadu an-laa ilaaha illallaah Wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasuulullaah.” I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger (messenger).


The attack on the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam to Malacca (Portuguese) in 1629 failed miserably. According to Portuguese sources, the entire Acehnese fleet was destroyed with the loss of 19,000 soldiers. After the defeat, Sultan Iskandar Muda sent two other major sea expeditions. In the years 1630-1631 and 1634, to crush the rebellion in Pahang. At the time of Sultan Iskandar Muda, the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam controlled the entire northern region of the island of Sumatra and the northern region of the Malay Peninsula. On the expedition, Lilawangsa became the warlord who was most feared by his ferocity, nicknamed Maharaja Lilawangsa. His name would later be known in Malay as Rampling.


Translation index:

  1. leumo1)= ox (Acehnese);
  2. meurot2)= livestock eat other people’s plants without permission (Acehnese);
  3. khob3) =wet dung (Acehnese);
  4. hana masalah4) =No Problem (Acehnese);
  5. khem dok5) = Laugh out loud (Acehnese);
  6. pinto khob6) =Lower door (Acehnese);
  7. peubagai droe7) =Pretending to be a stupid human (Acehnese);
  8. meriam bunthok8) = big cannon (Acehnese);
  9. poh matee9) =Kill (Acehnese);
  10. peutupat rung10) =Relax and sleep (Acehnese);
  11. jambo11) = Small cottage (Acehnese);
  12. Pok Sumpon12)  =Keep moving forward and never give up (Acehnese);



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