So, be careful of any behavior of people who are clearly contrary to the principle of his life.


Once upon a time, there lived a farmer named Mansyur. He also keeps the goats. He was very happy when his goat gave birth to a daughter. A good sign, because in some time, of course, the goats will grow.

One day when the Mansyur entered the forest looking for wood, he found him under a tree there was a wolf-boy. He pity, because the wolf boy is very thin, maybe his mother died, shot by hunters. wolf children brought home, then given goat’s milk. Thus after a long time, the wolf’s child was healthy, it was apparent that the wolf and the goat’s child had played together, like twins.

Mansyur thinks, apparently between wolves and goats can be preached. Probably because on the body of the wolf’s child, has been flowing goat blood for milk from the mother goat. So for a while, the two are getting bigger and the relationship between them is good.

One time Mansyur and his wife went to the market, selling their crops. Mother goat is tied to a tree in front of the house. In the afternoon Mansyur returns. He heard the mother goat thrashed for his son. The goat and the wolf’s child, look no further, no matter where it goes.

Soon Mansyur looked into the forest behind the house. To her surprise, when he met the goat, lay down, and goat neck was bitten. It was obvious who had pounced on her, the wolf-boy who had disappeared into the wilderness right then and there.

Feeling sorry and irritated, he brought the corpse of the goat into the house to be buried, and in the heart of Mansyur impression. “That, however, there is no use for the good of people of different souls and instincts, then the hostile person is always looking for an opportunity to kill his friend.”

So, be careful of any behavior of people who are clearly contrary to the principle of his life.

Translate From: Persahabatan antara kambing dan serigala

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  3. Teungku Syukri says:

    Izin Comot kisah untuk bahan mengajar Text Narrative Bahsa Inggris kepada siswa..

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