I love words, I have fallen into the joy of writing them
In the past, you told me when I would forget you.

This time we meet, accidentally. No, nothing. Hate nothing, everything has evaporated. Ordinary. Words are gone. And if finally, my lips smile because I’m happy. Very happy to be someone you no longer recognize. Very happy because I have succeeded to be someone I want.

In the past, you told me when I would forget you. And today I am surprised how your words are none other than the truth. The words of the tiger that you expelled today are pouncing on you. I really do not want to laugh at the miserable you feel, then stay away.

You know I always keep promises, so do not be disappointed if today I fulfill my promise. Even if you are miserable, I will not see you again with the same feelings. I never had fear before, so why today I have to be afraid of facing you again.

Never mind, your eyes can no longer call me. I can only whisper in my heart, a goodbye of the past. Now I have a future to embrace. One sentence for you, do not get caught up in the past.

“Someone once said the root cause of a person is a memory, without memory, he will always find new things throughout life. But another person also said memory is a treasure box that can be opened anytime. Even when you feel you do not have anything.”

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