I love words, I have fallen into the joy of writing them
Forgive me to leave you, forgive if your heart hurt.


This is the day when I feel better if my head on the floor, rolling over, it’s worse than being punished or even beheaded. The moment when I find you crying and my fingers are powerless to wipe the tears from your cheeks. I am a loser whose hands can’t stroke your hair while you are sobbing.

I love you more than myself, I miss you more than anything. Forgive me to leave you, forgive if your heart hurt. I will always love you until I leave this world, My sincerity will not change even though we can’t unite. You are the best for me.

And when the whole world is hostile to me, the world where you are not involved. You have always been my faithful believer. I chose to betray you. I chose to leave you, deny my promises. So let yourself be, even now I really hate myself.

Often I ask if life is fair? It is not easy to say goodbye. All about regret, bringing wounds to the soul. Sometimes I want to run far away with you leaving all the reality. And I can’t.

And I admit you are more resilient than myself in the face of life, your submissiveness is really touching me. Somehow I waded through life without you, In every prayer, your name I call it, may you later be happy in life in this world and the hereafter. Hopefully, after this day, no sorrow touches you. Just happy with you.

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