Truly the past, present and future do not exist. All is just motion, just.

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Why did the smoke never go back to cigarettes? Why are the molecules far apart from each other? Why do ink droplets never come back? Because the universe is inclined to evolve increasingly chaotic, it is related to the arrow of time, the result of the expansion of the universe. What would happen if the time met with the force of gravity? What happens at the time? Will it spin upside down? No one knows for sure the answer.

To be honest, this is not a story about someone who wants to be understood for his actions in the past, many years back. Not that someone has a super-ego, the first to arrive with ambition, high ideals, and terrible pressure. This is the story of a person when confronted with an impossible choice when his only movement is immobile. Previously, he could not choose because he did not know what would happen. Then even though he knows what will happen, he still can not choose.

This life is a set of possibilities that interweave one another forming a well-intentioned or non-branched avenue of choice. It is possible that we are not born human. Or have we ever calculated what the likelihood ratio is, that we are the one chosen to be born? And maybe we have been through one, two, three or even more events that may take our lives faster than today.

A human being may never be able to choose some possibilities such as being born where, by whom, at any time or gender. But he is able to choose some things like who are friends, love, or even the enemy. Often, in life, there is only one chance to choose, if bad still to be faced. Humans do not slip due to big rocks, but because of gravel.

In the future, there may be more possibilities. And if imagined it might make all the possibilities clear or perhaps even blurred. As can not choose where and when to leave the world, but at least someone can still choose how the possibilities how to go through it. The problem is, humans can not go back in time because that’s very difficult to choose. He must make the right choice, plus, as long as not choosing everything is still possible. Therefore he doubted. Perhaps the theory may be difficult to define. I found no other explanation for this situation, only that is likely.

When the season changes. The same time stream is still flowing. Sometimes calm, sometimes bubbling anger. Sometimes the width of the tub is infinite, sometimes shrinking in the cold of winter. But he kept flowing because he was the divider of destiny.

Perhaps, it is important to believe that all life choices are real, all paths are true, they can be anything and as meaningful. You know people say, everything can be fixed in the end, though bad. Hope, our prayer as a human to the Ruler of Destiny is Khusnul Khatimah (Good End).

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6 Responses to THE CLOAK OF FATE

  1. Usman says:

    Thanks for sharing such fun thoughts, good paragraphs, I read them fully and very impressed with you.

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