You is not exactly blessed with a towering intellect, gluttony, or “Gula” is deadly sin and lack positive effects.


Indonesian Translation

Slowly, year after year. Months come, humans are crushed. Every day, in the same streets, feelings never change. Is there something wrong? The wise man said, for many years in the long war, we lost so much intelligent, principled, and faithful people. Leaving out the two-faced. But in actuality in peace, we lose the attitude, discipline, and anger that make life more passionate.

In reflection, I try to recall past uncertain times, a fighting spirit that makes you not give up easily. There was a time when you did not feel the giant, being nobody, open to being anything, and absorbing everything.

Before you become too angry before you get greedy before you “feel” mighty. In fear and misery, you learn to understand the feelings of the losers. The excluded, and weeping for those who are persecuted. That having fun together is fun, but it would be more fun when in difficult circumstances keep caring. Do you realize when you feel superior and superior to others, that is where the beginning of a defeat?

I am talking about you! Not the country’s leaders, not the corruptors on television. I am talking about you, which is clearly visible in front of the mirror. Someone who in his childhood has big dreams, and when big just have a little reality.

I long for those times when the biggest problem in life is just a bad test score or fear being scolded by mama for smoking cigarettes. Now, I see a picture of a pig, and I (you) in a mirror with repeated views, to the point where I can not distinguish one from another.

And when Ramadan comes, I hope you will be holy (fitrah) back.

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