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When a story goes everywhere, it will inevitably spread to the universe. Along the path of the wind, we should not wonder why he is present in the roar. Several stories stole from history, some add. Things change, a few are not. Everything in the world is bound by the law of causality, cause, and effect. So, imagine what would happen when a tremendous power met the moving object? There will be a broken one. This is the story of broken bones but never tired of standing. Between wistful and longing.

Time passes without leaving a story about an adventurer who never feels tired to rise again, until there is a story about the end. That life is never easy, too many conditions, too many interests. Where shrewdness brings disaster and weakness brings blessings. And he went, trying to fight, but history finally did not tell a triumph for him.

There is always a touch of the unfathomable struggle, the story of a plump and bad promise, talking dreams but little action. An adventurer has to be the year when it turns, brutality brings with it a fierce conviction that froze the heart, a frightening appearance of self-esteem.

So blessed is he who was born in the West. He is a sweet mouth, who is crippled, but unable to throw away the ancestral heritage. I do not know what the mind of a man, a traitor, and a hero, is scorned and revered. The life story contains obstacles, between anger and hope, possibilities and deceit, nonsense, nostalgic, and death. It’s like we mourn because we’re afraid nobody can replace it. So forget and memories can be dismantled to be shouted, the shy little voice.



Tentang tengkuputeh

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