Teuku Umar 1896


A bunch of rotten would never talk about the purity of ideas, where he was like gold. A foul is a thief who carefully and lovingly smiles on the mask. And if my words sweet believe me this is all a mask of self-centered.

What do I give will never become a reality all that crap just to make you fall for it, and believe me if you still believe that I could to her experts? If it seemed good in my words behind the sheer rottenness.

If only you knew me, then you find someone who is an expert contemptible word, unfortunately, no one in the world who know me best of me. And I’m free to mess things up, blowing all the guile to anyone.

And when I have spoken with humility, then it is a scam going very, very proud of myself, that I will breath breathed on the fictional eyes and ears. It will blind your eyes and ignore what I said, I’m sure of cunning. And I would really arrogant of this nature.

If you insist deny my words then I am satisfied lust. Fruitfully noose attached to him. And if you do not understand these words mean then I will laugh my skill to outwit. I am the rot! are among the most rotten.

Tentang tengkuputeh

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