In the past never thought would be quiet, where friends always surround, no matter how friendly the world always laugh


In the past never thought would be quiet, where friends always surround, no matter how friendly the world always laugh. Formerly never imagined will feel lonely, because the family is always close to the eyes. Although without sound as if to fill the contents of the world. Space and time existed and did not awaken in every morning that self-felt lonely. That life will be lived alone even later in the grave.

Being a bachelor, just felt when the friends had gone through his own life. Being a big brother feels lonely when a younger sister has been proposed to marry. Being human feels alone when it rains heavily but no one talks or just laughs. Being a creature, just feel humble when you are kneeling on a prayer rug.

Tonight when the rain soaked the earth, faded already all arrogant hearted. That life will be taken alone, that this struggle is the struggle of only a human child. Sometimes gentle life sometimes this hard feels bland if no friends to share. Just share the joy and upset to be enjoyed both.

Tomorrow I’m sure there’s a sunny sun. But what is the use of love that fills the whole world is hidden only by one heart? There is no container to pour out all the love until it blows in the wind and disappears. Together with the stem of age that continues to rise towering.

No language is able to express the ode of a bachelor. Desperate to be a king as well as a servant. Oh, God only you are able to know the spirits of the souls of all your creatures, including me who was at the end of this youth. Dying without a human love and only the love and affection of the god who feeds me.

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Cepat seperti angin // Tekun seperti hujan // Bergairah seperti api // Diam seperti gunung // Misterius seperti laut // Kejam seperti badai // Anggun seperti ngarai // Hening seperti hutan // Dalam seperti lembah // Lembut seperti awan // Tangguh seperti karang // Sederhana seperti debu // Menyelimuti seperti udara // Hangat seperti matahari // Luas seperti angkasa // Berserakan seperti debu //
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