I retreated from the battlefield, for reasons which even now I can not explain, I found myself crying, but maybe because I was too tired.


While I believe have done whatever I could do, and when it has felt unable to do anything else, I’m at peace with my destiny, and I do not fight it anymore. That’s what I call wisdom, even (perhaps) some people will say this is a weakness.

Those who do not know how long I was able to defy fate, to then end up being ash or dust. Though in existence for a while, I tried to choose wisely, walked slowly. Try, to try not to repeat the same mistake, again. And if you say, I did not try hard. Maybe you should learn to realize that I’m not as tough as it was.

Someone bolder, tougher than me. Will attack, in circumstances that make me surrender. I admit today, maybe because I already understand myself a bit more than before, that in this wide world, there are people wiser, more experienced than I am.

I was when I looked in the mirror. Is someone who never felt the situation of life and death, never when I say confession and surrender, given the opportunity to live a second time. In the evening, I remembered, all worldly pleasures are ephemeral and constantly changing.

All the joy and goodness that can be acquired by humans get from HIM, these words would be more meaningful to them, who had the opportunity to live more than once, it will swallow all verbal, curse of hatred in the mind at the same time

I retreated from the battlefield, for reasons which even now I can not explain, I found myself crying, but maybe because I was too tired. If I do not want to be something I hate, so I’d better go. I felt tired and wanted to own.

=maledicto odium=

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