I just want to say thank you


Thank you for rejecting me yesterday, luckily I never scorned and hated you. Therefore today I have never regretted even having to bear the embarrassment that now turns into a pride in my chest. I hold my heart to prevent love from becoming hate. A vicious circle should not happen between us.

There’s no way I can force if there’s no love for me. By denying this helping hand you have made me into a man who is not enslaved to human love, which I know will be quenched like a candle light.

Nothing of you has dissolved all the arrogant hearts, who have been enthroned and do not know what to do in this way. After the time my brain is dry from wisdom.

I realize your refusal does not make me a mighty human being let alone power, this self is still as fragile as a spider web is vulnerable to any gentle breeze. Life and time are sometimes funny, the pain that has passed sometimes brings nostagia. As the exploration of life never ends up to the grave, like the time keep running until the end of the world.

Maybe my words seem to trick you but make sure it comes out of my heart, not a comforting sentence to make you smile. Especially just to make yourself feel guilty.

Thank you for rejecting me yesterday, made me realize that victory is not everything. It is mature even though I am still a servant and nobody.

After the love story. Hope, dream and desire now is not for you anymore. Reminded me that there was something else to do. The steel behavior you see makes me aware, now all the effort I’ve ever tried to regress. Maybe I should move away immediately.

Warm greetings, until another chance to bring together, friend. In fact I can not call love for you, your never became my lover. Thousands of my thanks for you.

“There is no turning for a man, go forward or back. When you have set a step then do not look back. Get rid of the room for a regret, though the failure to imagine at that moment there is no chance to repeat.”


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