Tonight let me alone, lonely. Enjoy the wisdom of Holy book, writings contained in the sky.


Tonight let me alone, lonely. Enjoy the wisdom of Holy book, writings contained in the sky. Even though when I feel uneasy. As tears spilled when the spell scripture does not mean life is full of sadness. I just enjoy the tears, felt a real humility, avoiding the hustle and bustle of the world.  And removing all my masks.

It’s at times like this I recognize myself in comfort. Kindly let me sink into silence, touched my heart, although I was not able to self-examine all the flaws. Imperfections that God teaches us to understand love, purify the soul.

When most humans have been sleeping, how I miss the holy book with wrenching melancholy song. Ignoring the time ahead, laughter and jokes do not want anymore, remember all the mistakes in my life before the screen revealed, unbeknownst to secrecy, and do not want unexpected by anyone. Do you take all of that, tonight?

When my body fragile, I want serenity in my sleep. Not wanting to disturb anyone. I have lost the desire, do not expose it to fire again. Enough already, let me rest in peace that only I understand. Cold and bitter. Infinite expectations, not perfect but imprint.

Oh, too many times have I refused, until the time when feeling uncomfortable to decline even more, In the crowd, in the form of a smile. Until I felt it was beyond arrogance devil. No, that’s not what I mean. I was a loner who wants to enjoy a quiet, please leave me alone.



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5 Responses to ODE OF A HERMIT

  1. salam BLOGGER dan salam kenal dari blogger asal kota padang, sumatra barat.
    maaf,saya masih Newbie

  2. tengkuputeh says:

    Terima kasih salam kenal kembali…

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