I love words, I have fallen into the joy of writing them
Until that day, I never doubted you. Until I found all your words are lies. DEVIL FACE OF AN ANGEL


My friends, do you know what I believe. Until that day, I never doubted you. Until I found all your words are lies. Do you know it’s best friend was stabbed in the back? The pain stabbed more than a thousand swords. The wound stung more than poisoned darts.

And when the day you say, “If this is a matter of pride then forget!” How come? If the fire that burns my face still felt hot. The story could end, but memories can’t be lost and the grief it belongs to anyone.

You know, the friendship we had in the last conversation that I was not vindictive. But Would not you know too that I was not a forgiving? So I will not apologize for having refused to meet again for many since the incident.

My heart was torn with our friendship ends when you have made me a fighter without a sword fall. I will not see you as before, as you know my principles nevertheless, a person is considered lost if you can not keep his dignity. Because it is not going to let that sneaky wait my ignorance, let alone a second time.

When you say it, “the devil is more realistic ambition, because of the ugly reality.” I still remember clearly the reason. Shows clearly that the trust was destroyed by greed. The darkest side of us, human.

And maybe I’m facing life full of suffering as a loser but now different. Right now I’m not going to look backward again. I’ll stare straight ahead, just ahead.

I know you regret it because in your life will never again see a friend like me. Instead of life has to lead me to know people better than you. Live your life do not wallow in regret. I’m too proud to punish you. Do not ever miss me, because I never even remember you. Among the face rejection and this is the devil that you’ve never seen before.

“As good as any one man (or woman), there is still a bad side and evil side in it (and vice versa). So do not assume that forever honey is sweet, he could be a poison that kills ”



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