Sanada Yukimura (真田 幸村?, 1567 – June 3, 1615), actual name: Sanada Nobushige (真田 信繁?), was a Japanese samurai warrior of the Sengoku period. He was especially known as the leading general on the defending side of the Siege of Osaka.


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Siege of Osaka, 1615

Summer morning breeze crept slowly into the Osaka castle. The last defense of Toyotomi looks dull cherry blossom. Smiling face death awaits the right moment to greet create a dark atmosphere at the occupants inside.

Tokugawa troops are out there, led by a painstaking named Ieyasu the head of the clan. of best daimyo behind. Matsume Date eyed one supports it. Honda Hoichiro horned helmet was already getting on a horse ready to kill each loyal supporters Hideyori.

Tokugawa betrays winter agreements. Peace peace outside the fortress destroyed Osaka conditional denied. Everyone in the castle cursing the stupidity of Hideyori, while troops outside the fortress laugh at the folly of the Taiko Hideyoshi’s son heir who carries the banner of the golden pumpkin.

Yukimura Sanada, the only general who are still loyal to the Osaka castle looked katana with a hard eye. However pained. Hideyori was not the father, Hideyoshi. Though Osaka had almost won the battle of the winter when the camp of the peaceful Edo filed. Immoral, cowardly Hideyori receive deceitful agreement. The whole country lost confidence in Western troops.

Tatami sound shifts slowly, Wakatabe Tenzo sign bent. Ninja is already aging, eyebrows were white. He has served since the days of Hideyoshi even when they lordship Oda Nobunaga. “Lord Sanada, fighting had broken’s gate. Edo forces came with the Portuguese cannon to destroy the walls of the fort. ”

“Tenzo Finally, it was time for me to fight.” Yukimura stands strong.

“Lord Sanada, as a good general, please stand beside Hideyori Highness.” Denies Tenzo. A ninja must not be denied General, every soldier knows samurai code of ethics.

Yukimura smiled, “Tenzo. I will advance to the forefront. Jump to camp Ieyasu, will I take home the Mikawa bastard’s head so that it is we who win this war. ”

Hearing the words of his master, Tenzo banging head on the floor and cry. ‘You do not rashly still another war, I beg hosts consider this carefully. My master will only pick up death, there were twenty thousand soldiers guarding the camp Ieyasu. ”

“Tenzo, I was the last general after everything is gone. Is it possible to win against the invasion of East troops that came like a flood? In fact, it is difficult to survive this war actually was a long time. Even before Sekigahara occurs. Prepare Tenzo horse! “Yukimura command.

The sun culminated when Yukimura ride a horse. Tenzo holding the reins while crying. “Tenzo, Majesty Hideyori agree with my strategy.” Yukimura spitting sideways. “Pray on Hachiman. I will bring Tokugawa Ieyasu head home. ”

Tenzo increasingly sobbing and snot came out,” Sir what if we lose? ”

Yukimura challenging look at the sky blazing sun. “Keep your honor and die with a smile.” Yukimura Sanada pulled reins and drove at full strength to battle.

Sanada Yukimura alone penetrates the cordon of troops Tokugawa, with a body full of arrows opposing forces. Dusk when Yukimura Sanada reached Tokugawa camp. And when he was confronted with Ieyasu, pick her death. The body was pale, every drop of blood is no longer inhabit the body. He died with a smile.

The main principle; To win the war; Is to make soldiers; Die happily

In the end. Hideyori’s commander Sanada Yukimura was killed, destroying the morale of the Western Army. The smaller force led directly by Hideyori sallied forth from Osaka Castle too late, and was chased right back into the castle by the advancing enemies; there was no time to set up a proper defense of the castle, and it was soon ablaze and pummeled by artillery fire. Hideyori committed seppuku, and the final major uprising against Tokugawa rule was put to an end, leaving the shogunate unchallenged for approximately 250 years.

Versi Bahasa Indonesia

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