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Old roots have passed often disappeared when history does not tell all, it is (possible) a legend into a saga damned. Maybe not yet known, and it was time unknown. It started in the South ancient Greece, a country that will not be found in the present, but only debris. The broad market, famous for silk result. Blessed with water from rivers and creeks, full of grace produce a good, peaceful and prosperous. Built in a mountainous area, The magnificent town was named Thebes, the city’s gate stood Greece. But the years of peace and prosperity did not last long.

The city of Athens intervened against Persian rule in Asia Minor, as a result there was a war between the Persian Empire was led by Darius against the small city-state of Athens. Remarkably, Athenians won decisive battles at Marathon in 490 BC. Ten years later, Xerxes, son of Darius, intending to revenge. Xerxes led a large army towards Greece. In 480 BC, the Spartan king Leonidas holds together a group of soldiers of the Persian forces at Thermopylae narrow gap, in Thessaly, for three days before the finally Spartan army was defeated. This gives time for Athens to evacuate people to the island of Salamis and the Peloponnese. Persian force people Thessaly and Boeotia (including Thebes) to become the Persian soldiers. The city of Athens in the end easily conquered, but the city was empty for most of the population had fled.

Persian invasion of Greece (480-479 BC)

Under the leadership of general Themistocles of Athens, the Athens squad along with Sparta and their allies tried to face the Persian fleet at Salamis. Incredible sea battle took place in the Saronic Gulf, where a fleet of Greece succeeded in destroying and sinking a lot of Persian ships. Once defeated, Xerxes brought the remnants of the fleet to leave Greece. Some General together with a detachment of troops left behind in Greece to deal with the Greek troops on the ground. Greece’s own forces led by general Pausanias of Sparta. In 479 BC, the remnants of the Persian army was totally defeated at Plataea, and the best general of Xerxes, Mardonius, was killed in battle.

War Greece – the Persians, in the bay of Salamis

The victory at Plataea save the independence of Cities in Greece from Persian occupation, but both Athens and Sparta will never forget the betrayal of Thebes, though forced to take sides Persian sentence immediately set. General Pausanias of Sparta demanding every boy Thebes who was born in the years of the Persian wars should be killed, the stronghold of Athens did not argue. And when the sentencing, the mother screams echoed when babies were thrown into the fortified walls of Thebes, the boys impaled outside the city walls.

He is the son of Cephissus has a very handsome face among all the sons of Thebes, so General Themistocles of Athens felt sorry to invoke the exception to the allies of Sparta. General Pausanias was too tired to fight approve. He was the only son of the generation Thebes, Narcissus. Everything has a cause and effect, the soul of parents who lament the death of their sons, formed the hatred in the world, in Persia, in Sparta, and in Athens. A disease originated from the mind, which was once a mighty nation powerless and discouraged. When they hated too strong he switched, forming a flame to the only child who survived the tragedy, Narcissus. And this is where the legend began.

Nobody thinks that this is the beginning of a tragic show a dozen years later. But the world will always remain the exception, Liriope, mother of Narcissus feel worried, too many adversities small Narcissus. Starting from falling into the river, the poison that is presented in the food all seemed deliberate. Who and what? Sometimes malice has no form but felt. Something that is not visible does mean nothing. Although Narcissus continue to be saved, there will be times that luck runs out. It was in the city of Thebes lived a renowned astrologer, Tiberias. Liriope came to him bringing Narcissus asked, “Will my child be able to grow old?”

Astrologer looked at the Narcissus, then answered, “Yes, as long as she does not know himself.” Initially, there was relief at hearing the answer Liriope Tiresias. Then confusion of interpretation the words of the astrologer. Until a long time, the forecast is as if nothing has any meaning.

Year after year goes, people come and go in Thebes. The city that once had a bustling swing back, slowly people began to forget the tragedy of Thebes. When Narcissus sixteen years has become increasingly apparent in such handsomeness this Cephissus son. He was liked by many young people and loved by many girls, but Narcissus ignore them. The residents of Thebes said he was too arrogant, do not listen to anyone else. What happened in the childhood form he does not believe anything he liked a walk in the jungle, alone.


Evening sun, long shadows and narrow on the low hills and far away in the West illuminate the surface of the river so that the horizon looks like a wavy gold shadow. Looking down below the trees growing here and there the jungle, Narcissus staring between the leaves, looking at the sky of twilight like jewels.


Echo a fairy forest

Frowning, Narcissus moved aside. He was shocked at the sound source. Echo !!! Why should I meet him he thought. There was fear in his heart, he holds to show it and replied, “Yes Echo.”

“I’m glad you finally answer my call. Do you know? I’d always wait for your reply to my words were. “Echo is a fairy forest, have an oval face. Renowned as the most beautiful fairy in the forest edge of Thebes, where Narcissus usually aloof. Echo is a nymph, beloved of is the goddess of wisdom, craft, and war Athena.

“I’ve grown Echo. Not always I am away from you. ” Narcissus disturbed, he squinted against Echo’s face that he has been avoiding. After all, a fairy is a fairy, they are blessed with a near-perfect face. Their first meeting when Narcissus Echo inadvertently saved on the arrow of a hunter. He drove the hunters when they wanted to capture Echo, and since then he has always followed the forest fairies when entering the jungle.

Echo approached, Narcissus retreated slowly until they are very close distance, “Do you love me?” He was surprised, in Greece love is a sacred thing, Narcissus tangible highest trust someone to someone else, he was amazed. How could it all be submitted Echo round him, though it was claimed to have grown Narcissus that time was just sixteen years old?

Narcissus interested, then his eyes suddenly see the true form Echo. He was frightened in a split second out of the mouth of Echo large fangs. Pixie is an ancient creature, they are aged much longer than human beings a kind of magic that is created specifically to serve the deities. “No!” Narcissus suddenly unfriendly, however, there is far enough age difference between them and Narcissus are not crazy enough to accept the love of older women, even beyond the age of their grandparents.

“No one has ever turned me down!” Echo angry then persuaded, “Accept my love for Narcissus, one day you will be given immortality. I was the favorite fairy from Athena, any wish will be granted to her. ”

Greek deities, Narcissus hated them. Where are they when the Persians invaded? Just hide in the deepest hole of Olympus, after Greek independence on their own efforts they require sacrifice every year. Narcissus thought, maybe they are not too powerful. Only the older age with ancient knowledge, making them capable of imposing a desire in humans, but no more. Later they will also die, rot on the ground. “I’m not interested, I wanted was to stay away from me!” Echo Do not think, that does not mean the long-lived fared well. Watched people who we love old and die, every decade must build relationships with other human beings. It hurts.

Echo snorted, hands on hips, “What a man you are arrogant! How do you live someday bear the wrath of Athena? I once again offer my kindness to you. “Voices Echo softened.

Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Ares or other deities always get what they want. Cajoling, threatening, cursing that occur throughout the ages. Narcissus fed up and said loudly, “No!”

“Careful Narcissus!” Echo warned cry. She turned away without looking back. How the love of a woman can be very dangerous.

Narcissus fell, “what have I done?” Challenging favorite fairy Athena, Goddess of Olympus strongest tantamount to inviting disaster. Night shows the stars decorate the sky like velvet. The innermost hearts, Narcissus feel a strong fear of whack heart.


Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild, virgin, and hills.

Not the kind of beauty that is revered poet. This girl is more important than an ordinary woman, making her the object of mystery, awe and captivate. “I’ve never met anyone like you.” The silence that was the depressing enveloping jungle, Narcissus could hear his heartbeat. In fact, no longer heard the sound of birds that morning. A woman holds the arc followed by a stag sings cheerfully as he trotted alongside a river. A beautiful young woman, she wore clothes just along the knee, the knee section embroidered clothes, and clothes that make it easy to run short. Narcissus approached slowly, desire owned overcome all fear. The women stop singing viewed Narcissus. Shocked and head tilted, Narcissus looked at women who had a high body with the hips and small breasts. High forehead shows she is a haughty goddess. He leaned toward the woman, trying to remember, He whispered, very softly, “Artemis?” In the Greek culture, Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild, virgin, and hills.

He knew that his love unrequited.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty in Greek culture

“Be careful on who you fall in love because fate has a strange attraction to our family.” Narcissus turned around, she saw another woman who is not less beautiful than Artemis. It might even exceed, but the woman’s beauty radiated looks so mature. Narcissus fell silent, he felt the overall elegance of the woman behind the deep wounds as a result of betrayal, deceit, and intrigue. He bowed his head, the female beauty will draw all men even the Greek god of the mutual fistfight instead make Narcissus fear, not the kind of fear of the terrible but rather the fear of the dark. Lifetime, only this time he felt inferior to someone.

Somehow these women had the cheek Narcissus while with the other drill blonde hair of the child, he smiled to feel the frightened bottom of the young religious Thebes, the “do not be afraid Narcissus because I Aphrodite come to rescue you.” Aphrodite was the goddess of love, beauty in Greek culture. “Eros My son said to me, that all my temple across Greece filled with virgin longing for you deflowered, advice choose one of them. Then you will find happiness. ”

Narcissus licked his lips, the request made him uneasy, “Goddess, I decided to reject it, whether it’s a suggestion or coercion”

Aphrodite giggling like a tease, “Narcissus you’re young, you do not know that how such beauty it is harmful. Because of you, the gods fear will cause a division among the people, even the gods. Narcissus, you believe in the gods? ”

“Which god? Too many gods? ”

“Whichever. All. Do you believe there is a great power than the human will? ”

Narcissus thought for a second, unspoken courage little by little. “Maybe you did there, I never saw Artemis and you today. But if you should be called a god, I do not respect you all for letting the Persian colonized Greece. ”

“In the end Greece defeated Persia. And it probably is an instrument of the gods, whether you think of it? ”

Narcissus laugh, “I think it could be, but nevertheless they certainly do not care whether we live or die. Certainly not, for what? You are all Gods. ”

Aphrodite looked worried, he withdrew. “So you do not consider yourself accountable to anyone, except yourself?” Aphrodite Narcissus stared for a few seconds, “your beauty invites calamity and catastrophe mind one day. And on that day even I can not help you. ”

“Aphrodite, am I a bad person?”

Aphrodite shook her head and disappeared.


Ares is the Greek god of war

Olympus hall. That night, Ares restless. It was impossible for him really relaxed, knowing a few more hours of Apollo will be back. Knowing the importance of Artemis for his twin brother. Using Artemis for its interests would invite a battle with the Sun God as he had ever experienced before. Simultaneously he hoped soon to get rid of an annoying Narcissus, he was jealous because Aphrodite always mentions the name of the young child. Both thought it causes tension on the head to the base of the tail bone. A minute passes, another minute. “I hope that Apollo was not immediately returned.”

“Ah, there are,” said a voice behind him, he turned and saw Athena entered. Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, War, and crafts. A woman wearing a suit of armor, complete with shield. In the name of the most prosperous city in Greece is attributed. One of the most influential goddesses in Olympus once most hated rival by Ares.

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, War, and crafts

“Sly, left to wait for the return of Apollo and let the future will hold back his anger.” He was wearing black pants and a jacket buttoned dark red satin trimmed with gold stitching. Her long hair covered helmet made war look very handsome and even noble.

“What is this? A god of war Ares afraid to Apollo. “Athena shook naughty, seductive eyes. “We do not wait for Apollo, but Artemis.”

“If he comes home?”

“He will not return in the near future, Echo sunset belonging to Apollo train derailed in Africa, and will certainly burn their skin. Good, it will make Apollo hassles and could not get back quickly to Olympus. ”

For the first time, Ares looked surprised. Then next to her lips attracted upwards. “Of course I should have known. You are so dangerous, and I’m grateful to not be enemy today. ”

More than a quarter of an hour passed before the door opened. Artemis slipped inside, soft legs made no sound. He stepped through the Ares and Athena, she jumped onto the couch and sat there. Her began by taking a bite of an apple and spoiled. Still not stare her said, “I’m not a waitress who came and went over the call you. And I’ve decided not to participate in your plan. I admit was attracted to her, he had an unusual beauty. Even more than Dionysus, the God of Wine.”

Mmh. Ares tongue scraping noise grew louder when he concentrated. He was angry but refrained.

“I never thought so Artemis. We’re just asking for help from you a little. “Then Athena smiled sweetly,” Well if you do not help us further, we thank you even bothered themselves to problems that are not important. “Artemis fireworks flared nostrils, delighted with the praise of Athens.

“What I want to know if he is interested in you?”

Artemis grimly amused. “Of course, if you doubt me? He was interested in me as I was interested in him. I think I fell in love with her, hair, eyes, body reminds me of myself. We have much in common even though he was a man, “Artemis paused for a moment,” and I was a goddess. I think going to ask Zeus, married me with Narcissus. “Her eyes were very pleased.

Ares wry face, he grabbed the bench. Athena smiled, “excellent choice, I’m sure Zeus would approve. Unfortunately, when he was in Egypt, back later you may submit it. And make sure I come back you. “If that speak not Athena, the Ares will rage. Jealousy is enough for Aphrodite is always talking about Narcissus, plus he will be brought to Olympus, became husband and Artemis. Artemis who has not chosen a husband today. But Athens has always had a plan. Artemis eyes twinkled happily, she got up and kissed Athens.

“I’d better go to bed now, thank you, sister.” She waved his hand and went into the room, past the Ares surly.

“Look at Athens! Now things are getting messed up! ”

“Not Ares, all under control. What we do is immediately eliminated Narcissus and manipulate the news of his death so no one knows. ”

“If you listen to the advice first, kill him! What is so difficult, he is only human. ”

Athena looked at Ares, “it is not elegant.” She shook his head, “believe me. Now I’m going to look for Echo, it is the last piece of the great plan of mine. ”

When Athena moved away, Ares said, “you’re going to what?”


The first thing to realize Narcissus is the difference in colors. Since he fell in love with Artemis. Blocks of stone in the sky were getting better than before. The details of the forest that were closed his eyes now looked sharp and clear while the formerly prominent seemed to fade. Every day he felt happy walking around the jungle and hope to soon meet with Artemis. In one day he came out of the house and sang cheerfully. The atmosphere suddenly silent in the jungle, she felt something unusual. He turned around, he saw Artemis next to him, “You are so beautiful, and I like it.” Narcissus learn to flirt.

Artemis blushed cheeks dice, “Now you’re teasing me.” Artemis put out a small laughter.

“Maybe I should call you Princess, Princess Artemis,” Narcissus speak again, enjoying the sense of the words.

“You can not call me that,” said Artemis, more serious. “I’m not a princess.”

“Why not? Your father was Zeus. How could you not be a princess? His title is King of the Gods, surely you can be called a princess. ”

“Not that ‘princess.'” Countered Artemis. “There is no similarity between human princess and daughter of the god.”

“Is not it the same thing?” Asked Narcissus.

“Not as simple as that.” Artemis looked not want to explain further, inviting the disappointment on the faces of Narcissus.

“A small difference is hard to find a way out, how can we get married?”

Artemis was surprised, “How dare you Narcissus! We’ve only met twice already invited married. You are human and I’m a goddess, a clear difference between us, you’re not even a boyfriend. “Artemis smiled mischievously see the face of Narcissus.

“Oh, not at all possible?”

And Artemis laughed again, “perhaps, but certainly a heavy condition. As the supreme God, my father would reject a law that is not feasible. For that, you have to prove yourself. “Narcissus stunned, hope had faded back to life.

“What condition?”

Artemis put his lips to the ears of Narcissus, whispered something. After completion of Narcissus raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a thoughtful expression. Horror-chilling Narcissus.


“The power of the Gods and Goddess Olympus rely on the magic, with the knowledge that they can live longer than humans. As long as they do not hurt or kill anyone they can live up to thousands of years. Zeus as the god of the strongest can accept ordinary man entered this elite group if the man proves himself. The strongest magic is calling the spirit, it is not difficult as long as it has a strong determination. So with the magic words, I taught this call a spirit that lives in the jungle border river Thebes. If people gossiping then ignore, conceal it. With the ability of the mind that you have would succeed. And of course Zeus certainly happy to receive you as a son in law. “

Love could be a terrible curse. Will blind the biggest mistake though in the nature of a person. The next day, Narcissus summon the spirit of the river. Shortly thereafter, he became a gossip material. Narcissus mad, he loves for himself by calling a reflection of his own shadow. People gathered around Narcissus reminded Thebes, but he was not affected. He was insatiable looked into the water, and when he bent down to whisper the mantra taught by Artemis. He kept repeating the same thing, over and over again.

When the evening, residents of Thebes upset and desperate to persuade Narcissus and go one by one. Narcissus was still faithful calling. Calling the spirit is the accursed magic avoided by any Witch, a spirit is a desire that has the face of evil once kindness. But Narcissus never know. By evening, suddenly irritated spirit. A hand emerged from the river, he smiled Narcissus seek Artemis around. Artemis appeared from behind a tree Narcissus approached, the closer his face fade turned into Echo! He was framed!

the death of Narcissus

Narcissus was shocked, to be more surprised when the hand pulled himself into the river. All he saw as he slid into the river, in the brief seconds he realized that the momentum to escape is to swim as hard as the possible to edge river. He tried mightily to penetrate the circle of spirit that hugged her body in the water. But he was weak, desperate and exhausted. He floated in the water, her last feeling was regret and last thoughts of Artemis. After an hour later, the river threw the body with pale face looming on the surface of still water.

When Aphrodite arrived, all mournful wail forest fairy Narcissus found lifeless. The most grieving are Echo, he was not aware of the plan of Athena, is to kill Narcissus. He sat beside Narcissus and incessant crying until she fell asleep.

Flowers Narcissist (Latin; Amaryllidaceae)

“Already I have said before Narcissus, how handsome appearance would invite disaster.” Sadly, he uttered a few words. Narcissus body has not seen again, in place now to grow a flower that smells good. Then the flower is called the Daffodil (Latin; Amaryllidaceae). Aphrodite disappeared

The next day, Echo awake and find the flowers. He can not resist her pain, she was promised by Athena when Narcissus can summon the spirit, then the spirit will turn into a fairy Narcissus not kill him. Disappointed, betrayed Athena, and at the same time betraying Narcissus, he walked aimlessly into the jungle and eventually died of deep sorrow. The ancient Greeks believed that the sound echo can still be heard when walking into the woods or mountains. When the shouting, the sound of the beautiful fairy will repeat the last word of the sentence pronounced.

Be careful on who you fall in love because fate has a strange attraction to us.


Narcissus is a very popular subject in art Romantik. In Freudian psychiatry and psychoanalysis, narcissism terminology refers to the level of excessive self-esteem, a condition that usually is a form of emotional immaturity.

Aphrodite is regarded as a punishing Narcissus, Eros at the behest of his mother shooting arrows of love when Narcissus bent down to drink, he saw his own shadow and fell in love. Narcissus cause death.

Artemis, the twin sister of Apollo. Olympus goddesses are known to not get married.

Athena and Ares, forever be enemies in ancient Greek culture.


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