Chairil Anwar (26 July 1922 – 28 April 1949) was an Indonesian poet. His poems have been translated into English, French, and Dutch. The anniversary of his death is celebrated as National Literature Day.


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Poetry is the art of writing in which language is used for its aesthetic qualities in addition to, or in addition to the semantic side. Poetry is not a type of literature, but the embodiment of the human imagination is the source of all creativity. Poetry is also an outpouring of hearts someone who would bring others into his heart. Poetry is also sometimes called the syair (Indonesian) comes from the Arabic Syu’ur meaningful feelings.

Poetry just relies on words, without tools, this is where the difficulty a writer or carrier poetry to convey the deepest feelings to the audience. In contrast to the music blaring lyrics, and compiled in the form of songs, making the track very dynamic. Poetry tends to be static, but we shall not forget that in the history of Indonesia, Chairil Anwar makes us amazed. In his poems in 1945. Traces of the poet’s record is timeless.

Arab society in ancient times (pre-Islamic) respect someone if he has two skills, wrestling first and second verse. Can be ensured if there is someone who became a champion in the field, then inevitably it will become a clan pride. Essentially society worships Arabia at that time two things to be a paradox, strength, and softness.

When Islam spread in the desert sand, the strength of the poets was immersed. The poet was so fascinated by the style language of the Quran, thus no longer able to create a work of poetic quality.

Centuries later when Islam has become an established force in the East and the West appeared more prominent writers. Formula Balagha became the trigger-grade poetry of that era.

Each culture has a tradition of poetry, whether it is an oral tradition and written. Once upon a time getting the better of a culture of quality poetry produced. Similarly, Indonesia’s history has Chairil Anwar, Hamka, H.B Jassin, Sitor Situmorang, Taufik Ismail to W.S Renda. Even Soe Hok Gie create a poem in his era.

Speaking in the present context, we can say we are very short of the literary masters who produce high-quality poetry. What is the cause? Life is the law of cause and effect, if we look from the start of principal events could be the existing system led to a brilliant surface. But there can be also our society no longer properly appreciate a poem. In the modern era mindset, people have been contaminated with the materialism that makes life drier, the art of being tasteless and a poem to be dry.

An exact science has cradled us, not wrong. But what the beauty of mathematics when a poem is not complete. At times everyone can speak freely even Iwan Fals reject creating a social critique through a song, as before. Too many noisy criticisms will only make a masterpiece into a discordant voice. Strong possibility that the multidimensional crisis that befell this nation because of us or most of us lose the meaning of poetry. Who knows?

Every era has its phenomenon, each period has its problems. But there is always the same like romance. The love story is something timeless era swallowed. From the days of Adam and Eve until now he has never run a story or reading material. He rattled anyone’s life that seduced by the charm of his appeal. May ask anyone, it is a pleasure to live the dream of every human child, though he ignored, denied or even trampled.

But if something more thrilling than romance? Perhaps each person has a different answer, depending on the background and character of a person. If you were to ask someone Muhammad Hatta before 1945 he would answer independence, it could be a heart expression of someone who had sworn never to marry, before Indonesia’s independence. if you asked a Tan Malaka, a person whose life is more powerful than fiction, maybe he will answer adventure! By reaching independence the people of Bukittinggi navigate the world with broad horizons to set foot on the Manila to Russia. Everyone should have the right to dissent. However, what it all means if we are not able to embody in a story full of feelings in a poem.

In a poem contained the wisdom of life, the philosophy of stoicism and understand the pain and joy. Poetry and science are two opposite but actually complementary. Omar Khayyam an eminent astronomer of his day is now more famous as a writer since the trail he left behind.

Poetry, he softens the heart. “In poetry, there are hidden forces, he made complacently but he also has the ability to burn spirit”. We must not lose its meaning.

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