A circle of hatred is a fire that burns itself and others


Those who are fearful when pressed turn out (often) to be very fierce when in power, people who are severely tortured by a situation are often more oppressive rulers harder than their predecessors. If one to get a job to bribe 100 million, then when the grasp of power will ask for a bribe of 200 million and continue. Continue to grow into a snowball from time to time, will never be finished, and eventually become a circle of Hatred.

Apparently, humans have a tendency to mimic what he hates, sometimes the imitating nature of it instead makes it “eviler” and “more vicious”. Every oppression as colonization is bad. Only a dirty person who thinks colonialism has a good and bad side. The idea that colonialism has a good side was once planted in Indonesia through the Netherlands, their coming is to bring civilization to the people of the archipelago is false!

History of Hatred

History is a wonderful science, every incident in the past will not be exactly the same today, but it has a pattern, and if we think and study it can be learning.

The siege of Barbastro

When the power of Islam in Cordova fell into the hands of Fernando de Castilla (1236), Portugal by Alfonso II (1249), and the last region of the Iberian Peninsula in Granada fell into the hands of King Ferdinand (Aragon) and Isabella (Castille) in 1492. Immediately vengeance was made, and forced repression of Christianity was done on the Muslims of Andalusia. Whereas when ruling the Islamic rulers, the Umayyad dynasty and its successors never resorted to the coercion of religion to the conquered peoples of the country. We know that for 800 years of Andalusia (Covering Spain, Portugal, and Southern France) is the center of Islamic civilization, in that span of Moorish-Islamic and Spanish-Christian masters have intermarried. Why? Probably because they feel there is no justice in colonization.

In 1492 Ferdinand and Isabella issued the Alhambra Decree ordering all Jews to leave Spain. Muslims in Spain also received similar orders. Many of them moved to Christianity rather than leave Spain, and they are called conversos. These conversos are suspected of not converting honestly and sincerely.

Muslims in Spain, Mudéjars, or who have moved to Catholicism, called Moriscos, have escaped persecution by the Spanish Inquisition. According to the Treaty of Granada (1491), Muslims are promised freedom of religion, but this agreement does not last long. In 1502, Muslims were given an ultimatum to convert to Christianity or leave Spain. The majority of them convert, but only outside, because they still dress and speak as before, worship according to Islam in secret, and use Aljamiado’s writing. This caused Cardinal Cisneros to impose tougher and more coercive rules, leading to an insurrection. The rebellion was successfully extinguished (1502), and the Spanish used this rebellion as an excuse to cancel the Granada Treaty. In 1508, Islamic dress was forbidden. In 1526 and 1527, even harsher regulations were issued. In 1567, the newly issued King Felipe II banned the use of Islamic names, Islamic dress, and Arabic prohibitions. Even the Muslims were told their children would later be handed over to be educated by Christian priests. All 300,000 moriscos were eventually driven from Spain in 1609-1614, by King Felipe III.

Expulsion of Muslim Valencia (1609 AD)

Expulsion of Muslim Catalonia (1613 AD)

Expulsion of Muslim Murcia (1614 AD)

The route of death and blood is opened with the motto “Gold”, “gospel”, and “glory”. The discovery of the sea lane made the Western powers brilliantly “jumped” over Turkey as a major Islamic force that became the latch to the east, the sea becoming a highway and barrier-free (meaningless). The result? Destruction of a nation by another nation, all of that is triggered by hatred.

The hatred spread to Europe

Spain also controlled the Netherlands. The continuous oppression by the Spaniards of the Dutch resulted in the Eighty Years’ War or the Dutch Rebellion (1566-1648), which was a Dutch Seventeen Province rebellion against the king of Spain. Initially, Spain succeeded in suppressing this rebellion, but in 1572 the rebels succeeded in seizing Brielle, and the rebels eventually won and gained independence through the Peace of Munster (1648).

After Dutch independence, they followed in the footsteps of their colonizer, Spain. They built an overseas colonial empire. This was supported by Dutch skills in the field of shipping and trade, but the Dutch studied the weakness of Spain in the inability of capital utilization, so the Dutch established colonies with an indirect capitalist model whose management was handed over to colonial companies, one of which the VOC conquered most of the kingdom in Southeast Asia (Indonesia today).

Colonialism is a crime accompanied by oppression. Who wants to argue?

Although one race and one religion, Belgium and the Netherlands had once separated in 1830. Belgium liberated itself. Why? Because Belgium feels colonized. Though the Dutch never forced the Belgians to grow cloves or nutmeg-like the Maluku people and there was no arson and mass murder like the Dutch in Aceh and Gayo.

Mutilation of Congolese people by Leopold II of Belgium.

Belgium itself turned out to be more cruel invaders than the Netherlands. King Leopold II of Belgium (1835-1909) held from 17 December 1865 to 1909. When Belgium invaded the Congo, Leopold II conjured a previously peaceful country into a country that became a 100 percent slave. Under his banner, Leopold II forced the Congolese people to scavenge their own resources and fill Leopold II’s treasure pockets. Initially with the ivory collection, and after rubber prices rose in the 1890s, he forced the indigenous people to collect rubber latex. Leopold II was so cruel to the Congo people, through the hands of his soldiers, he slaughtered and mutilated those who would not work. At least 10 million Congolese were killed during the Belgian colonization, surpassing the deaths of 6 million Jews by Hitler who shook the world. Funnily enough, Leopold II does not seem to want to be responsible for it after it is known to slaughter 10 million people. He gave his power to parliament, making him abdicate. But Leopold II can still enjoy his life with all his possessions, above the suffering of others.

Colonization in Indonesia

VOC ships, the pirates white, proclaimed the civilizing mission to the nations in the archipelago. Though clearly, the purpose behind their came to the archipelago is there to “colonize” the natives.

Military Forces Operation at Mukim XX (Aceh War 1873-1904) One of the longest and longest resistant resistance to Dutch colonization in Indonesia

Evolution of the Dutch East Indies

In Indonesia itself after the VOC went bankrupt and dissolved on December 31, 1799, the Dutch government took over its colonies in the Dutch East Indies, At the beginning of the 19th century only the island of Java as a whole belonged to the Netherlands, then in subsequent years all other regions in the archipelago Indonesia) were either conquered or “classified”. This control of the colony became the largest contributor to the global influence of Dutch forces, especially in the trading of spices and other plantation commodities. At its peak in 1942, the Dutch East Indies covers all areas of Indonesia today.

The situation changed when Japan came, Japanese soldiers came pretending to be “old brothers” for the Indonesians defeated the Dutch colonizers. In March 1942, the Dutch government officially declared defeat to the Japanese army and signed the Kalijati agreement. If at the beginning of his arrival, Japan promised to free Indonesia from Dutch colonialism soon

If at the beginning of his arrival, Japan promised to free Indonesia from Dutch colonialism soon afterward Japan immediately showed its original character, wanted to colonize Indonesia, but the period of Japanese occupation in Indonesia was not long. Japan surrendered to the allies after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the United States atomic bomb.

When on August 17, 1945, Indonesia declared independence proclaimed in Jakarta. The Dutch opposed and fought the freedom fighters. Only on 27 December 1949, Indonesian sovereignty was recognized. West Papua was still occupied by the Dutch until 1961. Apparently, the independence of Indonesia also mimicked the Dutch colonialist bad attitude toward corruption and Japan with a bureaucratic attitude that is rigid and tends militaristic. Though these two things have been removed by both Indonesian colonizers.

Indonesia’s occupation of Timor-Leste

In 1975, Portuguese Timor was abandoned by Portugal during the Carnation Revolution. So soon Portuguese Timor was invaded by Indonesia, assisted by Australia, Britain, and America For fear of becoming a communist state.

Indonesia’s infrastructure in East Timor

But the UN does not approve of Indonesia’s actions. On 30 August 1999, in an UN-sponsored referendum, the majority of the people of East Timor voted for independence from Indonesia. Immediately after the referendum, anti-independence militias were organized by the military and initiated a scorched earth campaign. According to Wikipedia, the militia killed 1400 East Timorese and forcibly pushed 300,000 people to flee to West Timor (Territory of the Republic of Indonesia). On September 20, 1999, the International Air Force for East Timor (INTERFET) was sent to East Timor to end the violence. This mass extermination resulted in Indonesia not having a cultural heritage there, something that was not done by the previous two colonists of Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Japan. Even when East Timor was recognized as a State and officially independent from Indonesia on 20 May 2002 when it became a member of the United Nations, they decided to use the Portuguese name “Timor-Leste” as its official name.

The fate of East Timor after independence was no better than when it was still Indonesia’s 27th province, the economy was classified with lower downward income by the World Bank, ranked 158th in the HD list. 20 percent of the population is unemployed, 52.9 percent live on less than US 1.25 per day. Although independence still depends on the supply of goods from Indonesia ranging from staple food to fuel oil, politically very dependent on the former colonizers of Portugal, and does not have its own currency so it adopts the US Dollar currency. And whether the ugliness of what Timor Leste imitated from Indonesia so that their lives become more severe than when joined the Republic of Indonesia.

How is our fate?

It’s really our fate all this time due to continuous hatred, chronic and become a residue in the blood. The more bureaucrats are stealing from this country, the crueler the seniors are to the juniors. Individuals are becoming more violent and violent. Should we let this?

End this vicious cycle!

Somehow the world works like this? We can not imagine why this is all moving towards the more violent. When the Romans had not embraced Christianity there was the term “Homo Homini Lupus” meaning “A man is a wolf to another man” What would happen if religion did not come down to earth, of course, human beings become more violent.

Actually putting an end to this hate loop is very easy, if we have the right example. When the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W conquered the city of Mecca, the people of Makkah who had once openly hostile to him, and had conspired to kill him, had tortured his companions and had fought him in Badr, in Uhud, and so asked about their fate.

He said, “Now you can go home, you all I release.” With the words of the Messenger of Allah a whole nation of Quraysh, and all the people of Mecca are freed and forgiven of all the sins and mistakes they have committed over the years to Prophet Muhammad SAW and self Muslims. Muhammad, the Messenger of God has won and resigned but his victory and power are not used to revenge and avenge, but used to flow love and to forgive.

“There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.” (QS Al-Ahzab: 21)

This world, time, like a stream of water, is sometimes deflected by a piece of rubble, by a gentle breeze.

When we humans are able to get out of a nightmare, find peace with the same past and be able to forgive all the suffering that happened in the past then finished the chain of hatred. Maybe the world does not necessarily change, maybe we will lose. But is life just a mere thing in the world?

“By the time. Indeed, mankind is in a loss. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.” (QS Surat Al-Asher 1-3)

When the man says in kindness and patience, he gives meanings such as turning words into poetry, from which his life becomes a bright light that emits light into Rahmat Ulli Alamin (Grace to the universe). Can it? May Allah bless us all. Amen Ya Allah Ya Rabbal Alamin.


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