Why does he think he needs to hide from everyone who knows and loves him? What was he afraid of? What he protected. Someone who does not trust anyone, Oda Nobunaga. What if a bird does not want to sing? Nobunaga replied, “Kill it!” A story about Oda Nobunaga when Meeting with Saito Dosan at Shotokuji Temple.


Nobunaga is now nineteen years old. Three years after his death since his father’s death. Public opinion says he is stupid and quickly angry. For three years, this young, careless, empty-headed heir, with no talent or intelligence, was not only able to defend his position but also managed to control the situation all the way through the provinces. How can he do this? Some say it is not Nobunaga’s blessing, but because of the faithful services of his followers – Hirate Nakatsukasa, Hayashi Sado, Aoyama Yosaemon, and Naito Kaysusuke. As long as the servants of the former ruling credentials are alive, things will work out, but if one or two of them die, and the pillars collapse, The destruction of the Oda clan is only a matter of time. Among those who looked forward to it were Saito Dowasfrom Mino and Imagawa Yoshimoto from Suruga. Nobody disagrees with this view. Surrounded by large and powerful provinces, the Oda clan’s territory appears small and poor, for it is necessary for essential strengths for survival. Public opinion is wrong. Nobunaga is considered to be weak-hearted, but if anyone asks for proof, it will be revealed that no one ever determines whether the assumption is right or wrong. Everyone saw Nobunaga leave his castle in the spring and fall, and it all came to the conclusion that he was about to fish or swim. But if you look at it yourself, they will realize that what they see is an all-out military exercise. When he was thirteen, Nobunaga first took part in a battle. At the age of fifteen, he had lost his father. As he grew older, his attitude became more arrogant. At his father’s funeral ceremony, Nobunaga wore an inappropriate dress for such an official occasion. Under the unbelieving sight of the guests, Nobunaga approached the altar, grabbed a handful of incense ash, and threw it into the clay container of his father’s ashes. Then he surprised everyone by returning to the fort. “Very embarrassing. Was he heir to this province? Stupid youth that can not be expected. “Who would have thought he was so sassy?” That’s the view of those who rate Nobunaga based on outward appearances. But those who pondered the situation more deeply shed tears of sadness for the Oda clan. “His younger brother, Kanjuro, is very polite, and behaves respectfully from beginning to end,” one of the mourners said. They regretted that it was not him who was appointed the heir.


Sometime before his death at the age of forty-six, Nobuhide had arranged Nobunaga’s engagement with Saito Dosan’s daughter from Mino, by Nakatsukasa. It’s been years since Mino and Owari have been hostile to each other, so marriage is political. Such tactics are almost a necessity in a war-torn country. Dosan soon realized the veiled intent behind the plan. Nevertheless, he gave his beloved daughter, Nouhime to the heir of Oda clan leadership, from neighboring provinces to the capital has been known as a moron. Dosan approves of the marriage but secretly intends to seize Owari. Saito Dosan wanted to meet his son-in-law, he proposed holding their first meeting at Shotokuji Shrine in Tonda, the border of the two provinces. The temple is a shrine of the Ikko Buddhist sect and is located somewhat apart from the seven hundred houses in the village. Despite the large entourage, Nobunaga left Nagoya’s fortress crossing the Kiso and Hida rivers, then advanced all the way to Tonda. The dry season is at the door. Wheat in pale yellow fields. The breeze from the Hida river was refreshing. The houses in Tonda look sturdy and have lots of barns. “That’s them. The convoy has arrived. Soon they will pass here. “Two samurais from the Saito clan were placed in the village reporting, the two samurais kneeling in the face of a small hut. The cottage is dark, dirty, and ground floor. “Well, you two hid behind the back bushes.” Many stories about Nobunaga circulated. What was he like? Dosan wonders. What kind of person is he? Before the official meeting, I wanted to see him first. This way of thinking is typical of Dosan, that’s why he’s here, peering out from the cottage by the side of the road. Owari’s troops kept closer. With a stifled breath, Dosan observed the walking style of the soldiers as well as their ranks. The sound of the troop steps followed by the pace of the pace. Dosan can not get his eyes out of sight before him. In the midst of the horsemen is a very gallant horse, with a gleaming muzzle. In a sumptuous saddle decorated with pearls, Nobunaga sits, his hands in purple and white bridles. He was chatting with his followers. “What is this?” These are words that come out of Dosan’s mouth. He looked astonished. Nobunaga’s appearance was unusual. Dosan had been told that the ruler of Owari used to be in strange clothes, but this was more than any story he had ever heard. Nobunaga swayed above the saddle. Her hair was in a condo and tied with a pale green ribbon. He was wearing a bright patterned cotton mantle with only one arm. Both the short sword and the long sword are decorated with seashells and wrapped with holy rice straw. Seven or eight objects hung from his belt: a pouch, a small pumpkin, a medicine box, a fan, a horse carving, and some gems. Under a short cloak made of tiger skin and leopard, he wore a sparkling gold brocade. After Nobunaga had passed, Dosan’s followers had to force themselves not to laugh. Their faces showed how much they struggled to keep from laughing as they watched the ludicrous scene. “It’s finished?” Dosan asked. Then, “is that the end of the procession?” “Yes, that’s it.” “Have you noticed it?” “From afar.” “Hmmm, his appearance did not contradict the rumors circulating. His face is handsome and physical too, but here is something that is lacking. “Dosan said. Smiling smugly, he raised his finger to his head. Immediately, they went out the back door, then down a hidden shortcut to the temple. Just as the front row of Owari’s troops arrived at the front gate of the Shotokoji shrine, Saito Dosan and his followers sneaked through the back gate, acting as if nothing had happened. They changed clothes and headed for the main road. The gate of the temple has been filled with people, because all the Mino people are gathered for an official welcome, the main temple, the big hall, as well as the reception room is left empty.


Saito Dosan dismissed Nobunaga. “There is no reason for me to go to greet him.” He considers Nobunaga to be merely a son-in-law. There would be no problem if that was the only consideration. But Nobunaga is the ruler of a province, as well as Dosan, and his followers must assume that the meeting will be held between two equals. Even though Dosan is also Nobunaga’s father-in-law, would it not be more appropriate if their first meeting was held as a meeting between two provincial rulers? That is what comes to mind in the mind of Kasuga Tango, one of Dosan’s senior followers, and he asks it carefully. Dosan replied that it was not necessary. “You will join the meeting later. Make sure the seventeen hundred people in the corridor leading here march well. I think they’re ready there. Hide the experienced soldiers, and have them clear their throats as my son-in-law passes by. Prepare army bows and rifles in the yard. And tell him to put on an authoritative look.” There will be no better chance to show off the power of Mino and grab the ruler of Owari and his men, today.

Oda Clan Coat

Nobunaga was climbing the stairs at the main entrance. Around him were more than a hundred of Saito’s followers, ranging from elders to young samurai still on probation. They kneel side by side, bowing to the newly arrived guest. Her hair had been rearranged, instead of a leather tiger shirt and a leopard, she was dressed in a white silk robe emblazoned with gold thread embroidered in her margarine, beneath a purple unlined armor. His short sword was tucked behind his waist, while a long sword he carried in his right hand. His entire appearance resembles the man from the palace.

With no hesitation Nobunaga walked down the corridor, he looked left and right, then said aloud, “I feel awkward when I’m being escorted like this. I prefer to meet my father-in-law alone. ”

Kasuga Tango greeted, while he was busy making small talk, Nobunaga hurried down the corridor, past people marching along the wall. He treated the soldiers as if they were just grass on the side of the road. After arriving at the welcoming room, he asked Tango, “Is this the place?”

“Yes, my lord.” He was still panting because he had to chase after Nobunaga.

Meeting between Saito Dosan and Nobunaga at Shotokuji Temple

Nobunaga nodded, then stepped inside. He calmly sat down and propped his back on a pole on the side of the room. He looked up as if admiring the paintings on the ceiling. In one corner of the room came a rustling sound as a man stood up. Dosan stepped out. He then sat in a higher position than Nobunaga. Nobunaga pretended not to notice, or rather, he pretended to be indifferent as he toyed with his fan. Dosan glances sideways. There is no provision on the ordinance for fathers-in-law to speak with their son-in-law. He held herself silent. Tense atmosphere. Dosan’s eyebrows pierced the needle. Tango who could not resist the tension longer, close himself to Nobunaga and bend over until he reached the tatami. “The master who sits over there is Lord Saito Dosan. Will Lord Nobunaga address him?”

Nobunaga said, “Is that so?” Then pulled his back off the pillar and sat up straight. He bowed once and said, “We are Oda Nobunaga. We are happy to meet you.”Along with the change of attitude and greeting of Nobunaga, Dosan’s attitude was softened. “We’ve been expecting this encounter. We are happy that long-delayed desires can come true.”

“We are happy to have a father-in-law who can be a place to learn. After all, today is a blessed day. We hope at the next meeting I can show the face of a grandchild.”

“With pleasure.” Dosan looked satisfied. He sighed with relief. The father-in-law and son-in-law raised the glass while praising each other. The rigid atmosphere at the beginning of the meeting now turned into a suave.


“Ah, I remember again!” Nobunaga suddenly said, as if something new had crossed his mind. “My lord Dosan, father-in-law. On the way here, I met a really strange man.”

“Strange how?”

“Hmm, he’s also an old man, and he’s peeking at the convoy from the window of the commoners’ shack. Although this is the first time I met my father-in-law, when I looked at father-in-law, hm .. Father-in-law very similar to that person. Is not this so strange?” Laughing, Nobunaga hid his mouth under a half-open fan.

Dosan paused as if just swallowing a bitter drink. The guards of Dosan are immediately bathed in sweat. After the meal, Nobunaga said, “Ah, I’ve been too much trouble for my father-in-law. I wanted to cross the Hida and reach the place before the night. I excused myself.”

“Are you leaving now?” Dosan stood up. “I am reluctant to see you go, but I can not hold you either.” He himself must return to the fort before dark. The six-meter-long spear forest turned its back on the afternoon sun and headed eastward. Compared to them, Mino’s spear troops looked lethargic and lacking in enthusiasm.

“Ah, I do not want to live any longer. Someday my sons will beg to save lives in front of that moron! But there’s nothing to be done, “Dosan lamented to his followers, rocking in the stretcher.


The wise man will be drowned in ignorance if he considers his policy high, for the truth is not the wisdom of success but is tested by failures. Pain and soreness, above all that no one can match the value of sacrifice. No knowledge, no experience.

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