But not all children are lucky.


Stories about children can sometimes cause us to contemplate. Children contain dazzling things. If there is freedom, which is not attached to purpose, selfishness, target, that is true freedom found in children.

But not all children are lucky.

Some were hunched carried the oil cans along the way. Or persuade guests from the dirty stalls to be willing to hire them to polish shoes. Their world beaches are very limited.

Strangely they are not alone. On the other hand, in the beautiful houses, buried in plastic, electronics, ornaments. There is a child accompanied by a grandmother, parent or television set.

They can no longer play in the true sense of the word. Their time has been seized. They no longer create toys and sing themselves under the moon. They are carbized by songs and the world of adults.

The night after the exhaustion of work, or passive in front of the television. They have to swallow an adult world, which does not want children to like their own world.

The question is, why would they sacrifice happiness? Though their lives are not ours.

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  1. Kunjungan pertama nih..
    Salam kenal 😊

  2. loshame says:

    I like it 😊

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