After thousands of days here. There are views that can not be seen again, there are those who will never be found again after a lot of things happen how can we remember all the mistakes I’ve ever done?


If you still keep a notebook of your classes from years before now or other old records. As we flip through the pages, we often wonder how we changed in the shortest time since the writing was made. It may surprise you to see what is wrong in the writing, but may also be surprised by the good things you have ever written. The history of the world has changed, so have I, you and us.

We have only one chance to live, maybe I do not want to entrust the future not to the expert, but who humans are the experts to face the future.

Much has changed since we have seen the sides of the world.

After thousands of days here. There are sights that can not be seen again, there are people who will never be met again after many things happened how can we remember all the mistakes ever made?

Tonight, in this muhasabah1), along with the notes I have ever made. I realized with such a high ego, I made artificial wings, and when I fell, wounded others. I am sorry for the mistakes I made, and the mistakes that occurred because I did not do.

I do not wish you deserved forgiveness, how can I win against myself?

I put the ropes of my heart in the hands of God, even though I (may) be wrong. Whatever you say to cook, I declare it to be burned. In the end, I’m just a human who has two hands and feet, two ears and understanding, two eyes and mouth.

I do not know, maybe nature gives answers, or even add questions.

If you see the ocean near, millions of tiny white glowing water bubbles, which appear and disappear with the waves. There are always new bubbles that arise and disappear in a regular rhythm of wave motion. After being carried away by the peak of the wave for a while only. Each of us is nothing more than a shimmering, drip of a wave of time moving down into an indeterminate and foggy future. We appear in the world only briefly to disappear. We are not visible in the great flow of time. There are always new and newer people. What we call fate, is nothing but our struggle in a crowd of drops that rise and fall with the waves. However, such a brief appearance should be utilized. So that our appearance is not in vain, never

Muhasabah1) comes from the Arabic word hasiba yahsabu hisab, which means etymologically is doing the calculation. In terminology, the meaning of muhasabah definition is an attempt to self-evaluation of good and evil in all aspects

Translate From: Muhasabah

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