As night comes, demons and nightmares search for prey


Be happy if you have never had a nightmare. There are people who often wake up, in fact, sleep is not a magical event, on the human body that is always not sleeping, and this part is in sleep and where we think. This part is spiritual.

The dream itself arises in a sleeping person. According to the science of the soul, the dream is a simple soul event outside of consciousness, which does not generate memory or cause memory but is incomplete. The dream arises in a state of half-sleep or when sleeping is not soundly. Sleep does not allow a difficult mental event. Events accompanied by shocking, frightening or sad feelings, named affecten, are usually difficult to vanish from our minds, even usually still remembered in bed. Because of the simplicity of this event, it is usually very little or nothing to remember what we have dreamed.


Why do I talk nightmares? Some nights (probably already a week), I was awake with fear, it was raining the rain before the morning, the heavy rain and the wind coming in from the sidelines of the window gave a quick glance, that I just fought with something that is not clear. Either win or lose, vaguely it is very uncomfortable, can be said bad.

As someone who is too quick to read Sidmud Freud (Junior High School), I am naturally disappointed in myself (probably because I used to laugh at people who have nightmares and judge them as mental defeats), as Freud used the contents of the dreams of those who were examined by him as a means of knowing the contents of the souls of these people, especially the contents of the depressed mind. But I do not feel depressed.

I searched for and found the notes I had written in school (gratefully I still have notebooks from junior to senior high school), I do not know where I am quoting, “The greatness of a person’s character is not determined when he wins, but when he loses.” At that time, I wrote it when (probably) just experienced the first “big defeat”. Smile, I remember how I used to be very funny. And also very skinny!

But life does not stop there, in my thirties, I bring a lot of history of victory and big and small defeat, life is not as simple as sixteen years old. Life has met with repeated controversies and antitheses. It is a spiritual contradiction.

What’s with spirituality? According to R. Paryana Suryadipura (Leader of Semarang Hospital) in his book. Spiritual consists of groups of bion-bion that manifest the results of sense thought and deeds of the deed, so the spiritual work in sleep is affected by the thoughts and results of the ultimate sensory catch before the body sleeps. These thoughts seek ways of making or to act. Because the body can not be moved in sleep, the bions groups that move around here, performing deeds in the abstract realms, are called dreams.

I believe that spiritually grows, even through victory, series or defeat. Depending on humans use the momentum to enrich the soul. When we remember the spiritual nature of the all-energy hypothesis, as a bion-bion arrangement, we can understand that this passage does not need to eat and sleep, but can live eternally. In simple term, the thoughts that arise between us sleep and wake up are thoughts that can affect our spiritual.

Frankly I do not like to have nightmares. First, it disturbs sleep. Second, according to Sigmund Freud, the person who regularly nightmares is a sensitive person, quickly offended and many feel the mismatch in everyday life. They find it difficult to get along with “normal” people. But he says too, those who choose creative jobs often have nightmares.

But research in modern times actually deny it all, based on further research. Freud’s hypothesis is not always true. Artistic people like to have nightmares, but not all artists have nightmares. So if you or I have nightmares, it may not be a sign of nothing.


I’m sorry if I raved the nightmare, which resulted in awakening from sleep. But there is something to love about these nightmares. It often occurs in the rain when it comes down to dawn, rain with all its romance is unpredictable. It undermines the arrogance of a human who tries to lay it down, with cuacakah predictions, or predictions of the falling moon. Perhaps the rain, like this nightmare, was deliberately sent by God to fade human pride, and that (could) be me.

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