This rhyme to teach, what kind of “useless man” when facing problems


Versi Bahasa Indonesia

Middle Ages, at the time, Physics and Chemistry of pure cornered in Europe because it is considered different from the scriptures. The science when it expanded rapidly in the Arab world. But over time, the chemistry increasingly popular in Europe and all race to find a way to change lead into gold.

A European Alchemists think, “I want more of Physics and Chemistry. Science transform lead into gold, it seems that science is in Arabic. “

While in the Kingdom of Sicily. The European scientists dealing with the Arab world while studying Physics and Chemistry pure. He was to get there and find a prominent Arab scholar.

A European Alchemists asked Arab scholars. “How to turn lead into gold?”

Arab scholars responded with a strange poem.

and water answer, let me keep the fire

so all is not lost in the fire, I’m the water that protects from fire

fire answer, I’ll forge iron

because of agricultural equipment is needed, I’m the fire will forge

iron answered I will protect trees

I’m the iron will be a fence that protects the leaf so as not eaten by goats

tree answered I will keep water supplies

I am the tree will retain water, so that the mountain is not a landslide despite heavy rain

The last tree asks, then what is the use if you do not do anything

European alchemists night and day thinking about the meaning of these poems, he found nothing odd in these poems and went back to the Arab scholar.

“In this poem, there is the figure of a mysterious questioner. Who is he? “Asked the European alchemists.

“No, because that appears in the poem just water, fire, metal, and trees.” Replied Arab scholars.

“What do you mean?” European alchemists confused

“Try to remember it!” Arab scholars said calmly.

“Clearly there is another questioner.”

“The key is in the last verse! Recently trees are asked. Because the last tree asked, meaning there are some questions instead? Due to the structure of the poem you think there is a mysterious questioner. “


“Actually, the answer is the answer in the form of trees behind the iron question. If we see a person last tree in the groove that rhyme. “

“Then does that mean?”

“Water to extinguish the fire, the fire forges iron, trees store water, all are natural events. But, Just iron that prevents graze opposite, because goats graze it is a natural thing. “

“What is the relationship with how to turn lead into gold?” Asked the European alchemists.

“The answer is it’s against nature, we are.” Arab scholars explain

At the same time. European and Arabic several times engaged in combat are equally a holy war. Finally, relations between the two sides deteriorated, and Arab scholars expelled from Sicily.

Indonesian version

Tentang tengkuputeh

Cepat seperti angin // Tekun seperti hujan // Bergairah seperti api // Diam seperti gunung // Misterius seperti laut // Kejam seperti badai // Anggun seperti ngarai // Hening seperti hutan // Dalam seperti lembah // Lembut seperti awan // Tangguh seperti karang // Sederhana seperti debu // Menyelimuti seperti udara // Hangat seperti matahari // Luas seperti angkasa // Berserakan seperti debu //
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