The cast of this film, such as Johnny Deep, Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom, almost no change, only the addition of a supporting role. A director who handles this film was always changing. More interestingly, all these films into box office that generate profits of about 915 million US dollars. Also won several awards this movie.


Versi Bahasa Indonesia

Almost all of the movies, which tell the pirates always interesting to observe, synonymous with courage and valor. Pirates of the Caribbean is the most successful pirate movie. Created since 2003, The Curse of The Black Pearl, had three sequels were made: Dead Man’s Chest (2006), At World’s End (2007), and On Stranger Tides (2011). Even the sequel Dead Men Tell No Tides opens in theaters in 2016.

Pirate history of the World

Historically, pirates there when there is a cruise that is trading. Commonly referred to pirate it, basically, an act of piracy committed one ship to another ship. Goods transferred to the pirate ship with weapons threat.

Each pirate ship led by a captain, he has a number of abilities, such as understanding of marine navigation, intelligent, skilled choose targets, adept at using weapons. Many of them are deserted the military. Choosing to be a pirate for the sake of freedom and wealth, they used the ship’s main cabin, which also commands room. Usually accompanied by a number of senior skilled sailors.

The pirate threat continues until the 3rd century BC and very detrimental to the Roman Empire. It took hundreds of years to the Roman Empire to combat piracy.

Noted, in the days of the Roman Empire and ancient Greece (14 BC), merchant ships passing through the Mediterranean and Aegean hijacked, the goods on board, such as olive oil, deprived, the passenger is captured and sold as slaves. Roman Empire seeks to combat piracy and the war continued until the first century AD.

Pirates Vikings, fond of using sailboat slender and long known proficient fighting, ferocious and feared in many countries

After the fall of the Roman Empire, pirate attacks come back. The most popular conspiracy is pirate Vikings. As the pirate Vikings not only have swarms of pirates fear but also have ocean explorer who discovered North America 500 years before Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Entering the ninth century, pirates operating in the Mediterranean Sea is influenced crusade. Pirate Christians from Catalonia become a serious threat to merchant ships in the Mediterranean Sea, in that era also saw a group of pirates Tunisia (Muslim), known as corsairs, sailors or pirates in French. In a large scale, they could set up the State pirates (Barbary State).

According to Islamic history expert, Dr. Ali Muhammad Ash-Shalabi in his book, “Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Caliphate,” The impact of the mass expulsion of Muslims from Andalusia to North Africa is the emergence of social problems. Because most of the people who left Andalusia comes from the sailors, some of the factors that led them to fight against the forces of Western Europe in the Mediterranean. The main factor is caused by religious conflict after the expulsion of Muslims from Andalusia, plus factor pursuit carried out by the Portuguese and Spanish against the Muslims in North Africa.

Initially, he was an ordinary seaman ordinary sailing in the territorial waters of Greece and Turkey. One day his ship was attacked a military ship St. John of Jerusalem or commonly known as the Knights of Rhodes, the incident made his youngest brother was killed. Heyreddin and ‘Aruj pirate action to all military vessels Christian. This action is very shocking and very feared Christian army, they are known as the pirate Barbarossa Brothers as both a red beard.

Previous resistance is sporadic, until the emergence of two brothers Hayreddin Barbarossa and ‘Aruj Barbarossa, both managed to gather strength in Algeria while developing common action to prevent the power of Western Europe to expand in ports-ports and cities located in North Africa.

They use hit and run tactics of warfare in the battle at sea, this tactic because of their lack of strength against the multinational force, Spanish, Portuguese and Cardinal Johannes. European historians tried to instill doubts about them and this qualifies as pirates. They are also trying to instill doubt about the origin of the two brothers Heyreddin Barbarossa and ‘Aruj Barbarossa.

During Heyreddin Barbarossa life, ‘Aruj died in 1518 AD Algeria capable of winning every battle that is currently under the rule of Ottoman Turkish government. Unfortunately, in the year 1552 AD, the Ottoman government remove Heyreddin Hasan bin Saleh Rayis Barbarossa and lift. He is a good man but not capable as Hasan (Son of Heyreddin), Ustmaniyah dominance in the Mediterranean Sea is slowly becoming faded.

History continues, and the glory of pirates reached its peak in the seventeenth century and the end of the nineteenth century, known as the Golden Age of Piracy, in the Caribbean. Caribbean pirate lunge rampant until the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, has the power of 2500. Mastering the vast region from the Gulf of Mexico to Panama. They are difficult to overcome because it is very difficult to pursue. They hide so many loopholes in the remote islands that stretch from Granada, Costa Rica, to Puerto Rico. Their powers include the waters of dozens of countries, including Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, to the Bahamas Islands. In fact, they are often reported to be operating on the beaches of Miami. They not only plundered merchant ships but against the naval Spanish and English are famous for. Spain’s King Charles II launched a large-scale operation, and other European countries to make peace after conflict and deployed troops to the Caribbean.

The greatest of sea power to eradicate Pirates of the Caribbean is the British Navy, which could mobilize battleships more than 200 units. Pirates of the Caribbean inadvertently raised a combined operation of naval forces from various countries and directly shows the results. Entering 1830, Pirates of the Caribbean has been paralyzed by a strike Western European countries and countries in the American colonies. Especially in the era of merchant ships no longer sail to the screen, but the propeller is driven the steam engine. since the discovery of marine engine technology, the threat of the pirates, especially in waters of the Caribbean are increasingly fading.

Piracy in Southeast Asia

Pirates have matched the word “lanun” in Indonesian. Derived from Mangindanao, “I-Lanao-en”, which has the meaning of the lake. Initially, the pirates are in the interior, but then they spread to the coast. Especially since the eruption of the volcano in 1765. Mangindanao own a quarter of the island Mangindanao (Country Philippines now). Dutch labels pirates against seafarers Sulawesi, native indigenous people know him as a pirate. They appear in groups since the Dutch era. Originally the revolts arising from local sailors, who eventually formed a group of pirates in the Sulawesi Sea, its mission is to rob, kill, and terrorize sailors who crossed its territory, solely as a destination property.

VOC ships, the pirates white, proclaimed the civilizing mission to the nations in the archipelago. Though clearly, the purpose behind them came to the archipelago is there to “colonize” the natives.

On the other hand, they fought against the foreign rulers (Netherlands), which has occupied the northwest region of Sulawesi arbitrarily long grudge impact. The pirate group does not have a fixed territory. Power position can be replaced by other pirate groups.

The spread of a pirate in Indonesia at that time almost evenly distributed, but the most numerous in the Sulawesi Sea and Riau Lingga. A notorious pirate, among others, pirate Balangingi, Lanun, Mangindanau, and in Papua pirates of Tobelo.

In the records of Virginia Matheson sourced from books Tuhfat al Naphish said that the Malay Sultanate of Johor could maintain their existence for assistance pirates from Bugis and Makassar. In this tale be told their ruler sultan Bugis in Johor.

Based on several scientific studies (Dutch version), that for nine centuries (V-XIV) note that the pirate area centered on the waterway action hard and nasty temper. Instead, the dissertation notes Adrian B. Lapian, pirate stories were different. The action helped conduct guerrilla warfare in the maritime Indonesian independence. According to Lapian, since the XV century, pirates were Europeans. Cunning pirate whites (Netherlands) was proclaimed the expansion as a mission to bring civilization to the peoples of Asia and Africa.

In South East Asia. Britain, the Netherlands and Spain tried hard to make the sea as a safe area for western maritime trade. The presence of a foreign power with complete weaponry and ship high-tech facilities (steam engine) since the mid-nineteenth crippling indigenous resistance, good pirate who shaped the Kingdom (Sulu) and collectively (the Sulawesi Sea, the Strait of Malacca). This century is the century of colonial government victory.

In the Malay heritage. One of them, entitled “Moestika Semenandjoeng”. Pirates is an inspiration for those who are born to be happy to challenge himself, the rebellious, humiliated and outcast. Often they play fierce fighting pirates play against colonialism, in school, in the mosque even on the river. Pirates is a disruptive force colonial power, after one by the Sultanate in its submission. The world where children are interested in the mystery, danger, and endless charm.

Hang Tuah. Legendary Heroes Malay (Indonesia and Malaysia).

There is a difference between a pirate past and present. They used hand in hand with governments and indigenous people in the country to expel foreign forces. The classic pirate is not a killer, they rob the tax across the Strait of Malacca, which is considered as belonging to the ancestors, the customary. The fishermen even as it protects the ally of those fishing regions of the invasion of neighboring fishermen. Do not forget Malay legend, narrated Hang Tuah also against the Dutch and English through the pirate ships.

Ancient pirate character, very different from the Malacca Strait pirates now. They are butchers sea. If you rob a ship, there’s nothing left, even lives could be lost. Andrea Hirata, an Indonesian novelist wrote in “Maryamah Karpov”. The family of ancient pirates last arrested in 1959, was thrown into prison Karimun, twelve childless. Now do not know the jungle. And after 1959 often found headless corpses washed up on the coast Anambas, Lingga, and Singkep. Since the Strait of Malacca into hell.

Every day more and more violent pirates. Not only robbed but also tin and human smuggling to neighboring states. They levy taxes at the will of the people of the island to be crossing the border to Singapore and Malaysia. If there is no consensus, lives. If there are corpses washed up on the shore, the pirates must have been the victims of the Straits of Malacca.

Pirate World Current

Ships or tankers are the cheapest transport. Then hijacking or piracy ship will not be lost during a traffic safety factor of the oceans is not guaranteed. Somalia is one of the most dangerous regions of the world ocean. Piracy has been ingrained in the community with the 1,880-mile coastline. Prolonged civil war has destroyed the foundation of the State’s economy. Peak when the Somali government dissolved the armed forces, including the Navy. As a result, practically devoid of the Somali coast guard, allegedly free of foreign ships conduct illegal fishing and pollution activity to dispose of waste in the sea, toxic waste which makes the fishermen lost revenue.

Then the rebel Somali fishermen. They take the fight to carry out piracy, an act of revenge and quibble security for marine waters of the State. Reflected in the name of the group they choose, such as the National Volunteer Coast Guard.

Story “One Piece” by Eiichiro Oda, a best-selling comic in the history of Japan. The central character is Monkey D. Luffy, a teenager who is described eating the fruit Gomu-Gomu (Devil Fruit), which makes the body can be like rubber.

KMV Sinar Kudus ship loaded with 8,300 tons of nickel from PT. Aneka Tambang, worth 1.535 trillion rupiah was hijacked in mid-2011, plotters hijackers threatened to kill one by one crew from Indonesia if the shipowner PT Samudera Indonesia did not pay a ransom of 77 billion rupiah.

The story of pirates in life was very complicated, most of them are human beings who are excluded, lost and angry. Finally, they rob. Not as sweet pirate tale comic “One Piece” by Eiichiro Oda, not as beautiful as the life story of the main character, Monkey D. Luffy.

Once, a pirate is a heroic act rebel against the forces of the Western European colonialists who colonized countries in Asia and Africa. But slowly it shifted, finally returning to economic motives. Humans through, go and come, no matter frontier, state, and faith. They are more aware of the need for shipping and commerce, hard-weariness of war, and piracy, opportunities for fellowship, and treacherous, happened by circumstance.

This article, for children around the world, lovers of tales of pirates

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