Milan will go forward, Milan will definitely forward! By removing the poisonous snake from the team. No doubt Donnarumma (may) have a glorious career in the future, but he will never be the same again in the eyes of the people, whoever he is.


When asked if greed is good? Usually, greedy people will be good at putting up sentences. The human desire for something better and human ambition has many good things in the world. Leave the comfort zone is part of greed, we will never know to what extent the desire will be satisfied if the prevailing is “greed is good.”

A few weeks ago we witnessed a beauty when Francesco Totti ended his lifelong career with Roma. Today we remember how difficult it is to do in the world of football. Moreover, when Gianluigi Donnarumma refused to extend contact with Milan. The loyalty we have seen to Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, even Javier Zanetti has faded seemingly in Serie-A. Is this all a sign of greed?

What’s wrong with Milan’s management efforts? Nothing. He was deployed in the first team at the age of 16, became a star and can strengthen the Italian national team at the age of 18 years. He was offered a contract of 5 million euros per year for 5 years. Which is him, Donnarumma will be the third highest paid goalkeeper in the world, just under Manuel Nuer (Bayern Muenchen) and David De Gea (Manchester United). Imagine as an 18-year-old teenager he would have been paid over Italian legend Gianluigi Buffon. If anyone can not be blamed for this failure, that is Milan’s management ranks.

It’s easy to blame the agent Mino Raiola. He is an unpleasant figure and is already part of his character. That’s why he became one of the top agents, protecting and safeguarding his client’s rights. it includes a hold on all the attacks directly to Donnarumma. Donnarumma is now 18 years old, he is mature and thoughtful. So do not pretend that Raiola has been brainwashed. Donnarumma should know what he did, a few weeks ago he kissed the Milan jersey badge, today he betrayed Milan.

Football is business, but what Donnarumma does is completely wrong. He sends Riola to do the dirty work, refusing to confirm directly with Milan’s management. He remained silent as fans pleaded, then pretended to care about Milan’s uniform more than anything. Then go when Milan has had a strong investor.

When things are very optimistic is very painful for Milan (and Milanisti), when it has strengthened all the lines. Starting from Defender (Matteo Mussasio and Riccardo Rodriguez), midfielder (Franck Kessie) and striker (Andrea Silva), and will add more players who join, just the goalkeeper who felt safe even defected. The search for a new player is forced to take a step back, Milan must immediately look for another goalkeeper. This is not only betrayal but also a sabotage.

Actually, what does he want? Madrid? It’s foolish to believe in a traitor’s bullshit. Crazy people also know that Madrid does not need him, they will not pay young boys like Milan (5 Million Pounds Sterling per year). An 18-year-old Italian youth in Spain is too risky to immediately become the first team for UEFA Champions League winners 2016/2017. Madrid, it’s a bad diversion of issues.

Anyone who understands football knows which clubs need heirs for their legendary goalkeeper who retires in 2018. Evil clubs that like to steal competing stars, who else if not “the thief.” Any club Donnarumma will join later is the real mastermind of this event and will be the target of Milanisti hatred of all time.

How great is he? Almost no team in the world builds their power base based on goalkeeping power. Donnarumma is yet to be the best goalkeeper, weak in the ball with his legs. But he has a suitable posture, a good reflex, as well as the most important high confidence that is very rare in his age.

We have to move forward and Milan will move forward! By removing the poisonous snake from the team. No doubt Donnarumma (may) have a glorious career in the future, but he will never be the same again in the eyes of the people, whoever he is.

It is the player’s right not to renew the contract, the Bosman rules are clearly set. But the club’s right is also not to play him throughout the season, as well as the right fans to insult him. Want to protest or bring a lawyer, we are not afraid. We have to move forward and Milan will move forward! Donnarumma is no bigger than Milan. For us (Milanisti) he is nothing more than a traitor.

“We can forget the defeat, but we can not forget the betrayal.” Herbert Kilpin co-founder of AC Milan.

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