The Orangutan Head Ring is generally larger than most humans? Is that why they never spread the hoax?



People say a person’s head shape has an effect on intelligence. Is that true? Many think that having a big head has a smart brain, and a small head has a brain that is less intelligent. Large heads have a large capacity for brain storage, whereas small brains have little capacity to place the brain. When the brain has a lot of space then its workability will increase and more easily digest the information gained. Is it true?

Indeed, the brain is just a tool, just like a pencil. Yes, a pencil can be anything, it can be a tool for extension of kindness. But it can also be a propaganda tool, or even kill. It all depends on the user. There are more than 32 ways of killing using a pencil. In the first place is not to stab the opponent in the eyes, ears or rectum. But slander.

A pencil can also write down the goodness behind it is a lie. Something fake is heightened. Of course, there is a reason why someone / a group defends robbery. The twisting of facts needs integrity, to refuse to acknowledge them.

The game of opinion is commonplace, just as we all (football/soccer lovers) accept the fact that offside is an exact science. While offense and penalties are interpretations. Not everyone agrees. But people can be “directed” to agree or not.

Formulation of The Problem

Ever in this day and age, we hope the Internet will bring enlightenment. Information is increasingly difficult to monopolize. The closure will leak. The dialog will be fun. The false one is that the frenzied social media is now finally merely bringing together mutually supportive opinions. What is false is that in massive information is now easily confused and anxiously clinging to the ready: dogmas, sedentary prejudices, and modern superstitions, the “theory” of the plot behind all events.

Now lies and manipulations are done without it. The new factor in political communication is full of lies now is speed. Technology, with the Internet, makes information and disinformation collide directly, in almost countless numbers, reaching listeners and readers in almost unlimited space and time. How to argue? How to verify?

No more Judges and Jurors who decide with authority what is true and which are not, which are facts and which are fantasy. The media, the science community, the judiciary: all share authority, all worthy of being suspected of being involved in today’s vast lies orchestration.

Ironically, in droves people become mouthpieces of lies, the spreaders of this lie, unfortunately, are those who are educated. Without thinking, immediately share. There are many other cases, they share with pride. By the knowing, they are laughed at, degraded. But they do not care, feel there in the path of truth.


The human brain, functionally as simple as a pencil. The simplest tool, perhaps a little grandiose when we expect the brain to give birth to something big. But there is no harm in trying, maybe beyond our expectations, maybe the brain can find ways that can reduce defamation.

Read. see and feel it. Fill your logic as best you can.

Literature Review

In his book, Alam Pikiran Yunani. Dr. Mohammad Hatta said about the flow of Sofism. Sophism comes from the word “Sophos” which means clever. Initially, the title of Sofis is addressed to all intelligent people as linguists, philosophers, political experts and others. The person is because his knowledge and wisdom are dubbed Sofis. But over time the word changed its meaning. Sophist is a title for every person who is good at twisting tongue, clever play and glee with words.

In general, philosophy directs the discussion and scientific investigation to the universe or the cosmos, with the birth of the flow of sofism philosophy, diverted its direction to the human nature, to the will, to the ideals, to the feelings, and to the knowledge that should be owned by each human being. Thus, in the world of philosophy was born a stream about ethic decency.

Mohammad Hatta critically criticizes the flow of sofism, indeed the Sophists always question the attitude of life but they are not able to establish the basis of what should be the handle of life. They can not find a common ground that should apply to everyone because each teacher of sophistry teaches its own size or norm. Each expressed his own notion by not wanting to weigh other people’s understanding. Unless you do not want to argue. The idea itself is not fixed, changing from time to time. Nothing remains, they say, everything is always in change. Therefore, the attitude of human beings also needs to be changeable. With such stance, each change of mind about things can be maintained by saying that things have changed. Everything changes, and we follow.

The Sophists are not the same as they stand on something. They are only alone in negating, in a negative stance. The point of his teaching is that “the real truth is not achieved”. Each of Sophist’s teachers poses this as the point of view. Since truths are not actually attained, any establishment can be right and wrong in the eyes of men. Every guru Sofis teaches people to be cynical about other people’s thoughts. On the contrary, he teaches people to defend each and every stance. What was retained yesterday, can now be canceled? The truth is temporary. Because “the truth is not actually achieved”, then every establishment may be justified. For a while he was right. Therefore there is no fixed measure of right and wrong, about good and bad. As a continuation of this opinion, there is a difference between right and wrong, between good and evil.

The Athenian youth of this period were led by the doctrine of relativism of the sophists. So came Socrates. An absolute moralist and believes that upholding morals is a philosopher’s job, based on rational ideas and expertise in knowledge.

Socrates embarked on his philosophy on the basis of everyday experience, but there is a very important distinction between Sophists and Socrates. Socrates does not approve of sophistic relativism.

In the opinion of Socrates, there is an objective truth that does not depend on ourselves to prove the existence of objective truths, Socrates uses certain methods. The method is practical and run through conversations and analyzing opinions. For Socrates, the political principle also based on the ethics that he concluded the policy was knowledge.

Regarding his other contributions, Socrates taught that there are unchanging and universal principles of morality contained in diverse laws and traditions in different parts of the world. He asserts that the norms of truth are free of and essential to individual opinion. When the Sophists state that the law is nothing but a convention that arises for the benefit and is right. When the Sophists state that the law is nothing but the convention that arises for the sake of the benefit and that the truth is what the individual deems true. Socrates replies that there is natural superhuman kingdom which rules are binding on all people. Socrates bases upon the law on reason, this conception formally becoming part of philosophical thought.

Socrates’s political doctrine that “policy is knowledge” is the basis for his political thinking about the State. This is one of the political views of Socrates and the recent very important and influences the political views of his student, Plato. Although Socrates did not write a lot about relating to political views, we can get the information from the student and opponent of discussions.

We know that in this story Socrates is the mediocre (forced to drink poison), while the Sophists (who charge a fee) are the winners. History stops, and opinions can be formed, then. However, history proves that Socrates was right, that a fragile pencil remained a torch even though the ancient Greek civilization was long over. Question why? Perhaps because Socrates voiced the voice of truth, which although lost but not in vain. He, Socrates can not be bought.

In modern times, the biggest hoax news place is on Facebook. Not only in Indonesia, in other countries, as well as the United States and Britain. Even in Britain, Facebook has to remove ten thousands of accounts because it is suspected of being involved in the Hoax news spread campaign (Tuesday, May 9, 2017). According to the release issued, Facebook did not stay silent to see the rampant circulation of false news. This social media giant also took a firm step. Learning from experience, the emergence of referendum “British Exit” is said to be free from the false news that time.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has even announced that its services recruit at least 3 thousand people who will be specially assigned to handle the “dark side” of his platform.

Is manufacturing hoax news created by fools? Of course, not all of these are created and managed by geniuses but are spread by those trapped in ignorance. The hoax is developed and distributed to achieve the power of Force Power (Power) with which it is associated with reaching for Man Power, Media Handling and of course Money.

In general Force Power (Power) is the sum of Man Power + Media Handling + Money (Money Ability). To simplify we compile a simple formula: FP = MP + MH + M

Any addition of the independent variable (MM, MH, M) will amplify the dependent variable (FP). Judging from the independent variables again then, the more to the left is the stronger. For example, Muhammadiyah and Nahdatul Ulama are always able to survive in every development of the times. However, the right variable has more ability to pull the left variable. Money is able to build media (instantly), then influence the crowd to become his followers. Do not believe? Look at Harry Tanoe and Surya Paloh who built the party to reach the masses. A good business is not it?

It turns out that FP itself is not really a dependent variable. He is able to inject MP, MH and M. Do not believe it? Try to compare the wealth of Soeharto, Megawati, and SBY before and after coming to power, there is a massive increase in the field of M. Soekarno enjoys an increase in MP. But in the case of Gus Dur and Habibie, there is no significant increase of anything. Interesting, very interesting review.

Why interesting? Consider there is one variable that turns out to be just a catalyst that is MH. He is not a destination, but a tool. A pencil, that’s where this research will focus. “The power of a pencil” in which the intellectual battles actually took place.

A pencil is us. Throughout our lives on this earth, we all have choices. Perform a variety of ways in a mediocre way, or in the way Machiavelli taught. It’s hard to be a Machiavelli, of course, we have to be a seasoned politician. Ignore, the 99% reader option including the author is to be mediocre. Why? It is easy to let human impulses lead us. We are largely ashamed of power and power and manipulation. Be us as followers only.

do not expect us-we become martyrs like Socrates, a hero. The ugly fate of a nation that needs a hero, a great nation is moved by simple and humble people, with mediocre steps. But how? All right, according to the limited knowledge possessed trying to divide the stance of defamation.

  1. When receiving a news, check logically first. Make sure the truth, do not immediately reported. Of course what spreads something he hears is not a liar. He said the truth, saying what he was listening to. But he just became a kind of microphone, or a slanderous funnel solely. These are the people most easily used by the think-thank-hoax team;
  2. When receiving news, once confirmed the truth. Do not trigger spread, it could be a person’s disgrace. It is personal and embarrassing. You will be a spreading the truth but with the reputation of carrion eaters, spreading other people’s disgrace;
  3. The most ancient method, reputation. When receiving an opinion from two different sources make sure the reputation that gives news (if possible). Recently a friend complained that he had invested money with someone for 50 million but was not returned. Although has been 2 years. He feels sorry for ignoring the words of a reputable friend who has reminded him, rather than lazily believing the seduction of a coconut island whose reputation is not clear. Do not ignore the advice of good people.

Allah SWT through the Qur’an gives us a clear book manual, Al Hujarat: 6. O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.

In this verse, Allah forbids his believing servants from following the rumors. Allah tells the believers to make sure the truth of the news reaches them. Not all the news that is credited is true, and not all of the spoken news is factual.

In everyday life, we often hear a rumor that is not clear its origin. Sometimes from a small event, but in his preaching, the event is so great or vice versa. Sometimes it also concerns the honor of a Muslim. In fact, not infrequently, a household becomes cracked, simply because a story is not necessarily true. How do our attitudes toward news that come from people we do not yet know their honesty?

Remember in the verse does not blame the ungodly lies, not. But more than the news delivered. That’s what’s called re-checking. Ensuring the truth itself, with what?

What exactly is the most important mental tool a person can have? What is determination? Maybe determination will prove useful in human life, but it is not. But what tools are needed to choose the best course of action under any circumstances? A common determination is shared among the fools and the slow, also among those who are bright and brilliant. So, no, a determination is not what we seek.

What is wisdom? Is not wisdom a very useful tool when someone has. Wisdom is pretty good, but it’s not. The answer is logical. Or, in other words, the ability to argue analytically. If applied correctly, logic can overcome a lack of policy, which can only be gained through age and experience.

But is not having a good heart more important than logic? Pure logic can cause me to come to a morally wrong conclusion, while if I am honest, I am certainly not taking any shameful action.

If you choose a good heart then you misunderstand the problem. What we want to know is the most useful tool a person can have, regardless of good or evil. We all agree that having good qualities is very important, but I am sure if you have to choose between giving a person noble offer or teaching to think clearly. Then you would prefer to teach him to think clearly. Too many problems in the world are caused by people who have good intentions but from the wrong mind.

History gives us dozens of examples of people believing they are right and committing terrible crimes because of it. Remember, my disciple, that no one thinks he’s a criminal, and only a few people make the decisions they think are wrong. Someone might not like his choice, but he will defend it because, even in the worst of circumstances, he believes it was the best choice available to him at the time.

If analyzed separately, being a better person is not a guarantee you will act well, which returns us to the protection we have against the swindlers, cunning plots and even the madness of the crowd, and our guide leads a life of uncertain, clear and reasoned thoughts. Logic never disappoints you, unless you do not realize, or deliberately ignore the consequences of your actions.

But is not it when everyone is logical, then all human beings will surely agree on the action to be taken? That’s rare, why? Like every group of people, we follow many different rules and, as a result, we often reach conflicting conclusions, even under the same circumstances. Conclusion, if possible add author, that makes sense from everyone’s point of view. And although the writer wants the opposite, not all the teachers train their minds correctly.

So how to learn the best logic? If many people are wrong? With the oldest and most effective method, ask. Asking here is not just for humans, but for books, nature, and observing. Observation and scientific verification. As when the early astronomists proved that the earth was round to those who believed that the earth was flat.


  1. Although there is no relation between brain circle and Asahlah logic under any circumstances, increase knowledge and learn history. Look, hear and feel as an experience to become a better person;
  2. Critical to the news we read. News hoaxes are usually given a classy title, in many cases, the shared news has been twisted so that the intentions are different. Remember, news stories are usually made for the personal gain of a particular person or group;
  3. Religion teaches us to be fair, even when angry. Foster the peace of the soul so as not to blend the sheep by those who want to take advantage solely.


  1. When our school is taught Newton’s law, consider the third law: For every action, there is always a great and opposite reaction, or the force of two objects at one and the other in opposite directions. In social media, the action even becomes multiplied by “excessive” reactions. Hold yourself to find the truth;
  2. Be the pencil that speaks the truth, the torch of the world. Civilized, of course, with polite at the same time Although only small candles are vulnerable in the wind. Forget for a moment FP = MP + MH + M. And be human free but responsible.


  1. Alam Pikiran Yunani; Mohammad Hatta; Publisher Tinta Mas Jakarta; First printing 1959.
  2. Dragon Dialog;
  3. Para Penyebar Kebohongan;
  4. What Would Machiavelli Do?Tujuan Menghalalkan Segala Cara; Stanley Bing; PT Gramedia Penerbit Utama Jakarta; The second print in December 2004


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