The suicide bomber is thought that their most sacred and others unclean, with religious arguments, strong, and lasting.


A girl does not think that she will affect the history of the world. She was named Dhanu, who died on 21 May 1991 in India. That day she came to a rally welcoming Rajiv Gandhi, chairman of the Indian Congress Party at the time. A few minutes before the meeting began, Dhanu walked closer to Gandhi and offered a bouquet of flowers. But right then he pushed the button that triggered the explosive belt on his body. Explosion sounded. Killed Gandhi, Dhanu himself and several others around it including one of the conspirators who were in charge of making the video document of the incident. They are Tamil Eelam, rebel insurgents in Sri Lanka.

From that day until now, Dhanu’s method is used. One or more people provide themselves to be some kind of weapon, a kind of self-destructive missile with a target in an unexpected environment. Of course, after Dhanu, there are some changes. In Palestine, driven by a passion that borders on the loss of rights and sovereignty or an idea of independence against the colonizing Israel. Now, as seen from “September 11, 2011”, “Bali Bomb” to “Jakarta Bomb” which is heard is the cry of “jihad”: something related to the faith, the strong principles of good and evil.

Azahari and Noordin Top, not a foreigner, if the “foreign” and “odd” and “not known”. But they are not here. They entered quietly from Malaysia to Indonesia, hiring local people to detonate a bomb, killing innocent people, and since then Indonesia fell. Since then the state, the country sang by school children as a “safe and secure”, so it is not safe and not safe for anyone.

Pieces of bodies of suicide bomb victims at Busway Bus Stop Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta was strewn on motorcycle parking, Wednesday (24/05/2017). Two people were killed in this incident.

The suicide bomber is thought that their most sacred and others unclean, with religious arguments, strong, and lasting. The ideologues without question. They will not admit that the historical argument that is always changing and different, through interpretation because there is no necessity for them forever to answer a particular situation.

According to most scholars of Islam in Indonesia is perverted suicide bombings, whatever the motives of suicide are against Islam. But they are even thinking of the scholars who speak like that are misguided. Evidence, in the end, is the interpretation, which remains ultimately copied to the ephemeral, which essentially translates into a relative.

The world is seen as a stubborn reality, more than any proposition. The action of the man who took the death shows the apparent “superman” behavior, terrible, terrifying, and at the same time admirable, which overcomes death.

Even more interesting in that remarkable performance, which actually took place was a performance. The terrible, thrilling, terrifying, and fascinating thing is a part of a heroic stage.

But Indonesia does not need a stage to heroes like that.

This country Indonesia, our homeland, was born through revolution. A thing that Malaysians do not experience like Azahari. A revolution involving many people who suffered under colonial rule. The revolution was an event of solidarity, with sacrifice and pride. But, if Indonesia is not perfect, impermanent and not too revered probably because Indonesia is a limited project because it realizes human limitations.

As Indonesia was founded in 1945 is a homeland with much hope and anxiety, with passion as well as trepidation. “Indonesia” is forever pounding in history, it does not deny and fear its limitations. He has been walking and bumping to get up in the experience. We all know “Islam” is the flag that flies in Indonesia, with the desire of brotherhood and the longing for the justice of God. The flag is white but white with color.

That’s not what suicide bombers understand. They blow up bombs, many times, but they will not make the world an arena for the absolute. They wage a total guerrilla, but in the end, they will fail.

Maybe the suicide bombers know they will fail. They are ready to die in the hope of a paradise for themselves and to immerse their victims in infernal hell. And not in the hope of winning the people they defend in this world. So for that, cursed them !!!

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