O God, in you of my wishes, guard your servant’s, heart. In prostration, I shall have all these troubling things.


Lord, if You give me permission. Let me not feel in love. I see the great lovers of every age are those who languish their hearts and souls, but love is one of the most beautiful creations of God, who run the world and no power of any creature can resist it.

Oh this self, who claims to be simple, how can you be amazed at the powdered snow-powder fur in the Alps and the lips of apple Australia wrapped in lipstick from the land of the dragon.

O myself, I am determined to promise, why do you deny your own words to guard your view until the day comes.

Yet yesterday this self is still saying, “for now they are a dream barrier and dreamer.”

Yesterday, this self proudly said and agreed, “heart then be stone until our dream is done”

But today why the brain and heart are not aligned, why the snow of Antarctica mingles with the steam of Sahara. Really not capable of this body sustains the battle of two giant souls.

But today why is adrenaline bubbling up to the thought of being a fortress that has never been conquered so far.

Changed nature due to human behavior, changed body by the heart.

O God, in you of my wishes, guard your servant’s, heart. In prostration, I shall have all these troubling things.

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