Honor your past, you never know how the past affects you.

Honor your past, you never know how the past affects you.


Memories give so many details of life, which is present in every scenes journey of life. Sensation met with imagination becomes magical. Despite their smiles and memories wrapped ironic unspoken longing. Memories such as shadows, difficult to handle. When he was expelled, he appeared elsewhere, dancing.

People can forgive heinous and the most evil enemy. However, they are difficult to forgive themselves. Because the deepest regret, not a failure, but do not do anything. Leaving something (the) best in life without effort go defend it. In life people cursing the present as the past is flawed, because some things in life (was) irreplaceable matter how hard people try.

Honor your past, you never know how the past affects you.

Maybe humans grow up, when he was able to overcome himself. That life is an answer, which would later give rise to a new question, it will never run out.

That he always had the desire, but the stem with common sense. When choosing, do not know what will happen in the rest of life. Undaunted and indecisive, but ready. A confession, the uncertainty of life occurred, which he did not know the direction, absurd.

Koetaradja, 15 April 2014

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