I love words, I have fallen into the joy of writing them
Après l’amour, le repentir. The Living Memoirs.


When I wake up in the morning, I do not know where I am. Time has made me realize I’m no longer a child. Today I remember myself as a seven-year-old boy. As the first time saw the sun sink, many have passed.

And today I find no one will understand, and no one cares and time will not come back. Along with dreams and beliefs will not give up. Remembering the oath of loyalty to friends who have gone.

Thinking how my life came back after this road without thinking to escape from destiny until help arrived. Dreams and expectations have not been done. How difficult it is to carry out the dreams of an adult world kid, how the perfection of ideas bumps into reality.

And I think it’s time for me to return, without having to endure another night. If your eyes are closed then all will be lost. Eighty-five years of my life as has been the case for centuries. Where this old body lasted so long only because of the power of dreams.

I will go home, and if any old ideals are not reached. So I can rejoice in this return. Go home as a free man. Human freedom, oh how that is so difficult.



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