Human has the likeness to the universe. Born, alive, aged and then dead.


Have we ever noticed when staring at the stars in the sky? That actually they have exploded millions of years ago. Their light is still there.

Venus is the most shining star, humans call it by the morning star. Why does Venus shine in the night sky look bigger and brighter than any other planet? Is it because it is a large planet and emits its own light.

Sun, more than 99.9% of the mass of the Milky Way is in the Sun. He is called a star capable of expelling its own light. The sun melts the hydrogen particles and turns them into helium. Then, release large amounts of energy.

The Universe

The Milky Way itself is circling in the middle of space. Initially a pile of gas and dust, that’s what makes the sun. The shards around it from there form the Earth and Venus. Then there is a celestial body crashing into the earth, it looks like that shards are forming the rings of Saturn. The shard forms the moon.

When? How? Why? That is a series of questions that people often ask themselves, every time faced with a situation. Occurrences at different times of their manifestation, depending on the place of events. In the outside world, the event was a shift from one place to another.

When you look at the sky, remember that each star keeps a story. Just like humans who have their own story.

Every choice, movement, the slightest breath that humans create, in which His share is present affect the universe. And do not be surprised if a small decision that you do instantly affect the future, your whole life.

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