We never know to what extent desire will be fulfilled, if it is guided by “greed is good.”


Now many people defend greed. “Greed is good,” said Gekko, a character on Wall Street, in front of a shareholder meeting at the old Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. And when asked why greed is good, greedy people like Gekko will be good at putting up sentences. He, for example, will be able to quote Giambattista Vico from the 18th century Italy. It is precisely of cruelty, evil, and human ambition has born many good things in the world. Greed has also encouraged people to make tools. From there the technology was born, to get more and more results.

Greed also causes humans to sail through the oceans, and Columbus finds the American continent. Greed can even make people obedient worship, counting rewards, after living in the world for the sake of as much pleasure in the afterlife, in heaven.

Not surprisingly, people are not shy to show off wealth. Proudly wearing the finest clothes, choosing flashy cars, visiting the best restaurants, and forgetting that only a few years ago they were actually young people who once cried out to be beautifully modest lives.

We never know to what extent desire will be fulfilled, if it is guided by “greed is good.”

This is when the soap opera tells the lifestyle of “rich and famous” by displaying expensive cars and sophisticated gadgets. This is an example of how to enjoy life, businessmen, and officials to imitate it immediately. Luxury cars on the highway, expensive items stuck to the body, greedy it is good looking.

Some have managed to accumulate their wealth and extend their treasure list, still wanting to hide from the public eye. Maybe they know that around them there are still many poor people. Maybe feel that their fate is not necessarily sustainable.

But the habit of saving have another side, they soon lose the friendship. Loss of social relationships, when others feel overwhelmed by their expenses, such as taxes and social costs. The other side, stingy is ugly.

If they are conscious. Like only, the story of Qarun, in his desire to have a bucket of gold, then he wanted to get another bucket of gold. He will lose good counsel and honest warning because he feels because his wealth is the power that should give advice and not receive advice.

Not the scholars say, and millions of others. When we see the general benefit of being sucked by them. Project need not be held. Non-quality goods are sold to the government at high prices, damaged roads are never repaired, even existing roads are repaired over and over again. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. But do we know how to stop it, while greedy itself cannot be expected to stop their desires?

Of course in Oliver Stone’s film and Qarun’s story, it is basically a story about old morality. Gekko fell. The winner is not a greedy character. The winners are those who fought faithfully and with the weak.

In the story of Qarun, he with his wealth drowned. In the movie Wall Street, the law is there and he is on trial. Gekko can finally stop. But after that, the story is over, when we just awake. What can we do, we face reality.

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