The past never stands alone. If the past stands alone, it will never exist.


The past never stands alone. If the past stands alone, it will never exist. We remember, and that actually links what we remember something that reappears in our heads with the heads that are present in our bodies today. That’s why people do not remember everything completely. The past is present again in the form that has been in the present day. Memory actually runs in a broken path. Forgetting is a mistake. Conversely, considering it is considered the right highway, that’s the right direction. I can not believe that there ever was a clear path. In the realm of consciousness, there is no right path. Remembering is interpreting the past, but surely we can not go to match our interpretation with the past itself. We can never move, even for a moment, out of time. Time is not a train that can stop occasionally and the machinist comes down to see what’s going on in the rear carriage.

On the other hand, remembering also means reading the past with future trends. Those who viewed the past with nostalgia, like some who now greet the memories and put on a big smile of the past. It is actually finding new reasons to express criticism to the present. In the criticism, it implied a passion for something in the future.

Therefore, nostalgia is not a longing for the past. Nostalgia just wants the future. Embracing life expectancy will be happier, and he may be mistaken. We live in what is called a “memory fan”. Anyone who unfolds the “memory fan” always finds new things, new sections, new readings. But if the “old” (recalled) ends up similar to the “new” one (which was then discovered), what actually happens is a kind of parallelism between memory and forgetfulness.

Especially forgot to have the desired role. Like nostalgia, forgetting can also be a protest against an unpleasant day.

There was a time when people saw the past as a fairy-tale relic, another time when people looked at the past as a barrier. Even the stone never stagnates and stands alone. As the pure past never existed, so does the present and the future. Humans cannot forget at all, Humans cannot remember completely, also humans cannot without secretly hoping.

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