The Universe


Have we ever noticed when staring at the stars in the sky? That actually they have exploded millions of years ago. The light of the stars is still there.

When? How? Why? That is a series of questions that people often ask themselves, whenever faced with a situation. Occurrences in different times of their manifestations, depending on where the scene prevails. In the outside world, the incident took the form of moving from one place to another. Moving places in the space do not have to be cut off. Unlike the inner world. The incident in the soul, which is an inner experience, can’t be kept up, can jump up and down, as in a dream. Thought can jump. The condition for events is the time sequence, but that is not enough, to make the event. Because if but not established relationship and the builder is a cause and effect. The Law of Causality.

Events change one event to another. Changes that change is changing. In itself, there is a hidden thing which, in the course of change, remains its state, which can be incarnate in various forms, this is what is called essence.

The arrival of events there is several circumstances that come in a row in time. Time is a condition for events. Without time there is no event. Moving time allows for the first state, followed by the second. Without running time the first state remains. Motion becomes there because of time. Heaven is described as a place without events because of the time it stops.

“Why do I always lose?”

“Because you chose not to do!”

Every choice, movement, the slightest breath that humans create, in which His share is present affect the universe. And do not be surprised if a small decision you do instantly affects one day, your whole life.

“Silence is invincible!”

“Says who? Someone is judged not by his defeat in the past. Rather than its success now for its destruction in the past?”

But hell? I try to understand that GOD, despite all his majesty, does not feel contemptuous to create such a thing. So I, how could I feel insulted to see it. Is not, there is no smallest substance in this universe created without His intervention.

“Then tell me, myself. Where do you want me to take.”

“I want to go to the city of Apostles, in search of light and the way of the universe.”

(Maybe) Right! I have to move, in a slightly longer step. Because I’m sure and have to believe! Move me this, will shake the universe. My friend, I have decided to take the path to achieve the goal, a steep hill which becomes a barrier (later) let be an afterthought in reaching the goal.

Bait Al-Hikmah, 18 Syawwal 1434 H (25 August 2013)

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