Human evolves over time, so does the problem of life.


Human life in the world is only temporary, like a traveler journey at this time we just take a moment under the shade tree. Although for a moment, this temporary stopover became the key to the next journey. Determine the direction of heaven or hell someday, amid the heavy burden of this man must avoid a deadly disease called despair. Every human will surely experience this desperate disease. For that, humans have to treat themselves.

Human must think about the various relationships that have something to do with him. Parents, lovers, friends, work, future, and others. That’s what we call ourselves! And it is related to self. There is a concern in organizing every related relationship in that life. Confusion to do this and that, if this and that. That balance makes people hesitate, while time keeps moving forward.

Human has no experience of dealing with the future, in terms of success and failure, he can only see what happened behind. That’s annoying.

Every human being is a thinker

For a thinker (every human being is a thinker), the number of through difficulties will make understanding plus the look of human life. We can divide human beings into two kinds of life.

  1. A sensitive way of life, a selfish way of living, wanting to fill his life with external stimuli, usually a miserable life. Or an important moment of pleasure, do not think long but feel the need for a deep relationship;
  2. A way of life that depends on what is outside of yourself like wealth, branded goods, big names, awards, titles. Always need external stimulation. This way of life makes self-reliance lost, and can not control yourself. There is no peace and tranquility, carried away by external stimuli.

In fact, losing oneself is tantamount to despair. But this feeling of hopelessness can not be felt from drowning into stimuli (feeling winning, when actually losing). And anyone can live every day as usual, while carried away to the shallow place psychologically.

In fact, the main life problem of this way of life is not being responsible to yourself. The person who thinks all of his actions are effects from the outside will do anything irresponsible, and throw his own responsibility.

Some people (including authors) have also done that when he wants to forget all the trouble of avoiding escaping. And losing self, discarding responsibility for yourself. But luckily I can go back to myself, thanks to the people I love.

But it is true, the world is coincidental but consequent and realistic. Therefore humans are easy to live a sensitive lifestyle that is dominated by outside influences, but there must be a way of life rooted in our own lives so that we find alternative ways of life. That is the ethical way of life.

Ethical is how one is like living. Clearly, the ethical way is a way of life that relies on oneself. And this way of life aims to escape from a sensitive despair through a strong determination. The ethical way of life accepts all responsibilities that are self-related, choosing the most appropriate for oneself. Realizing that it was not someone else who made me like this, but myself, I chose myself through various possibilities (path of life). Among the possibilities that exist in the self, there is a strong determination to face the world, of course with his own efforts.

Choose yourself with your own responsibility (often a small decision that changes the way of life) and accepts the risks. Because to be who we want to be, we must move on with our own strengths (also forgive ourselves for the mistakes of the past). Trying to choose oneself for an unclear future, without blaming others.

But, not everyone can do this way of life perfectly. Because the world is all coincidental (eg want to be a poet but suddenly because of the circumstances must work as an accountant). Each person has their own living conditions. The important thing is acceptable or not, like dialectics.

Because the future is uncertain, indeed all will be afraid, if told to be yourself or shown others way of life. Of course, you (and I) also can not accept that “I wish I was not what I was expecting” is not it? If so, the feeling must be stopped.

Human should not despair of losing oneself. Are you aware? Someone when alone starts talking to himself and approaching self-existence. There are times of avoiding the substance of self-hating and self-despising thinking. Perhaps the present is considered hopeless and begins to look at his substance including hating yourself, even in the future. Actually, the condition was not despair but disappointed.

Despair is actually losing the substance of self or losing oneself. The deadly disease is when the self-does do not want to be responsible to self, or the same as despair. Despair is not self-chosen or an undesirable identity. Then when the truly despairing human being who comes to him is death! Identity has been dying.

The death of the body is not the actual death, but the death of the soul is the actual death.

The death of the body is not the actual death, but the death of the soul is the actual death. Losing substance, the substance is the freedom of the soul’s desire of the self. Therefore, when the self-wants to choose you with full responsibility, there must be a sense of worry in order not to choose the identity. All of that is caused by worry when the self is facing the substance of self.

Humans are desperate to escape from worry. Human thinking, which I do not want to face is not a weak self, but I am afraid and do not want to face the true substance of the self. All fear of the future and the responsibility and freedom to transform into a new self.

The human theme that lives in the present, is the theme of passing fear and approaching the substance of the self. It is true, as long as man lives, he can not avoid despair. Because of the despair itself, it exists with a substance called human.

There is some despair that exists with human substance. And so that people can be more aware of themselves, in the end, there are three kinds of despair that can make the death of the self.

  1. The despair of the surface of the despair of a sensitive way of life. A state in which the human is not aware of the despair of forgetting the freedom of self to become a new human being. Despair because of self-does not want to find the identity and just live to have fun. Humans that can live despite despair, but the human can not be separated from the empty sense that appears unnoticed. However, to fulfill this void, it seeks outer value but delusion, it will not satisfy itself and will not free from discouragement. And the human soul will be brought to the lower stream and seek the worse / position himself, and laugh at him;
  2. Desperate for knowing the substance of the self. This despair is a desperate form of human who wants to confront the substance of the self. A genuine form of hopelessness than the one previously mentioned above. Desperate for not wanting to be true identity, for wanting to avoid reality, worry because freedom and responsibility choose an identity. Despair for cowards, for fear of mocking themselves. He confines himself and closes his heart, does not know about freedom and responsibility and can not hear outside sounds. But while avoiding the substance of the self, the fact that the self-has do not become a desirable figure continues to haunt, it is the voice that wants a new figure to continue to grow and suffering continues. One day he imagined death physically. Even though he realized it would not solve anything. Desperate for not wanting to be one’s self, it is desperate despair and alienation;
  3. Desperate for wanting to be an unrighteous identity. Desperate for trying to defy responsibility and freedom in choosing an identity. The despair of the grumpy. Today more and more people have this kind of hopelessness. He rejects substance and feels irresponsible in finding the true identity. Like giving up the full responsibility to the community. He feels himself at this moment because of everything that exists outside of him. He thinks that when anger is his true right, he feels himself who can not change for the better because of others, and that suffering does not escape. Because, by feeling himself as a victim, he can attack others and still be considered right. By considering all enemies, he discards his identity and is not free from suffering. He felt hurt so he could harm others, always be in the mind of evil, and attacked everyone other than himself. The despair of this type is resistance, they fantasize as a victim.

Despair is a human weakness, the three examples above are the conditions in which humans are really desperate.

Humans are altogether free, it is difficult to live straight and ethically. Despair for humans has not changed from before until now. We must be aware that the suffering of despair will continue, we must awaken ourselves about despair and help at least ourselves.

Humans (including me) as individuals, in order to deal with the substance of the self, and manifesting the existence of the self, must know the ethical path, the difficult ethical path in order to become the desired figure. And at the same time understand the weakness of self, weakness shaped the fear of freedom, responsibility, and future.

I must live ethically, ethically toward the future. So what should I live for? Can I say that all this time my choice is not wrong? Actually, during life, that worry must exist. And is it after humans know the substance of self, then the fear will be lost? Certainly not!

Human evolves over time, so does the problem of life. The way humans avoid from despair is to live with higher levels of soul. And it’s hard to move for the better every time.

So the way out of despair is religion. Islam teaches sincerity. Sincere is the highest science facing destiny, which is difficult though. Sincere is the sacredness of the heart in worshiping God as well as relating to fellow human beings. Cleans the heart and purifies the intention without sanctions and excessive presumptions to anyone. Forgive others, and forgive yourself for all the mistakes of the past. Because a tricky mistake in the past will be an obstacle to improvement to the future, what if he becomes traumatized. Sincere is pure, without conspiracy. With a clean heart then the mind will be clean anyway.

By being a sincere individual, human beings are free to choose themselves ethically and dialectically and build self-worth, because the world is built from many selves. Everyone must find the value of self-building. With a determination to find what is becoming dissatisfaction in oneself, and find the value that becomes the handle of life.

Among everyday life, there must be much doubt about what has been done. But if you have value (religion), when you feel lost to weakness, that value will help you.

The human must go on ahead, even though it is faced with a strong current that can deprive itself. Human also brings wounds of the past, but to move on, he must be brave! Though it means having to risk all the existence of the self. To create a better self, we must fight with life.

Every human being (including myself and you) is the main character of your life. Choose and make your choices with confidence. Every day we choose ourselves without getting tired of the hope of happiness tomorrow. Do not be afraid to fail! And face it bravely!

Referral literature: The Sickness Unto Death by Soren Kierkegaard.

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