I love words, I have fallen into the joy of writing them
A forgotten dream, all erased from my memory.


in the nights that wrap the secret of love in the dark,

if it were not for the blinding suns.

The star of the wine glass tilted, then sank,

with a straight way and the right path.

while sleeping makes us happy or like the morning rays come to us.

like a night watch attack, meteors bring us down,

or maybe daffodil sparks make an impression on us.


record one day I dreamed of seeing a paradise on the edge of the green mountains.

I went into the city through one of the walls.

I did not shout from above or throw myself in the city forever

instead, I call the substance that has the best name (al-Asma al-Husna),

and negotiating with his brave guard to let me get around.

they accept on condition that after I leave that city,

they will make me forget the one I have witnessed in there.


so it happened.

I see that the city is full of miracles and amazing things, which are innumerable.

I see beauty and justice unimaginable by sight,

it is never heard by the ear, and it comes to the heart of any human being,

do not ask me what details I see.

all erased from my memory,

all that remained was the fragrance of the memories and the purity of the dream.


Bait Al Hikmah, 14 Rajab 1434 H (simultaneously 23 May 2013)

Translate from: Al-Muwasysyah


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