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Keangkuhan Iblis
Keangkuhan Iblis
A ghost who is hovering over the dark night looking for the victims.


Ghost, according to the common sense that circulated in the community is the soul of the deceased, this tradition may be derived from the Hindu-Buddhist heritage in ancient Indonesia is a sign that the deceased person has not reached the perfect level to reach nirvana so that haunts in the world.

Ghosts, the Indonesian version, of course, is very different from the American version of the monsters who arguably have no cultural roots in their country. In Indonesia, Ghosts, scared everywhere, in the villages of parents scaring their children with ghosts and also in the city.

Indonesian ghosts such as Kuntilanak, Genderowo, Tuyul, and the like are more horrible than the American Ghosts like Candyman and the ghosts of other country versions, it also shows that our country is rich in ghost stories.

Ghost, ironically has no basis in Islam, Islam which is the religion of the majority of the population of this country. Although Islam acknowledges the existence of supernatural beings such as Genie, Satan, and Devil but the literature on the dead is resurrected is impossible in religious doctrine. Is it a big question why the majority Muslim population actually believes in something that is not recognized by their religion?

A ghost may be a magical creature like a genie, who identifies with a deceased person to deceive the living as if the person is rising from the grave.

Ghosts, today promises multiple benefits. Do not believe Look at our filming is full of ghosts. The ghost of today also calls the young generation to yell in the cinema after paying the tickets.

The low cost of filmmaking and the doubling of profits makes manufacturers compete for horror movies, no matter it’s done without deep research, no matter the constantly pressing criticism, their nature is like a ghost, no matter. The principle is “No ghost movies are losers, all are profitable.”

Ghosts are basically those who do not deserve to exist in the world, talking about it is a waste of time, let alone watching it.

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