“Do you think the moon is beautiful? Please tell me the beauty of the moon until you look at it while lying down.”


“Do you think the moon is beautiful? Please tell me the beauty of the moon until you look at it while lying down.” Artemis asked Apollo.

“The moon in its solitude, withstand the onslaught of all meteoroids hit just to reflect sunlight to the earth. Makes me feel alone when I am lonely.” Apollo’s eyes still staring at the dim moon sky in the sky.

“I do not understand the meaning of loneliness, sadness and want to belong to who I am. Especially I just want to live for my own sake in this world.” Doubt is a sucker who pierces anyone, including Apollo.

Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild, virgin, and hills.

“Should I swear on behalf of the moon to convince you, my brother? That I will never leave you.” Artemis asked the twin.

“Do not swear on behalf of the moon, my sister. Because the moon relies on the sun upon, it is often lost in the weather. Although he is able to control the tides of the ocean it is only temporary and never forever.” Apollo’s head bowed.

Artemis smiled, really not expecting his mighty twin. Too blinding from afar, is a manifestation of perfection for him so soft, like a shell that protects itself with its shell. “What should I do?”

“Be thankful that you are blessed with tears in which you are immersed in it but are able to withstand the weight of the highest mountain in the world, it is capable of stemming suffering over the ocean.” Apollo took a deep breath, his nose was watery.

Artemis was silent. Intelligence overcame the wishes of the moon princess to talk a lot.


“My sister, the moon and the sun are destined to a great distance. As your departure will be from our side, but rest assured that as far as the sun from the moon he will still send a form of light that will make the moon stay glowing. And when I feel lonely with your departure, your brother will look at the moon and talk to her.”

Apollo ended the conversation, got up and left. Is there something more viscous than blood? Give me the answer.

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